Stephen King Books with controversial Issues?

Stephen King Books with controversial Issues? Topic: Good essay on abortion
July 21, 2019 / By Celia
Question: I'm looking for stephen king books with controversial issues for an essay I'm writing. A good example is insomnia, where abortion is an underlying issue Know any others?
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Annitta Annitta | 6 days ago
Gambling is a pretty big issue in Needful Things (the Baptists and Catholics are fighting about the morality of a proposed gambling night event, and in an unrelated plot line, a fairly major character has a gambling addiction that spirals out of control). It also touches briefly on abortion/adoption (the townsfolk wonder what happened to Polly's baby after she left Castle Rock) and political corruption (the man with the gambling problem is a town selectman who has embezzled a good bit of money to cover his gambling debts). I'm sure there are many other examples, but I'm out of time right now. I'll check back later and see what other people have come up with for you. :)
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Annitta Originally Answered: Stephen King Novel/Contact Question?
You need to write to the publishing company for permission. Steven King is not the one to bother about it. Write the publisher with exactly what you want to do and ask how you go about it. Be sure to treat this in a very professional and legal matter. This isn't a favor this is business.
Annitta Originally Answered: Stephen King Novel/Contact Question?
You can contact Stephen king on his website. He lives in Bangor Maine in the summer, and in Sarasota off the Florida Keys during the winter. <}:-})

Yancy Yancy
Stephen Kings book "Rage." Since the shooting at Columbine High School. The shooter had a copy of this in his home. Stephen King has since banned any further publication ot the novel. <}:-})
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Shelley Shelley
Gerald's Game - playing certain games without consent from both sides and some of the consequences Dolores Claiborne - spousal abuse and how much revenge/retaliation/self defense is justified
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