How to dress for California? Guys?

How to dress for California? Guys? Topic: Case sweatshirts
June 17, 2019 / By Chanel
Question: So I'm going out to southern California this June and I was wondering what kind of things should I buy/pack? Shorts? Should I bring a sweatshirt or will it be too hot for it? Should I bring sunglasses? Are there any styles out there I should be aware of? Anything I should know about California in general? Thanks :) Oh and btw, I'm a guy from Pennsylvania and I dress skater/prep mix. I guesss you could call it that anyway haha!
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Anonna Anonna | 1 day ago
I am from California and you should bring a variety of clothing. You definitely need shorts because it gets hot, especially in SoCal. Maybe bring a pair of cords in case you need something nice or it is cold. Yes, bring sunglasses - wayfarers, aviators, everyone wears different types here. You might want a jacket in case you go up north or something. Things tend to be less formal in California - we call parents by their first names and stuff, if you don't do that where you live
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Where I work I can dress how I like, except with a few exceptions like can't wear stuff like jogging bottoms or hoodies (that's the kind of stuff I'd only lounge around in the house in anyway!). I work 5 days a week so spend most of my week at work and most of the time I go smart/casual so stuff I could to go to work in and then would happily go out after work for a drink in. Usually to work I wear skinny jeans and a nice top, sometimes a blazer (casual ones not the stiff business type!) and sandals or flat shoes. I always care about how I dress and I don't like wearing stuff that makes me look or feel frumpy, I only own one jumper because I always think they make *me* look too casual. You've made me want to go clothes shopping now but I'm trying not to spend too much money! I might go online window shopping now.
Anonna Originally Answered: Poll: Do you prefer to dress casual or dress up for daytime wear?
It's always good to look put-together...i have an office job so i try to dress a bit nicer for that, but on weekends i'll definitely go with jeans and a t-shirt. when i'm just at home, sweatpants it is! But especially now that it's warmer out, it's really easy to look nice no matter what. Dresses are easy to wear - add heels and they're fancy, add flip flops or flats and they're casual. Same goes for skirts and shorts. check out my blog for some outfit ideas: www.loveorsilk.blogspot.ca

Yorath Yorath
Definitely only bring shorts, tanks, sunglasses, comfortable shoes that are also stylish, and no sweater, it'll be too hot for that. The west coast has a completely different style than the east; the west dresses more casual while the east is more dressed up. Cali is a great place to vacation at so I hope you have an amazing time :)
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Shemuel Shemuel
It really depends. a lot of Californians dress like cholo's even when they aren't mexican, thats either wearing plaid button ups, plain T's that are big on you, jeans, baggy or skinny but never hella skinny and vans or something. if you wanna dress like a surfer then tank tops, shorts, sandals, sun glasses n stuff like that
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