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Advice on family? Topic: Why did the sister wives family have to move
July 21, 2019 / By Catriona
Question: well im tired of my family does not invite me to vactions they are going to mertal beach on the 14 to the 19th they are taken my 15 year old daughter but me. my mom and sister is going and my bro and his wife are going with their son. every time they are going on vactions they do not invite me at all .im so mad at them. for that. they make so much excuses for me not to invite me. they all tell me i do not have the money but they will pay for my daughter though. i do not think its fair.this is why i do not visit them all the time because of that.im about ready to tell them go to h..... in the future want to move to a different state with my boyfriend.i can't stand it no longer there is nothing here for me im my own town. i need advice asap. help me out, please answer my question.
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Annelisa Annelisa | 4 days ago
If you want your situation to get better, you have to have an open mind. You also have to accept criticism. Just bite your lip, take it and move on. Do you WANT to have a better relationship with your family? Or do you want things your way. There has to be a compromise or a goal you want. Respect them. Know what they want. Now you have to sit down and talk with them. Just tell them whats bothering you, and ask them what's bothering them. There's nothing more relieving than getting something off your chest, rather than carrying hate around all your life. Now if there is great communication, set up a goal on what you want with your family. It's great to have family because they are the ones that will alway will be with you. Family is not just blood, it's mostly heart.
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Annelisa Originally Answered: Family Problems advice.?
Family issues abound and it is normal for siblings to have their differences. Whatever one chooses ultimately would have consequences one way or the other, only in different levels. Your older brother might have some personal issues that he hasn't resolved and it might be a defensive mechanism on his part to take it out on you. I know it is not fair. (Life is never fair anyway!) I'm the youngest myself and I have had a lot of rift rafts with my only oldest sister. One question you have to answer is: if any of you is the favorite of your parents? Usually between siblings, parents would normally have their favorites, so it is usual for some siblings to react this way out of envy and pride for themselves. Some, because of self-pity. It is upto you to be more understanding and open-minded (difficult, I know) the same way I was in my family. Your brother is detaching himself from your family because he might have felt unimportant or not loved by your parents or because of personal issues unknown to you, or he just enjoys his independence. Whatever his actions are, is a reflection of what he is feeling about your family or a result of his problems. This is for you to find out so you can understand his erratic behavior. Also, you can give him some time and space for him to figure out what he "really" wants in his life and time to resolve whatever issues he has. Most importantly, try to know if he has some serious personal problems that could even lead to suicide (worst case scenario). Just respect whatever he decides on even if it's negative. If you can't convince him otherwise, life will find a way for him to come to terms with the reality that he is shying away from. Whatever he chooses or however he reacts, just be there for him especially when he needs your support the most while making him feel that he is in control of his life. Try to have a heart-to-heart talk with him to help him with his issues, if he chooses not to, then let him be. Just trust your instincts.
Annelisa Originally Answered: Family Problems advice.?
Your Brother has issues, you can either choose to ignore him and move on with your life, -OR- try to find the reasons behind his bad behavior and try and help him deal. If you even think for a second, that he might actually want help...then maybe you should try but otherwise you need to move on with your life. it is a sucky situation to be in and i am sorry you have to deal. good luck to you and your brother. i also hope your family will be there to help and support your decision.
Annelisa Originally Answered: Family Problems advice.?
i think you're brother needs grow up a bit and get over himself. All you can do is walk away and not get involved in his arguments as it seems that he's not being very reasonable. you and your other brother should do your third of the housework and then leave the rest for him. maybe that will make him see that he doesn't do all that he thinks he does.

Wyatt Wyatt
you should start by visiting them. mabie they think your avoiding them. tell someone like your mom how you feel. Good Luck
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Wyatt Originally Answered: I need some advice with family issues. please.?
It's summer and so I guess talking to a school counselor is out, otherwise that's what I'd suggest first off. So... hang out with your friends as much as you can, and if you're close enough to any of their families, possibly talk to their parents and see if they can find you any help. Youth centers will probably have some kind of counseling/therapy service to help you, if you can get to them. Or see if you can contact your doctor about your depression? Therapy and medication aren't for everybody, but they work for a lot of people so don't be afraid to keep those options in mind. And there are also a number of 24/7 telephone hotlines and sites on the internet for teens in bad situations that you can contact if you want to vent. They won't do jack for a long-term fix but sometimes it really helps just to b*tch to someone far away from the situation. As for your brother... pepper spray? Self-defense classes? Keep your friends around if he won't do it in front of them? Two out of three of those ideas probably won't work that well, but in any case, but don't put up with any abuse if you can. He'll just take that to mean he can do it any time, and he'll keep doing it. So stick up for yourself, and same goes for the money thing. Hide it, or keep it on you at all times and deny having it if they ask or something. And if you and your dad don't have the sort of relationship where you can talk about him not doing anything about your brother harassing you, he'snot being a good father. It's a tough situation. I would still recommend moving out when you can and getting as far away as possible from your sucky folks. But if you can't, realize that it's not your fault they're awful family and be as good to yourself as you possibly can. Stay healthy, go to school, make a lot of friends, and don't put up with sh*t. Take care, and good luck.
Wyatt Originally Answered: I need some advice with family issues. please.?
This is a hard situation to give advice for. There must be some thing that started all these bad feelings. What happened? A mother does not fall out of love with a daughter or any of her children. Something is wrong here. Go talk to a close family friend or relative that knows the problem and see if they can intervene for you. Sometimes a third person can help. You should also seek physiological help.

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