Lord of the Flies thoughts?

Lord of the Flies thoughts? Topic: Imagine a world without homework
July 19, 2019 / By Cathryn
Question: Golding describes what happens when a group of boys is stranded on an island without an authority figure. He suggests that fear and chaos influence even young people to behave in evil ways. Do you agree with him? Could this happen in today's world? Do you know any situations where young people have done evil things? Imagine your neighborhood if everyone over twelve years old suddenly disappeared. Do you think the children left would behave like Ralph, Jack, Piggy, Simon, and Roger? Do you think having girls involved would make a difference? What would you do if you were the only adult left? Write a minimum of 5 paragraphs. Including an outline and rough draft.
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Annamaria Annamaria | 1 day ago
Do you really think someone is going to do YOUR homework for you? its ok 2 ask questions but what your asking.... nobody is going to help you. DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK.
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Annamaria Originally Answered: What does the Lord of the Flies represent in Lord of the Flies?
The Lord of the Flies is one hell of a good story. But it is full of symbolism.The Lord of the Flies is the pilot.
Annamaria Originally Answered: What does the Lord of the Flies represent in Lord of the Flies?
i'm no longer precisely particular on the flies' symbolism yet there is a few information on the symbolism of the lord of the flies in an excerpt in a biographical and severe be conscious via E. L. Epstein interior the back of my replica of "Lord of the Flies": "The "lord of the flies" is a translation of the Hebrew Ba'alzevuv (Beelzebub in Greek). it fairly is been stated that it replaced right into a mistranslation of a mistransliterated be conscious that gave us this stinky and suggestive call for the devil, a devil whose call skill that he's dedicated to decay, destruction, demoralization, hysteria, and panic and who consequently suits very properly with Golding's topic." i'm hoping this helped :)
Annamaria Originally Answered: What does the Lord of the Flies represent in Lord of the Flies?
The natural depravity and decay behind the veneer of order and civilized life, the nameless horror that ultimately dominates.

Woodrow Woodrow
For the first paragraph: No, no, no. Second: No, no, and I would kidnap my neighbor's dog. PS: Is it just me, or are kids REALLY stupid these days? This assignment is just asking for your opinion and imagination, yet you come to YA?
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Woodrow Originally Answered: Help with "Lord of the flies"?
I think the obvious one is that they were resorting to their true selves. What the author is really saying in this book is that all of us are savages and it is only the fact that we live in a developed society that keeps us civilized. If any of us are removed that society we will revert to our natural state - that of being selfish, hateful, etc. Hope that helps.
Woodrow Originally Answered: Help with "Lord of the flies"?
"Lord of the Flies" is about the conflict of fascism vs democracy. Ralph represents democracy and Jack represents fascism. The choir boys who support Jack are in uniforms which is another symbol of fascism. Jack as a facist leader, seeks glory through the hunt for the pigs. In his first hunt he lets the signal fire die out which prevents the boys from being rescued. When he finally comes back with a dead pig, the short term reward of having meat outweighs the long term reward of living in a civilized way. The pig skull, called the "Lord of the Flies" is the force of entropy or a form that Satan takes to destroy humanity. It states to Simon that it exists in each of the boys, meaning within all of us as well. When they are chanting around the fire ALL the boys are possessed by the Lord of the Flies, which leads to the death of Simon. The conch shell represents order and disipline for the group. When it is destroyed in Piggy's death, the last piece of civilization dies with it. At the end of the book Jack has become a dictator who tortures the little uns to find out where Ralph is. Before Ralph can be murdered though they are saved by the ship that saw the forest fire. The ship represents divine invention.

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