Evidence of the jesus of history?

Evidence of the jesus of history? Topic: Earliest writing about jesus
July 20, 2019 / By Catrina
Question: I tried to ask this before and Yahoo deleted it within a few hours, without comment. I ask as a Christian who likes history, not as some atheist. To repeat, is there any objective third party evidence that Jesus lived, outside of the NT and spurious other gospels?
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Anne Anne | 3 days ago
There's no objective evidence that Jesus ever existed and no objective evidence that he didn't. The same is true of many Biblical figures and most other people who lived in that place and time. All of the written references to Jesus that we know of were written after his death. Even the oldest of the gospels date to the time when people of Jesus' generation would have been very old or dead. The earliest writings we have that make any reference to Jesus are those of Paul and of the historian Josephus, neither of whom ever met Jesus before the crucifixion. At the time of Jesus' ministry, Paul would have been very young and Josephus a child or not even born. Both of their writings have much more to say about the early Christian movement than about Jesus himself. In short, history doesn't prove or disprove the existence of Jesus. What it proves is the existence of Christianity dating from the first century CE. That so many people did talk and write about Jesus suggests that he existed, but from a historical point of view, who he was and what he did may or may not match all the stories about him. In that respect, he's like other figures who, according to history, most likely existed but the records are shaky and the stories about them have the quality of myths and legends... such as King Arthur or Robin Hood. If you believe in Jesus as the messiah, Son of God, etc., then he is that for you. History and religion are not the same thing. Stories and people don't have to be historically true to have religious value.
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Anne Originally Answered: Evidence that Jesus existed?
It wasn't Josephus who did the forging, the forgery was attributed to Josephus, but was not by him. The earliest texts in the New Testament were by Paul. The Gospels were written after 70 AD.

Wright Wright
Read Karen Armstrong, an Agnostic who is quite surprised to find herself writing about religion still. Why? She is very good at explaining how and why Objectivity as a modern concept which requires easy access to records -- something which did not exist in Roman Times. So the idea of "objective" evidence of the gospels is laughable whether you are a Christian or not -- though for some of us objectivity is harder to accept than God. The NT, the "spurious" other gospels the writings of Josephus and the various places around Bethlehem and Jerusalem which were established by Constantine's mother Helen ARE sufficient evidence that Jesus existed. They also tie in with the consistency between the gospels and the accounts of figures like Rabbi Hillel. You can still demand too many i's dotted and t's crossed. Frankly no. You don't talk about "objectivity" before the advent of printing in the fifteenth century.
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Shaun Shaun
Now, permit start up off with a number of the failings which you may desire to understand approximately medical theories, theories at the instant are not utilized by utilising scientist interior the comparable way they are being utilized by utilising the in many circumstances used public. A technology concept frequently have solid information to returned it up, such using fact the belief of gravity. contained related to the vast bang, the evidences for this are that while we glance by way of a telescope into the sky, we can see that one and all far off galaxies are all shifting far off from us in each and every direction. This leads us to a minimum of one logical end, that the universe is increasing. This then brings us to the thought some time some time past, the universe replaced into very compact and underwent a great enlargement that scientist right now communicate with using fact the vast bang. besides, yet another established false impression is that atheists disagree one hundred% with any faith. as a depend of actuality, particularly some atheists thinks that there truly is one in each and every of those individual as Jesus in background, merely with out all the miracles, and virgin beginning, and resurrection, in view that those different factors of his existence never truly have conclusive information. Jesus to any atheists might merely be an hassle-free guy. As for no depend if atheists might settle for that there is a God if he might somewhat look in the international, the respond for many individuals may well be exceptionally definite. as long as we could make particular that that's neither a hallucination or an phantasm or a hoax, then there's no longer plenty issues people accepting that. that's barely that there are an incredible form of religions interior the international, what no depend if it isn't the Christian God that exhibits up, yet a God of another faith? yet till then, i'll nonetheless stay an atheist.
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Nidhogg Nidhogg
It is documented in Italy of Jesus, I think he was known as a healer. Edgar Cayce has a book about Jesus, it tells all kinds of stuff, Edgar Cayce was called the sleeping prophet, he would go into a trance, people would ask him a question and he would answer it.
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Kolby Kolby
There is no proof. As well, you are in the wrong forum. Go to Religion &spirituality. Please read the Yahoo community guidelines on posting in correct categories
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Kolby Originally Answered: Brief description of the evidence for jesus christ?
There's nothing you could actually call "evidence". No birth records, no death records, no trial records-- the Romans & the Jews were meticulous record keepers. Other executions and other messiah candidates at the time were recorded, no mention of Jesus. No primary sources-- we have no writings by Jesus. No confirmable secondary sources-- there is much dispute about when and where the gosples were written. No one else ever wrote about Jesus. No one wrote about the amazing things supposedly going on over in the middle east with some guy raising the dead and turning water into wine. No physical remains-- no body, no bones, no grave, no belongings, no carpentry, etc. No evidence of anyplace called Nazareth or Bethlehem existing 2000 years ago in the region. No evidence of a census in that place or year. First writings of Jesus we could confirm were from Josephus, which were later proven to be fraud. Even so, it was tertiary at best, decades after the alleged life & death of Jesus. First writings mentioning Jesus we can actually rely on were from Tacitus-- again, hearsay at best and decades after the fact.

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