Do you think that I should go to this high school? Or should I stay where I am?

Do you think that I should go to this high school? Or should I stay where I am? Topic: Fun homework for 2nd graders
July 16, 2019 / By Charisma
Question: I have a really big decision to make and I'm not sure what to do about it. I absolutely love the school I'm going to now, I'm in the 8th grade and it's a really small, 2A school. The sports are great and all of my friends go there. Although I'm an honors student, it bothers me is that I haven't learned very much this year. I know that's really nerdy, and an 8th grader probably should'nt care about all of that but, I do care because I know that I have potential. I got accepted into this International Baccalaureate school. It only takes 80 students from the whole county and you can only enter as a freshmen. If I go to this school and graduate there, I can get in to pretty much any collage that I want. I know that sounds great, but from what I've heard from some of the students actually attending the school, is that it is horrible. They say that the work is really hard and there is A LOT of homework. I'm really busy and I don't know if I have the time, or brains for that. The good thing about where I go to school now is that I have time for fun and I can still do things that are important to me like being with my friends and taking piano. I only know about 2 people that are going so I would be hopelessly confused! Also it would take me about 40 minutes to get to school and I would have to get on the bus at about 5:30. Honestly, I can't even think that early! I talked to my parents about it and they said that if I went and I didn't like it, I could leave after the first grading period. What if I get terrible grades? I wouldn't be able to go back to my old school untill they're on my report card. I have to send in all of my papers by April 6th and it's really stressing me out! I can't believe I'm actually asking this on the internet, but of course, my friends want me to stay at my old school, and my family wants me to try this new school. So what do you think? Is it worth it?
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Antoinette Antoinette | 8 days ago
listen im not trying to be mean but i have to say that high school is not all bad there is not a lot of homework, if you slack off then you do have a lot of homework (which by reading you wont have a problem) im in 10th grade currently and i have A LOT of free time and im in Advanced Placement classes one important thing do you want to stay with your friends or go to a school where you can possibly be neglected? on top of that in high school there is a program called IB which is similar to what you are wanting if you take that then you can be with your friends and have the education that you want my choice would be to be in IB and stay in the school district (oh and congrats on that acceptance letter but i would frame that! XD sometimes we have to make sacrifices for the greater good and right now your friends are the greater good)
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Zachery Zachery
If it were me I wouldn't go, but since it's you, I think you should give it a shot. It'll be hard. Obviously you're gonna be super stressed out the entire time and wont have your friends around you to help you out during school. If you are planning on going to schools like Harvard or Yale or whatever, then sure try it out and do your best. But I think if you have to give up your afternoons and weekends, all your free time, all the things you love to do, and sleep, you'll probably crack under the pressure. Unless you think you can handle that. This is a once in a lifetime choice, if you don't try it, you may regret it. Also I don't think someone like you will get terrible grades. Being excepted into a school like this means you are and incredibly hard worker, and probably make schoolwork a top priority. You should be proud that they are excepting you out of so many people. I know people like you, and I don't think you will fail. So, do it. Nothing but good can come from it, and I think your friends can go without you for a grading period. Definitely take this an use it as an advantage for yourself. Oh, and p.s-CONGRATULATIONS!
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Shimea Shimea
I say its way worth it! If you got in, then they think you have the potential. Try it for a semester, if you don't like it, leave. But I sure wouldn't pass up the opportunity. International Baccalaureatte's are usually only offered by elite schools. You could not only get into any school in the country for college, but pretty much any school in the world! Does the school have a weekly boarding option? Boarding during the week and home on weekends, so you don't have to travel so early? Congradtulations are in order! Well done, and give it a go! EDIT As for the poster below me: Yes, you'll leave your current friends behind, but good grief! Its not like you can't make new ones
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Obed Obed
All relies on the cause why. You are historic sufficient to come to a decision, however simply recollect, it's not reasonable to move from side to side among mum and dad like that. so in the event you wish to move reside together with your mother (have that mom determine), then simply talk over with your dad on visitations. Your dad could believe a little bit disappointed for the reason that you're his daughter. It is kinda rough on mum and dad while kids cross to their different mum and dad situation, peculiarly if this can be a distance away. The determination is as much as you. But make it the correct causes. cuz mum and dad must cross difference custody, little one aid and visitation rights founded in your alternative too.
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