I need advice regarding my friend and Sis?

I need advice regarding my friend and Sis? Topic: Essay for friendship day
May 26, 2019 / By Cateline
Question: So I had two friends over one night for a sleepover, B and G. I am besties with both of them, but I'm usually with B. At the sleepover when I was bringing dinner for them, I saw that G spilled coke on my carpet. Later she spilled water! I was mad! Then I was trying to turn on my laptop but it wouldn't start! And they were like, I think it has a shortage... So my Sis sent her laptop to the company to get it fixed, they said that liquid got into the laptop and cuz of that our warranty expires! The other day I went to my friends house with B, I asked her if that night her or G spilled anything and she told me that G did, and I was like, that laptop coated five hundred dollars, skool is gonna start where am I gonna do my projects, hw, and essays, I can't always rely on the library! She told me she was scared that I'd get mad at her. So later my friends , B, L, and S were gonna sleepover one night. I told my Sis it was G that ruined her laptop! Now my friends can't sleepover anymore! Wat should I tell G?!?!?! Im mad at her! And I want her to pay for it, but I kno that if I make her pay 500$ our friendship will be over, everyone from our middle skool is going to a new skool, me and her r the only ones not going there. I want her to pay for it! Cuz of her I lost my privileges and laptop!
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Annabella Annabella | 6 days ago
tell her parents or even better have your sis tell her parents that it costs 500$ and they need to pay it and say your cousin works for a law firm and you will file a law suit if they don't pay for what their daughter did. and it's not your fault she ruined something of yours and, you will make new friends
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Annabella Originally Answered: Idk what to do,i need to help my friend,advice please?
Tell your school councilor/ someone you trust and get them to help her. It doesn't matter if she hates you and never ever wants to speak to you again, just as long as she is safe. Would you rather her commiting suicide but liking you or hating you for the rest of her life but staying alive and being happy? My friend went through a rough patch and I got her help (I told the teacher) and now she is getting better and everything is great between us. You need to get her help, you cant help her only a councillor/ teacher can.
Annabella Originally Answered: Idk what to do,i need to help my friend,advice please?
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Winston Winston
Your friends were wrong not to tell you the truth from the very beginning. I also think that you need to have your parents inform G's parents so they can pay for the damages.
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Winston Originally Answered: Depressed Friend - Need advice?
It sounds like your friend is going through quite a struggle. And, you know what, so are you! Now, do you guys ever like have any carefree fun times? Because, that's important. I know that she needs you, so stick by her. Maybe when she goes on about her problems, just be like 'I know. I know it's tough' Honestly, though, that will get annoying to you after a while, because it won't get her anywhere except more self-pity. a suggestion would be to go to her, and ask her to help her with your problems. It's nice to feel needed, and it'll get the focus off of her. But, really, she might be to point where nothing will help. So, if you get to the point where you know nothing's gonna change, you should definitely go to her parents or an adult or something. Most important, though, is that you don't go down that road, too. Don't beat yourself up about not being able to help her, or being irritated. See, everyone gets irritated, and that's not bad. What's bad is when you act irrationally upon it, and you're obviously not. So you know, it's not selfish of you. Not at all! You're being very selfLESS by sticking by her. Now, my last suggestion may not go over well depending on your beliefs and such, but, God does help with a lot of things. Now, whether you want His guidance for you, or for her, that's up to you. or, if you dont like that option, I understand. I'm not trying to force religion down your throat, I'm just saying that God has helped me through my depression. Finally, an intervention may be needed. Please do not let her drag you down! You may need to give her an ultimatum. You should stick by her, yes, but sticking by her means looking out for her, but also yourself. Looking out for her would mean getting her help, really. So, I wish you the best of luck. And, if you do try anything from my suggestions, I would LOVE to hear how it went, good or bad. Again, good luck. <3
Winston Originally Answered: Depressed Friend - Need advice?
.She is draining you of your energy, you need to replenish: 1. from what you have said, it seems like she is not open to suggestion. 2 She may have been diagnosed with depression.. and if she was the doctor usually prescribes medicine for depression. 3. could it be a pity party...(poor me) I have so many problems.(me,me,me) yes, at times we all need a shoulder to cry on,but don't use your friend or take advantage of her good nature and understanding( sorry, I'm being blunt) 4. when she states her problem, ask her what she thinks she should do about it... have her keep a journal and write down her solutions... you can only solve one problem at a time. you get bombarded with 40 different problems( take care of one at a time... and don't dwell on all things that could go wrong. 5. so you're not a doctor, you're her friend... don't let her use you ( don't give her advice...just ask her what she thinks she should do) because your advice is being ignored. Good luck and be a friend.

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