Im writing a poem about being blind, any ideas?

Im writing a poem about being blind, any ideas? Topic: Ideas on how to write a poem about yourself
June 17, 2019 / By Charleen
Question: For my RE homework, i have to write a poem about being blind. this is the task: write a piece of poetry (ver emotional) create visual pctures, sounds, smells, touch etc DETAILED!! Please can youu help mee! :) xx
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Aretha Aretha | 3 days ago
I'd say avoid as many visual details as you can, if not eliminate them completely. Focus on "seeing" the world through touch, smell, and sound. Create the visual picture through arbitrary details. For example, if you were to describe a cat, don't mention anything about it being cute or having big eyes, pointy ears and a pretty coat. Instead, describe how it feels to run your fingers through its fur, or the sweet voice of its soft meow, or describe how you can love it without ever knowing whether it's what most people would classify as "cute". Good luck!
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Aretha Originally Answered: Ideas/help on writing a poem about someone who inspired you?
Think of a specific situation in time that made an impression on you with this person. The shorter the instance the better. It could be even be as brief as on little thing they said to you. As long as it is very short, it will be easy to explain and for the reader to understand. The goal of poetry isn't to use words to confuse the reader. The words are designed to enrich the reader's soul. Describe sensory feelings going into the situation. You could even get a bit philosophical about your previous ideas and state of mind. Then describe how this person interacts with you. Describe how your senses react. Describe your thoughts. Describe how you became a different person as a result that day, and how you feel your future may be influenced as a result. In poetry form you can write it like a narrative or like segmented thoughts and phrases. There are other more advanced structures like haiku, limerick, iambic pentameter, etc..

Zak Zak
Blind once and going there again, I don't think you can know until you experience it. OK I'll offer ya this. It might sound sarcastic. I understand what anger management is all about. I woke one morning to a nature call, had to GGP Stumbled in the dark, for the light switch turned it on found I couldn't see. Fell over animals in the hall, panic attack maybe I'm dreamin lets go back to bed couldn't find the familiar on my way back. People will say other senses take over Smell and touch, sound and such What BS, as much a chance findin a 5 leaf clover. Soon ya forget how to describe colors emotionally where stuff is, has to register in retrainin I ain't complainin, but sight is the best form of free. forgive me that was way rude. TY whomever for the TD, try it with a blindfold sometime for 24 hours. Yowee those who can see are often so short sighted. I think this time I'll celebrate my blindness.
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Shylock Shylock
to tackle this assignment you will need to decide the nature of the blindness.. Were you or was your subject blind from birth. is there any memory of the visual? All the other senses come into play so you have a great deal to work with.. emotion , sound, touch, smell taste and imagination. Imagine a child or infant pressing his face against the floor to hear and feel the vibrations so to recognize the person who enters a room. In a grey world black must be envious. for as the silent world covets the music of the violin my skin yearns for rainfall and the return of your touch and my dry eyes beg tears. ~ pat McAuley Ramsden
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Odell Odell
The few blind people I've known have always used figures of speech as if they see. "I saw Brad this morning." Working with that, why not mix that up with some sense of not really seeing? I saw my Irish setter by the door red long hair and lolling tongue and wondered what is red? I've heard it's festive beside green and grass is green so maybe Chet my dog looks festive in the lawn. You see what I'm getting at? Anyway, just an idea. Good luck, that's a tough assignment. :)
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Larrie Larrie
Start out with opening your eyes to the darkness of the morning. Be greeted by a cat or dog, warm with affection, velvet rough tongue of a cat. One way for you to really feel it is blindfold yourself and listen taste and feel life without sight. How could you know what to use as a simile if you can't visually compare? It's all about hearing, touch and smell.
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Larrie Originally Answered: I am writing a story about a blind girl and I cant get it to flow?
Sounds ambitious but I applaud you for that. It does sound very interesting. :) I bought a book years ago called "Writing a novel". (It's not my intention to be a writer, I just love writing in whatever spare time I have.) and I always use this information that I found very useful. It was about the seven devices used for character development: 1. Physical description ( "The eight year old girl hobbled into the room on crutches", the first things you notice when seeing someone. Should be about quality not quantity, but is passive and always second to action, so try and link the two) 2. Association (eg. Paparazzi chasing someone with flashing cameras - connotations of fame) 3. Narrator's statement ("The look on her face was that of someone..." a character building device) 4. Other character's thoughts or comments (How other characters see the protagonist. While they may have a rose-tinted view of themselves, other character's may not. For a blind girl I suppose while she sees herself as unfortunate and in a way excluded from normal society, others see her as strong and courageous for living with a disability) 5. Revelation of character's thoughts (While people will lie to others, they never unconciously lie to themselves) 6. Speech (every word that will leave your character's mouth will illustrate what type of person they are) 7.Action ( A very vivid resource which will develop character especially if they are acting over a critical climax - Even characters showing their priorities will display the type of person they are) Anyway, most of that was the book's text with some of my notes. I'd highly recommend it. It's by an author called Nigel Watts, and published by 'Teach Yourself'. Other than that, simply pace yourself. :) Write something, sleep on it, re-read it and you'll realise what needs changing later. Don't forget that nothing is finalised, it can always be redrafted, things can be omitted or added! I wish you the best of luck and would love to hear again about this story! :)

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