Why is it that some people feel that they must ask question about race in this category?

Why is it that some people feel that they must ask question about race in this category? Topic: No homework notice to parents
June 17, 2019 / By Cedar
Question: Ah mean, it have racism all over, but why this obsession about race? think about it, in your neighbourhood, it not going to have people of only one ethnic group living there, its indian, *****, dougla, and from all religious walks of live, so why are they dwelling on it. Its a totally different thing to ask about the CJ's issue, cause that is big news, or d narinesingh issue, or even the lavantille issue, these issues affect the entire country as a whole, so ask away, but to ask about y indians only dating white? thats targeting one group for no apparent reason, and without doing your homework to find out if there is any fact in the statement.
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Annie Annie | 2 days ago
Living in the States, in Maryland in particular, I face alot of ridicule from my Black American friends and co-workers because I'm not "down with the struggle." PLEASE EH!!! People think because I am West Indian that I can't identify with race issues. I hear all the time how I don't understand because we didn't experience slavery and the way Black women were treated and the stigma of being a Black man today and blah, blah, blahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ahhhhm Hello?? Slavery came to the West Indies FIRST!!! So its not that my ancestors didn't experience slavery just like theirs did. I think the difference is that we acknowledge that slavery happened DONKEY years ago and that because our forefathers were slaves doesn't mean that we are entitled to some kind of special treatment or sympathy. I'm not blind and I'm not ignorant. I see people have different skin color or eye shape or hair texture than mine. I know racial tension exists. I can even acknowledge that it is much more heightened in Trinidad now. AND???? Sibling rivalry exists too. As a child, I wasn't always in love with my parents. As a parent, my children work my nerves on a daily basis. Its a fact of life. PEOPLE will not always get along. Now being a Trini of course yuh make yuh comments about those "blasted coolies" or "them thiefing chinkee eye" or how yuh cyah "give ****** people nothing," but to me at least, thats more cultural than it is racial and completely harmless. When I say it, I don't mean anything by it and when I hear it, it does not offend me. I guess it is just how I was raised and honestly I am really thankful for it. I genuinely don't see people just as white, or black, or indian, or chinese or blue, or green or striped. I see people and all of them, including me, have their short comings. I hear people here say "I'm the only Black in the neighborhood or my children are the only Blacks in their school." It would seriously take me a minute to even notice that!! Hear nuh, before we moved to Trinidad I went to a private Catholic School. It was only years later looking through pics that I realized that me, my sister and my two cousins were the ONLY Blacks in the school. I think Wendy put it best. She was on Sinbad's show right after she won the crown and he asked her about the racial make up in Trinidad and if any one race considers itself dominant over the other and she said, "Oh no! You can't consider yourself special in Trinidad. You will get put in your place real quick because EVERYBODY thinks they're hotter than Elvis!" I stood up in my living room and cheered "Tell dem dis ting nuh Wendy!!" Nuff said.
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Annie Originally Answered: When will people realize that race is not a science, but a political tool used by Whites to manipulate people?
The fact is they want to call us racist to deflect the flagrant racism of their own sitting President. It has never been clearer: Barack Obama’s comments about, “his animosity towards his mother’s white race,” are overshadowed by his close association with anti-White racist Louis Farrakhan, with anti-White pastor Jeremiah Wright, with self-described communist and anti-White racist Van Jones and with anti-White racist Louis Gates. –Not to mention his anti-white Supreme Court nominee and the trillion-dollar social programs that benefit minorities disproportionately. The war on White folk has begun on a large scale with poverty & tyranny as the result. Barack Obama continues to loot America with the same tyranny we fled from to create America in the first place. We had created the most prosperous, peaceful, philanthropic and liberty-spreading society the world has ever known yet Barack Obama continues to burden the majority with the very socialist-Marxist doctrine we should be at war against. White folk in the US could have sided with Germany in WWII. –Yet America decided not only to include minorities into our society, but to give them temporary special privilege; within twenty years of the conclusion of the war we did just that by passing the “civil rights” & “voting rights” acts. –But equality was not the goal of minorities including Barack Obama, domination and oppression of White folks is. Every social program Barack Obama endorses over-represents minorities as beneficiaries while the taxes raised to pay for them are disproportionately and unfairly paid for by White folks. –“Obama’s equality” never makes it to the realm of taxation, because equality is not the goal. When can White folk get a fair shake? The fact is the source of America’s greatness is the liberty-based free-market society created by those rich, White, men we call our Founding Fathers. –Whose nation became such a success that all others flooded her, diluted her and now mere shadows of her former beauty remain hidden away in pockets of faded glory; waiting for a time once again when common-sense triumphs over political-correctness. American Indians’ animosity toward White folk started upon our first boat landing; when the entire first colony was massacred by the Indians. (Who had not yet invented the wheel?) Subsequent history proves that American Indians are not “native” either, as DNA testing proves conclusively that they descent from the Island of Formosa. (Taiwan) Countless archaeological sites of former American Indian sites now prove cannibalism and child-sacrifice was indeed widespread throughout the Americas. The oldest known bones ever found in North America, were that of Kennewick Man, found along the banks of the Columbia River, the skull was that of a Caucasian, not the Mongoloid skull of Indian descendants from Taiwan. In fact the FIVE oldest sets of bones found in North America were that of caucasions! Black animosity toward White folk is evident in the disproportional, Black-on-White, violent crime rate. White animosity toward Blacks started in Africa upon recognition of their brutal violence, cannibalism and willingness to barter their family members and fellow tribesmen. When Whites ran the farms of Zimbabwe, that country was a food exporter. When the Black activist, Mugabe butchered and/or deported the 7000+ White farmers upon coming to power, the population began to starve and now begs for food aid. –From guess who? (White folk) This is not isolated, when Whites ran Haiti it too was a food exporter supplying 40% of the world’s sugar. Upon educating and freeing the Black slaves, the former slaves killed every last White person on the island. The Black population in Haiti now begs for food aid. –From guess who? Blacks in America are the wealthiest Africans in the history of the world, yet even as a Black man sits in the White House, atop the RNC & NASA, Blacks still complain about racism and demand “special privilege.” -Once the “civil rights” game was played-out, the pendulum kept on swinging. Now in Mississippi’s Black dominated areas, the White vote has been found to be systematically suppressed by the Black majority. Blacks in America care more about slavery 200 years ago in America than the slavery today in Africa, because of their ‘animosity’ toward Whites; not because of their concern for fellow Blacks. Hispanic animosity toward White folk is evident with the large La Raza (The Race) membership and their willingness to march waiving the Mexican flag in the United States. The abhorrent violence in Mexico and the complete willingness of the population there to not only accept it, but to embrace it and to flaunt it offends the sensibilities of Americans and makes White folks in America question how they plan on creating a peaceful society here? -After all, the areas in the US with high Hispanic/Latino populations are infested with gang activity and diseases lon
Annie Originally Answered: When will people realize that race is not a science, but a political tool used by Whites to manipulate people?
Race is only an issue to those who always bring it up. Libs. If the only persons in the Republican party were rich whites, considering the rich are all of 2% of the population, I don't think this past election would've gone as it did. And, strangely, we never see race mentioned anywhere in the Repub party. They don't really make an issue of it. How do you convince minorities you're "on their side?" Find a common factor and exploit it. Race. Why is there never an improvement to inner cities, ran mostly by Democratic individuals? It isn't the politicians' fault, it's "rich whites!" Edit: "White" companies get away with it because Libs signed NAFTA into effect during Clinton's time, as do all companies. Unions split themselves as they are obsolete big businesses that have nothing of any substance to fight, but want all the dues they can get and will eagerly bankrupt a company (creating countless job losses) rather than admitting they serve no function today. OSHA, Labor Boards and Personal Attorneys took their place decades ago. The government wouldn't get away with killing millions for oil. Plain and simple. It's BS. We're winning free oil for OPEC? I don't believe that for a second. We certainly aren't seeing any "free" oil. There is no benefit via oil for the USA. So, that must mean we're fighting an actual enemy. Which we are. The religious nut jobs in the Middle East paint themselves for us. We didn't force them to blow up anything.
Annie Originally Answered: When will people realize that race is not a science, but a political tool used by Whites to manipulate people?
Well take a look at Ancient Rome, where you were either Roman or Non-Roman. There were many Black Roman Citizens with high social positions and there was even a black Roman Emperor. And this was 2000 years before any of the racism and stereotypes of today became prevalent.

