I got into a car accident my car insurance doesn't want to pay my car repair bec. it was 100% my fault??

I got into a car accident my car insurance doesn't want to pay my car repair bec. it was 100% my fault?? Topic: 100 case sol
July 19, 2019 / By Charity
Question: I was driving at about 60-70 mph and when i tried to change lane, i lost control of the wheel and hit my car twice on the rail wrecking almost half of the front car (by the way it rained that night, and my car is covered with ice that morning which i waited for a few minutes to heat it up). My insurance notified us that they are not paying for my car repair because it was 100% my fault. what do i do? do i have to hire a lawyer to settle this one? if so do i have a chance in winning?
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Best Answers: I got into a car accident my car insurance doesn't want to pay my car repair bec. it was 100% my fault??

April April | 1 day ago
(In the USA) Fault here (as in most cases)doesn't matter. If you have liability insurance, that will pay for the guard rail. if you have collision insurance, that will pay for repairs to your car (after you pay any deductible you may have) Without any of those coverages, you are SOL
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April Originally Answered: Can other drivers insurance company ask me to pay the cost of the repair due to the accident that was my fault?
In North America (excl. Mexico): You didn't have an accident, your employer did. The owner, not the driver, is responsible for their vehicle and any loss or damage it causes. That's how the law works in every state and province. You can ignore Scott H's answer completely. If you choose to take responsibility for the damage personally, that's your right. But it won't be forced on you, not by an insurance company or their lawyer or anybody else. They can send you a written demand for compensation, but they're only doing it a) because it's the easy way and b) to see if you're dumb enough to pay it. You had your employer's instruction to drive that vehicle on that date, which means you had the owner's consent to be driving. Your employer is responsible for the damage, not you. If their insurer refuses to pay the claim, it's your employer's problem. They own the vehicle, they instructed you to drive it, and they knew the risks. Turn the subrogation notice over to your employer, because it's their problem. If this low-budget insurance company or their sleazy lawyer continues to harass you, give them your employer's name and number and hang up. You won't be dragged into a courtroom over this.

Zackery Zackery
If you only have liability coverage, then of course they will not pay for the damage to your vehicle. If you have collision coverage, they should be paying you. If you have what is called "limited collision", they will not pay you. This coverage will pay if you are 50% or less at fault for an accident. Read your policy, or have the claims rep explain why they are denying your claim. You should have an arbitration clause on your policy which allows you to dispute your insurance company's decision.
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Shimi Shimi
I got into a car accident my car insurance doesn't want to pay my car repair bec. it was 100% my fault? ? Looking 4 auto insurance companies? one of the top to get best auto insurance company, rates and prices is: http://www.cheapinsurance4auto.info
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Ocean Ocean
"criminal duty" insurance is mandatory. in case you do not have that insurance then the "criminal duty" will become your duty. hence, if the different guy's insurance does not pay for it then he's at risk of pay out of his pocket! So basically touch that guy and make him pay for the damages! he's legally absolute to pay, I propose, in case you drag him to the court docket he will lose the case on the very first listening to and he will ought to pay anyhow. besides, insurance covers a driving force, no longer a motor vehicle. As such, although if the different guy bought his vehicle, his insurance company continues to be at risk of pay for the declare. think of, he did no longer bought his vehicle and became into using his pal's vehicle and bumped in to somebody, does no longer the insurance conceal the damages - they might, they are absolute to conceal him! additionally, did the insurance company cancelled the different guy's insurance whilst he bought the vehicle? No! so why won't they conceal him? although if technically they are no longer sure, they don't have the required paper paintings in place! call the different guy and ask him to pay out of his pocket and he would be compelled to combat together with his insurance company. If no longer something works, tell the guy which you're compelled to sue him and likewise tell him which you (he) will lose the case on the very first listening to and which you're warning him for the reason which you do no longer choose him to go through further loses which would be particularly prevented. *Calling police does no longer help lots aside from the certainty that the incident gets recorded. It does no longer have lots weight. besides, you may sign up the incident each time. *you have a declare huge form, now get all the information of the declare alongside with the reason of rejection. *tell your insurance company and spot what they are able to do. they're going to combat for you in case you have finished insurance (by using fact in any different case they're going to ought to pay for it!). let us know the call of the corporate that the different guy has the insurance with. It sounds like a rip off and it would help others to stay away from that company whilst procuring for insurance.
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Lark Lark
It's going to depend on what type of coverage you have. If you tried to save money by only carrying liability insurance, the insurance company is not legally obligated to pay for the damage to your car. They should pay for the guardrail you damaged, however. You need to have collision coverage for them to pay for the damage to your vehicle.
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Lark Originally Answered: Had a car accident and the girl who was at fault does not have car insurance, now what?
First you need to contact the over driver and request that they pay for your damage. It's unlikely they will pay, but you have to start the process some place. Send them a copy of the estimate for your car etc. Than, as long as the damage is minor I suggest you take the case to your small claims court or disputes tribunal. This a special court for smaller civil matters like this. You don't even need a lawyer, and there is only a small fee to lodge a case, You turn up with all your evidence (police report, the bill or estimate to fix your car etc, picture of the damage etc) Tell your story to the judge, and the other person can put their side of the story, and the judge makes a ruling. This is a legally binding court ruling same as any judgement made. BUT, you can't get blood out of stone. If the other person has no money, you probably still wont get paid. But that's the same as if you hired an expensive lawyer. The small claims court just lets YOU bring the case without spending thousands more on lawyers, so it's a good option if you suspect you wont get paid anyway. Then you consider if you should upgrade your insurance to cover this sort of situation...

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