Internship outside of state?

Internship outside of state? Topic: Future care jobs application
July 16, 2019 / By Cearra
Question: I live in Washington state and I have an internship in California this summer. I am SO nervous to go, because I haven't left the state before and I have always been close to family - going to school in state. I don't even know what my question is because I know I should go because it's a good internship but being alone in a new area scares the hell out of me. Any advice?
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Originally Answered: What are some DON'TS for a college internship?
such things have yet to exist. u could write to several univ in hawaii and give them a deal they cant refuse. also, get your head of school to write a letter of recommendation
Originally Answered: What are some DON'TS for a college internship?
this is the super factor approximately being an intern: your activity duties isn't a hundred% sparkling, and you ought to use this to your benefit. regardless of what branch, you needless to say are commonplace sufficient with the sector to accomplish nicely. tell them your open to and up for any project they are prepared to grant, and which you do no longer prefer to decrease your scope (comparable reason sturdy authors do no longer call their books till the books is written). Internship is get admission to point, so exterior of your modern-day know-how of engineering, you will by no skill be predicted to have finished know-how of a particular branch, yet a willingness to learn. that's what this place is approximately. purely purely remember to in addition to mght totally communicate which you do have a particular objective, no longer in occupation, yet in accomplishment. Like "i'm hoping to layout... or strengthen _____ by using....", and so on.

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