If you say OBL did 9/11, isn't that the same as saying all the ppl in Gitmo should be shot?

If you say OBL did 9/11, isn't that the same as saying all the ppl in Gitmo should be shot? Topic: Article writing videos on youtube
July 21, 2019 / By Cathleen
Question: don't we need proof and a court to sentence a man for a crime or should we all just listen to Bush and his associates for the real truth, like we did for Iraq and the wmd crap he fed us. why, if OBL is guilty, is he not on the FBI's most wanted list. why do we kill millions in other countries when no one knows that anyone is even guilty. I'm as mad as the next guy about 9/11, but I want the truth not just a bunch of bs from the gov. maybe it has been too long for most peoples attention span, sure seems that way. I'm sure this question will get deleted so answer quick. hey ghost; better read the fine print he is on there but NOT for 9/11. wineboy; I saw a lot of videos of him even after he was dead, he gave an interview after 9/11 and said he had nothing to do with it and it was a paper in Pakistan which is a little more credible than ours. HQ: a true American I see. ghost; I'm interested how do you justify trials for gitmo and not OBL. my whole point is that from the evidence I dug up, it would have been impossible for OBL to have done 9/11. I can prove it with just one point: there is only one, maybe two men in the world who can tell our military to stand down when we are under attack. one of our secretarys, commeisrn I think was with Cheny in the bunker and said Cheny told them not to shoot down the plane heading for the pentagon. I would have to write a book to cover all the irregularities. there is way to much bs about 9/11 and to send our children to kill and die when we have not got the truth on our side is a crime in itself. het robat; your right it was over my pay grade, I only had a secret clearance in the Air Force. mayna; I'm sorry for you that you don't get it, I thought you did. by the way Obama now considers me a terrorist because I speak out against him at tea parties. sweetguy; thanks for your support, you are correct the gov never tells us the truth so why buy into anything they are selling. looks to me a lot of people here would rather kill a million innocents than actually go after the criminal. very sad.
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Best Answers: If you say OBL did 9/11, isn't that the same as saying all the ppl in Gitmo should be shot?

Annamae Annamae | 10 days ago
Hi Bill, did you ever get to watch the movie "Loose Change"? It is a youtube that you can watch so if you haven't seen it yet just go to youtube and search for it. It was my understanding that Bin Laden came out and said he was happy about the towers but never took credit for it. I posted a link to another interesting article for you to look at. Gitmo? Holding people indefinately without trials? Makes me sick. All the people on here that think this is funny better start thinking about tomorrow. They have instituted so many new laws here in the good ole US of A that the next terrorist target will be you and me. We are considered a threat to homeland security if we are ex military, if we speak anything about our Constitutional rights, if we are Ron Paul supporters or if we are anti government on any issue! We are considered domestic terrorists. The same rights that the prisoners of Gitmo don't have because they are being called terrorists...will apply to us domestic terrorist types too. How would any of us like it if the government came and threw us in jail for being a "suspected" terrorist, never giving us a trial for 8 years?
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Annamae Originally Answered: Why don't we just hold those in Gitmo in high security prisons after prosecuting them?
Not bad. I suspect most of the men at Gitmo are not really guilty of anything. The great majority of them, no charges have ever been filed against them. This suggests that they were just picked up off the street 'just in case'. One of the most basic ideas of our system is that you can't arrest someone and keep him indefinitely without charges. Courts have upheld that again and again. It's one reason we had our Revolution in the first place. We should consider these guys on a case-by-case basis. The govt. should have some reasonable time to come up with actual criminal charges against each one of them, or release them.

Wolfe Wolfe
What do the people in Gitmo have to do 9/11 exactly? The 9/11 hijackers are obviously dead, and their leaders are still on the loose for the most part. And Osama is on the FBI's top 10 most wanted list http://www.fbi.gov/wanted/topten/fugitives/fugitives.htm What exactly are you getting at here anyway? What is your alternative theory to the events of 9/11? I think it is quite obvious to me that Osama Bin Laden, who has taken responsibility for attack and has a history of similar terrorist attacks, is most likely responsible here. The detainees in Gitmo deserve trials and it was a great injustice that they went without for so long, but whether they get them or not will have no bearing on what happened on 9/11. [Edit] The fine print says he is a suspect in terrorist attacks throughout the world, which would cover 9/11 along with several other attacks. They mention the 1998 attack specifically, because that was what he was originally wanted for.
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Shannon Shannon
Why could it make you consider any greater to grasp if the aircraft had been shot down? Maybe President Bush and others desired the lifeless to have a few dignity regardless of the occasions. What is humorous approximately a aircraft load of passengers loss of life? I'd have got to say via your tremendously bloodless demeanor that you're the truly nut- certifiable and competent for a immediately jacket!
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Nick Nick
wineboy I would suggest that if you believe everything our government tells you that you get some tinfoil for your hat. Our own government has always been well known for lying to the American public. Very rarely, if ever, does the government of the United States actually tell the public the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help them God. The 9/11 commission was made up of people who did not want the truth to come out.
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Kodey Kodey
Oh dear lord another terriost sympathizer. you mean like the fair trial they gave our men before the decapitated them. I wish you were more concerned about our men but since you are kissing your leaders azz and got the fuzzy feeling for the terriost you just can;t think about them. Why if you love these scuzzy terriost so much you can always go to pakistan. they have very good training camps there for them. and that;s where alot of our money went. and bs with your cheney thing. make it up as you go along. I.m sure it will get better all the time. praise you terriost all you want. but if I was in charge I;d have no pity on them. a terriost is bad and I.m sure they have no love for you.
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Ignatius Ignatius
Osama bin Laden released a video the day after 9/11 and gleefully took credit. Now, if you believe that every single Arab speaker in the world and every single intel expert in our government is lying about that, I would suggest you get another roll of tin foil for your hat and make it bigger.
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Estmund Estmund
We don't need courts or trials for POWs. Read your Geneva Conventions, or if that's over your pay grade, watch Hogan's Heroes.
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Define the positive direction as upwards. We want to know the time that a missile that has an initial velocity v takes to travel a distance s (which is negative in this case) when subject to an acceleration (also negative here) Use the general equation for uniformly accelerated motion s = u * t + 0.5 * a * t^2 which is t^2 + 2*u*t/a - 2*s/a = 0 . . . . a quadratic in t. The solution of this is t = -u/a +- sqrt(u^2/a^2 + 2*s/a) Put in the values you have for a, s and u and out comes the answer: 2.0971 seconds. (Note that the shot takes /more/ than a second to decelerate from 10 m/s to zero, so the answer MUST be /more/ than two seconds!) You can check this easily enough: How long does the shot take to decelerate to zero? so how long does it take to arrive back at its starting point? How far does it travel in the remaining 0.0584 seconds? Answer: 0.6 metres.

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