I want to move to new york in a few years?

I want to move to new york in a few years? Topic: Carolina research triangle
July 19, 2019 / By Cecilia
Question: Once I have finished university, doing either software / electronics or mechanical engineering. Possibly a masters degree. Software engineers are really high in demand so i'm leaning towards it however if I do pick one of the other courses, would I still have a good chance of being able to move to america. I'm from the UK with no criminal records, good grades etc... Are engineers even in high demand in new york; I can't imagine a lot of mechanical engineers working there, not that many electronic either. Software engineers can work anywhere once they know what the client wants.
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Anngela Anngela | 10 days ago
First of all, the unemployment rate in the US is very high right now, 8.3% by government numbers, but possibly over 12% in reality. Unemployment in New York is higher than the national average, and it's worse among the young. Since you would still be a foreign national, you would have to have sponsorship from a US employer and the ability to get a work visa, which would be temporary as well. Though the employment picture *may* be better in a few years (based on how the election goes in November), it's likely that you would have great difficulty competing with the thousands of college grads coming out of IT schools. There's no permit or sponsorship requirements for American graduates, which would give them a distinctive edge. As for software engineers in New York, that's actually one of the last places I might think of looking (I am in the business myself). I'm sure programming jobs are fairly common there, but New York is hardly a technology center in the US. New York's strengths are in finance, fashion, entertainment, etc. There are probably more system engineering possibilities in places like the North Carolina Research Triangle, or the Palo Alto-Silicon Valley region in California,and lots of other places in between. Again, you're still going to run into the visa-sponsor issues. Not trying to discourage your ideas, but you just need to be prepared for the obstacles. Oh, and if Obama somehow gets re-elected in November, you can forget it completely.
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Anngela Originally Answered: What area of New York should I move to?
I'd recommend the East Village. There's a Prana Food store there (1st or 2nd Ave just south of 8th St.)., veggie restaurants, indie rock, and great restaurants and shops and galleries. You might look for an apartment in Alphabet City, like Avenues A,B,C between 14th St. and Houston, or a bit more expensive, between Ave. A and 3rd Ave. Also look in the Lower East Side just south of Houston and east of Bowery. Of course if you can afford it you might like the West Village or Soho, too, but rents there are double those of East village. Sometimes a studio or one bedroom can be bigger than a 2 bedroom. Check the square footage!!! Better a 700sf one bedroom than an 400 sf 2 br that's been chopped up into tiny rooms. It's not easy to find an apartment and most of the ads in the paper they're already rented before you call. You might need to call some realtors and pay the fee to get a place. If you can't afford Manhattan, look in Brooklyn like Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Park Slope, or Williamsburg, or right near the first 2 stops of the L train in Brooklyn. It's only one train stop from East Village Manhattan. You can do fine with your scooter, but bike theft is rampant there so fair warning.
Anngela Originally Answered: What area of New York should I move to?
I love NYC!!!!!! If I were 26 I would move there in a heart beat. Grenwich village is probably where I would move, if I were to move. It all depends on your tastes and lifestyle. You must see the Statue of Liberty. So much to see and do, not possible to list is all in this message. Great little Italian resturant named Brrico in downtown. They are friendly and welcoming....owners from the old country....a bartender from Texas and another from Colorado. Central Park is so beautiful....if you like trees and shrubs...nature. The Ginko trees are magnificent. The shows are a must do at least once...................... I'm from the mid west rural area. I do own a car. But not needing a car, walking and taking the subway is one of the things I like about NYC. It is great not dealing with a car. I know people who live in the Manhattan area. They make BIG bucks to live blocks from and be able to walk to work. Most people I know live across the river and drive or take mass trans into Manhattan. That is great too because the cost of living is less off Manhattan. I've traveled to and lived in many cities. NYC is my favorite. My next favorite city is Mexico City. But I wouldn't live there at this time. I like San Fransisco..........but don't like the steep grades on the streets of the city. Being from Colorado, you might like it. Austin is great too......but, NYC is my choice. Good luck.....and keep us posted. :)
Anngela Originally Answered: What area of New York should I move to?
"I like the indie rock scene. I am a vegetarian. I play clarinet. I'm 26." The East Village or Williamsburg.

Wystan Wystan
To work in the United States, you need a work visa, which is extremely difficult to obtain. Basically, you need to find a company willing to sponsor you, based on your having a skill that is difficult to find in the United States. An engineering degree is better than most, but you would likely still find problems in getting sponsored.
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Wystan Originally Answered: Should I Move to New York City?
NYC is the antithesis to Southern Cal. Don't come here expecting Sex and the City or Friends. More like Seinfeld and Law and Order. The energy level is high in the city and opportunities abound. As a student you might have interest in the arts and this is a great place for that. The museums, the theater, the opera and the Philharmonic are world famous. For good reasons. it doesn't stop there, we have music of all types, every niche and genre. Often these concerts are free. We have some excellent grad schools in many disciplines. Columbia and NYU are good in most areas. Baruch is part of the City University with a near world class business department, Polytechnic has excellent engineering departments.
Wystan Originally Answered: Should I Move to New York City?
I'm from so cal and moved here 3 years ago for undergrad. If weather is at all a concern, DON'T move here. People from southern California have no idea how good they have it compared to Eastcoast/Midwest. Winter where you're from lasts about from late Nov. to late Jan. You can literally survive on a $20 hoodie and wear flip-flops year-round. Winter in NY lasts about from October to April, March if you're lucky. Not to mention socks soaked in snow and sleet slamming at your face before you enter your apartment. 40 degrees in San Diego isn't 40 degrees in New York City. It gets VERY cold over here, and don't be surprised if you find yourself literally staying in the entire day because it's so cold. That isn't the case in California where there's never a rain delay or snow day and your plans always go accordingly. Plus the weather fluctuates like crazy here, it's never the same four days in a row. I love NYC for all it's worth, I don't need a car here unlike LA/Orange/San Diego, there isn't any place in the US like it, but be prepared for a shock once the cold comes around.

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