I think my friend is a womanizer, i need help?

I think my friend is a womanizer, i need help? Topic: Respect thy brother and the sister
July 16, 2019 / By Casey
Question: alright theres this girl that i like and she likes me Im going to ask her out. and right before i do my friends always sits by her rubs her and touches her hair. He assured me he doesn't like her and i told him that he needs to back of a little. he replied by saying hes not doing anything wrong. Also theres another girl that is practically my sister because i always stand up for her when her brothers dont. she just went through a very bad break up that left her desperate for affection. once again he is always stroking her skin and he hags her like 30 times a day and tells her that he loves her. (when he says he loves her it just means to him that their best friends but i dont think she feels the same way) after this i asked him if he even likes her and he said no like he was disgusted that i even thought that. he also does the same thing to another girl at school and she doesn't like it but shes afraid to tell him that. all of my other friends are tired of him not respecting women and flirting with girls he doesn't even like and the girl i like. so my question is what should i tell him, because i already told him he needs to respect women more and he just laughed
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Anise Anise | 8 days ago
unfortunately, it can be hard to make him see that - I would probably try to tell him again if he just laughs then at least you know you have done your best. I cant stand guys like that cause thy make you think they like you, and then you realize that they are doing the same with all the other girls they meet, I was in a similar situation and then I saw his facebook page and realized his whole freindship group was just a little werid and they are all over affectionate with eachother, then he told me that we hes drunk he flirts with EVERYONE in his path, so I kind of realized that he probably didnt have any intention of going out with me and that it was just his style of relating to people, still i find it weird that some ppl have to be so affectionate to begin with, i mean it dosent mean anything if you are like that with everyone does it? i dont get why some people have to give such shallow displays of affection.
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Anise Originally Answered: Best friend of three years is turning really mean- he used to be nice. i love him as a friend, how to deal?
since i know the score here, i'll tell you what i think: college can change some wonderful people in ugly ways. maybe his falling out with his gf made him think bad **** about all women, you included. sometimes, us girls can be too needyfor them. but it sounds to me like he has changed, and not for the better. he has not respected you or appreciated the years you've been there for him, because now when you need him the most, he isn't there. sometimes it's hard for a kid like you to understand why people who are grown up act this way- it's just part of life. but that doesn't give him an excuse to say mean things to you and go off on you every time you talk to him. my advice is to let things cool off, and then, honestly tell him how you feel- WITHOUT ACCUSING HIM OF BEING A JERK- adn let things go from there. if not, then he wasn't a true-blue friend, and you don't need him to make you sad, especially with the hard times ahead.

Wilmot Wilmot
Sadly there is not much you can do to stop an abusive, disrespectful man. But you are very right to be nice and respectful to girls. We appreciate that so very much!
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Wilmot Originally Answered: I sent my friend a playfully mean txt and she said it was mean so she said she's not my friend anymore Advice?
If you're going to compliment someone, make sure you're actually complimenting them. Your first sentence is insulting (most amazing retarded friend), so it's hard to claim it's a compliment. Even you say it was a 'playful mean' text. It was more mean than playful. That's also the problem with text messages. Text messages should never be used instead of actual communication. You might have gotten away with say that to her face because she could read your body language and see your intention of what you're saying. Not so with text messaging. That's also the problem with forwarding junk like this. You put no thought into it yourself so you never thought how someone else might react to it. You mass mailed all your friends. Doesn't really sound very special since you put no thought into it, right? Anyhow, that's my 2 cents worth. If you value her as a friend then apologize.
Wilmot Originally Answered: I sent my friend a playfully mean txt and she said it was mean so she said she's not my friend anymore Advice?
I'm guessing you're not much older than 14. Calm down, you haven't lost your friend. I once sent two of my closest friends a message saying "We can't be friends anymore, I'm sorry" because they were still friends with my ex boyfriend (I was younger and stupider at the time) and they forgave me. Your text is much more innocent and much less harsh. Just explain to her exactly what you just explained to us. Say "It was a chain-text message that I didn't even write. I just thought that it was cute, so I sent it to you, but if it hurt your feelings I'm sorry and I didn't mean for it to do that." If you send her that, or (even better) say it to her face, I'm sure she'll get over it. It's just a petty fight. If she's a real friend, she'll get over it and it'll be like nothing ever happened. x

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