Xzavier Xzavier
It's hard to answer after Gibbsy Girl, whose response was brilliant...but I just wanted to say that some people have issues and simply can't get past race, and the best way to heal yourself of that problem is to be honest about it, and then do stuff to teach yourself to think differently... For an educational experience try the race test at project implicit, use it as a guide for self improvement if your results aren't satisfactory... https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/
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Xzavier Originally Answered: I'm reposting this question in a different category?
This is why writers are advised, "Write what you know." All the research you feel obliged to do is getting in the way of writing the story. Try writing something a bit closer to your own experience. Then when you've got a handle on how to tell a story, you can figure out how to do the research for something like this - along with what you need to research, and when you can get away with faking it. If you want to know how upper middle class English people spoke back then, watch reruns of The Paradise and Mr Selfridge. Don't try to write how the accent sounds, because that's incredibly irritating unless you do it well. Pay attention to the choice of vocabulary and the rhythm of sentences.
Xzavier Originally Answered: I'm reposting this question in a different category?
I believe what you are trying to do is colloquialism. In literature, colloquialism is the use of informal words, phrases or even slangs in a piece of writing. Colloquial expressions tend to sneak in as the writers, being part of a society, is influenced by the way people speak in that society. Naturally, they are bound to add colloquial expression in their vocabulary. However, writers use such expressions intentionally too as it gives their woks a sense of realism. For instance, in a piece fiction depicting an American society a greeting “what’s up?” between friends will seem more real and appropriate than the formal “How are you?” and “How do you do?” Look up "slang" words for London in the 1900s. Do some research about what kind of phrases and saying people used in that time period, and then put them in your story. When used correctly, colloquialism is a great way to make the read feel like they are apart of the story and time period. It's not an easy thing to accomplish, but it really makes your story come alive. I hope this helps!

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