Stressed with homework?

Stressed with homework? Topic: inspiration to do homework
July 19, 2019 / By Chantel
Question: I AM GOING INSANE!! I am actually doing a DRAWING project, and I cannot draw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO?! And any suggestions on drawing?
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Anstice Anstice | 5 days ago
just relax. if you live near a big city or downtown, go there. that is where i get my best inspirations from just because there are so many people and different things to look at. and most teachers that i have had for art all grade on effort and not how good of an artist you are. hope i helped!
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Anstice Originally Answered: I Am So Stressed Out By Homework?
Gotta do the homework. :( Keep a bag of jelly beans (or other candy you like) next to you and eat a piece every time you accomplish something. You may get fat but you'll get your work done. ;) I'm still doing homework... Let's see: 1.) 4 pages of a Bible textbook and study a Bible verse 2.) 2 pages of English and a question to answer; a grammar exercise (done); learn synonyms and antonyms of 12 words; spelling exercise over syns. and ants. (done) 3.) 5 geometry problems (proofs and such) 4.) 3 pages of Chemistry and 6 questions to answer 5.) 4 pages of history and 9 questions to answer All answers must be in sentence form. :/
Anstice Originally Answered: I Am So Stressed Out By Homework?
All I could say is stay off the internet and focus .. I'm done with my homework by 7:30 est . That's after a 3 hour band meet so I also get home at 5:30 . I had a22 page history packet , an essay , 4pages of math, 3 pages of science , and I practiced a jazz solo
Anstice Originally Answered: I Am So Stressed Out By Homework?
dude just focus. think of the benefits it will bring u. or think of people u want to impress. ^_^ thats what i do hope it helps !!!!

Zachariah Zachariah
God don't make junk. Take it one step at a time, When you're done, can you honestly say you have done your best? If not, make corrections, all the time trying to relax, knowing you are far more capable than anything anybody can throw at you.
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Zachariah Originally Answered: Stressed out with homework?
I had the same problem, I'm in high school now and I guess I still do. It's hard but if you want to get good grades you just have to go through it. What I did I teamed up with friends who I had the same classes with and we helped each other. I did homework after I ate lunch and study hall is the best thing ever.

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