How can I get by parents to NOT take me to a Christian counselor? I feel trapped?

How can I get by parents to NOT take me to a Christian counselor? I feel trapped? Topic: Ocd case search
July 16, 2019 / By Chalice
Question: I've been struggling with OCD/GAD symptoms lately, and my parents have been earnestly searching for a Christian counselor to talk to (they wouldn't have it any other way since they're very devout and fearful of "secular" therapy). What they don't know is that their upbringing of me throughout my life may have caused some of these symptoms to intensify. Also, I'm secretly an atheist and gay, and if I talk to a counselor that's anything like them, he would try to "fix" both of those things, although I am content with them (plus I may unfortunately end up getting attracted to the guy, who knows). Furthermore, I couldn't even be casual with him since many of my favorite films and recording artists are definitely not something he would find as acceptable for me to enjoy (and he may link those things to deeper problems, which may not be the case). Isn't it a tragedy when you can't even be open to a certain kind of therapist, because they'd judge you? But my folks have almost got an appointment ready and I don't know what to do! Please help!
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Annora Annora | 9 days ago
don't be a wuss. Go in there and defend yourself and your beliefs. If your beliefs can't be tested, they can't be very strong within you. No one can "fix" you if you KNOW why you believe what you believe. If you think there is no god (good for you) then give the counselor all the reasons why. If he tries to talk you out of it, ask him to respect your beliefs like you respect his. If he tells you that you're damned to hell, tell him to quit playing god---who appointed him as judge. If he says being gay is a sin, tell him you were born that way and why did god make you born that way. If he says it's the work of satan, ask him why what he is doing might not be the work of satan as well.
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Annora Originally Answered: Why do I feel trapped inside myself?
You're very very intelligent for a 14 year old. So much so that I'm not even sure if you are 14. But either way I have the same advice. Look, its apparent that you can't help yourself. And obviosly none of your friends are going to understand what you're going through. And I'm sure parents are out of the question. So, it leaves therapists. They are the ones that can make sense of everything from an unbiast point of view, with the tools to help you figure things out for yourself. I know the feeling of not wanting to face someone but you have to work through your ****, and there's no one better to do that with then someone who is just doing their job. Of course they care to an extent, but do you know how many other people they're dealing with? It took me a couple tries but now that I found the right one, I'm really doing much better. I wouldn't give up, and I'd give it a try.

York York
I can't tell whether you're trolling or not. OCD is genetic, you can abrogate some of the symptoms with therapy but you can't fix it- you need medication for that. Unfortunately, if you're a minor you can't do much about it. However, if you are certain that they are looking for a faith-based approach rather than an evidence-based, medical approach for you then you should be a bit worried. Best I can say is say what the "Christian" therapist wants to hear until you are able to get some actual medical help. You could also talk to your school's nurse, if you go to public school. If they believe there is a medical problem, they can refer you out and have cause to follow up on it with your parents.
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Shelumiel Shelumiel
Tell them you will not go. If they insist, then go to that christian therapist, and stay silent. Do not say a word; if he asks you something just stare in the air, and they will give up. It's no one's business how you live your life. That's why you are an individual, to make your own individual decisions. OR tell the christian therapist and your parents to leave you alone; you already made up your mind, and not even God will change it, and if he can't, the christian counselor has 0 chance of doing that.
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Norman Norman
Tell your parents you don't want to go. It probably won't work; but, it's worth a try. Since they're your parents, you probably don't have much choice about going to the counselor; but, you don't have to talk to him/her. That should make your point clearly.
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Kyran Kyran
I am a Christian but I think this is unfair to you. Tell them that you think you could talk to a regular therapist more comfortably if they argue tell them it is your choice.
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Kyran Originally Answered: I feel hopeless and trapped?
i also dropped out of school when i was 14 i absolutely hated the place so i decided that i would stop going all together so i ended up with no qualifications and i lost all my friends i felt depressed hopeless and worthless but after a while i decided instead of moping about and feeling sorry for myself i had to get out there because as the saying go's life is what you make it! I am now 21 work as a chef, drive my dream car, have lots of friends and the list go's on, any one including someone like your self can have a good future but only you can make it happen, lifes not all doom and gloom ya know!

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