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June 17, 2019 / By Cathy
Question: Can you give me a summary... please... fyi... this isn't my homework... it's my brothers... my mom just forced me to help out...
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Annamay Annamay | 2 days ago
No, because there is not just one Arthurian legend, but quite a few, and they don't all agree. In fact, some are quite different from others. Your little brother might, if he had the time, write an interesting essay summarizing how many different stories of Arthur he could find. Basically, Arthur was an early British king, and he was Celtic. Most of the rest is open to debate. It is generally agreed that his queen's name was Guinevere, and that he sat his knights at a round table, to promote the concept of equality. His half-sister, the priestess Morgan le Fey, seduced him and therefore made him a party to her magical practices with his incest. His counselor was Merlin, the greatest wizard of the age.
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Annamay Originally Answered: Can anyone help me on my King Arthur essay?
The recent film “King Arthur” is almost all modern invention, almost none of it based on medieval stories and is no help at all if you want to discuss genuine medieval tales. That is, if you mean this film: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_Arthur... . It is completely useless for your purposes. The characters have the names of medieval Arthurian knights but their characters don’t match at all. Save perhaps Tristan, But even her, though a noted hunter in the tales, is never shown to use his bow and arrows in war. There are a large number of Arthurian tales, any many of them don’t agree with one another. “Courtly love”, for example, is found exemplified in some tales (for example, the “Prose Lancelot” and is put down in others (for example the “Quest of the Holy Grail”, the “Romance of Yder”, and the “Post-Vulgate Arthurian Cycle”. See http://www.timelessmyths.com/arthurian/v... for a good summary of the Arthurian Vulgate cycle, in which the “Prose Lancelot” generally supports courtly love and the “Quest of the Holy Grail” condemns it from a political standpoint and the “Death of Arthur” condemns it from a more rationalistic standpoint. On courtly love, see http://condor.depaul.edu/~dsimpson/tlove... and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Courtly_love . As to married love, married love between a knight and his wife appears in some Arthurian romances, most notably in Chrétien de Troye’s “Erec et Enide” and his “Yvain''. See http://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/erec/erec.htm and http://omacl.org/Yvain/ . But though Yvain and Erec also appear in other French romances, generally speaking, their wives do not. Indeed, wives of knights are mostly not mentioned in the later prose romances. Gawain marries in many tales, but every tales starts off with him unmarried again. Compare the classic B-westerns of the fifties in which the hero usually rode off into the sunset with his girlfiend, but in the next film would appears still unattached. James Bond may marry, but his wife will be killed in the following book. Gawain eventually obtains a reputation as a womanizer. He has young groupies who worship his pictures and have vowed to give up their virginity only to him. And Gawain is almost always ready to help a woman in distress. But the promiscuous Gawain never appears in a relationship with anyone's wife, though he is sometimes wrongly accused of it. Lancelot and Tristan on the contrary, are mostly entirely faithful to one woman, but the woman each of them loves is someone else’s wife. The “Prose Lancelot” compares the would-be monogamous (with someone else’ wife Lancelot with the promiscuous Gawain and Sagremor, but when it does so it casts no blame on either. The one married knight is Kay of Estral, whom his wife has forbidden to leave his home until the adventure of the Valley without Return is achieved. The idea that taking a wife means the end of gratuitous adventuring is a common motif in Arthurian tales. Also, a common trope in these tales is that it is wrong to in any way interfere with a woman riding alone, save to lend her aid, but a woman being accompanied by a knight may be won by defeating the knight. This seems to be in conflict the courtly love ethics of woman worship, and indeed some Arthurian tales point this out You will not find a consistent morality in Arthurian tales, other than the duty of a knight is to gain honor, which means mainly defeating other knights honorably. The knights in the original tales seem to be closer to battling motor-cycling hoodlums than to the watered down versions that have come to us in bowdlerized in children’s books. “Loyalty to king and country” is rather unimportant. The tales don’t indicate anything like patriotism. A “knighly vow of friendshlp” is usually inviolable. except of course, when knights are in disguise and do not recognized each other. A standard incident is two knights, who are vowed to be best fiends, battling not knowing each other. When one recognizes the other, the battle breaks off at once.
Annamay Originally Answered: Can anyone help me on my King Arthur essay?
Arthur possibly did exist however not in the way the stories portray him. Arthur supposidly lived in the Dark Ages. This is the period of British history just after the Romans left. It is called the Dark Ages as not a lot is known about what exactly happened as not mamy people made records. What is known is during this period the Saxons used the chaos Britain was thrown into after the Romans left to invade. After many years of resistance by the British the Saxon invasion was stopped. British records from this time talk of the Battle of Baydon Hill which stopped the Saxons. The leader of the British at this battle is referred to as Arthur. There is every chance that Arthur is also several pepple who history had lumped together as one. The stories of Arthur such as Merlin, Guoinevea, etc are various mishmash of older Celtic legends that have been added to the story of Arthur over the 2000 years since some mysterious person stopped the Saxons at the battle of Baydon Hill

Woody Woody
Fictional Character, conceived when Merlin disguised his father, as the husband of someone whose name I forget. Merlin want the results of the nights deeds, which was Arthur! Merlin put a sword in the stone, knowing Arthur would pull it out, and unite England, which was Merlin's goal. King Arthur formed the round table and a group of knights who had a code of conduct, eg to rescue damsels in distress and help the week and poor, however, most of the Arthurian myths and legends were concieved and written about in Victorian England, and therefore most are based on the moral values of that time.
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Shaul Shaul
King Arthur is an important figure in the mythology of Great Britain, where he appears as the ideal of kingship both in war and peace. He is the central character in the cycle of legends known as the Matter of Britain. There is disagreement about whether Arthur, or a model for him, ever actually existed. In the earliest mentions and in Welsh texts, he is never given the title 'King'. An early text refer to him as a dux bellorum ('war leader'), and medieval Welsh texts often call him ameraudur ('emperor'; the word is borrowed from the Latin imperator, which could also mean 'war leader').
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Shaul Originally Answered: Who was the real King Arthur? 10 points?
Look, I will first say I disagree with you. Why? Because I associate Arthur with the Battle of Badon Hill about 30 years after Riothamus led his invasion of Gaul. Thirty years in those days was a long time and Riothamus, if he survived his Gothic encounters, would have been old or dead in any case. That said, Arthur is said to have gone to Gaul with his troupes to support Macsen Wledig, who was according to legend the Roman Emperor (or claimant) Maxentius. Riothamus went to Gaul with his troupes at the urging of a Roman diplomat. As a type of a Just King, which most legends of Arthur are about, Riothamus sounds like someone who could be one. I just happen to believe he was too early for the important Saxon battles.

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