What is a good drink to have in the airport bar pre-flight?

What is a good drink to have in the airport bar pre-flight? Topic: Business plan for bar idea
July 21, 2019 / By Charlene
Question: I'm going on a vacation with some other ladies next month and actually this will be my first time to fly. Our plane departs at 9:30am and I am not much of a drinker, especially at that time of day. However, we plan to visit the airport bar before we leave and have a drink before boarding our plane. Do you have any suggestions on a good (stiff) morning cocktail that won't have a tendency to make me nauseous on the plane? Thanks! Jason: Thanks for the good information. You make a good point. I'm meeting up with a group of old high school friends and we haven't seen each other in years. We've planned this trip for awhile but we are all a bit tense and several of us have a fear of flying. So we discussed having a drink first to ease our anxiety. But as you have advised, maybe it's not such a good idea afterall.
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Ariadne Ariadne | 4 days ago
If this is your first time flying, it's better that you drink water. Flying is dehydrating; alcohol and coffee both make that worse. Also the cabin is only pressurized to 3,000 metres (9,800 ft), and you will have altitude effects, areas with a lot of blood vessels like your intestines will swell. All of this and motion sickness contribute to the nausea some people feel. You should really not drink for your first flight to see how the rest of it affects you before you try flying and drinking. You say "ladies" so I'm assuming that ladies are above the "Have-to-fit-in" attitude of juveniles. I fly all the time and have a drink or two especially since I only fly Business class, but I wouldn't go to the airport bar at 09:30. I'm not sure they can even serve at that hour.
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Zalmon Zalmon
They usually make foo foo drinks at the airport bars, hardly any alcohol. Just have one or two drink before going on the plane. Don't over do it because there is nothing worse than waiting to take off when one needs to pee. I usually drink a couple pints of beer prior to boarding. I like to do so because, even though I will have to pee, it puts me straight to sleep for a good number of hours.
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Sib Sib
water. the drinks there can be expensive. you better have some water or just wait because if you dont, then get ready to spend $20 on a small drink.
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Odran Odran
Have a nice double bloody mary....vodka and tomato juice. Its not a bad drink to start the day and is okay socially.
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Larry Larry
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