Do you want to legalize marijuana?

Do you want to legalize marijuana? Topic: Problem statement in a research paper
July 16, 2019 / By Charlie
Question: marijuana is not only less harmful than tabaco and alcohol and one of the least dangerous drugs. it will undoubtedly boost are economy if legalize. the taxes on it from people buying it to smoke it alone will skyrocket it, but cannabis has so many uses its ridiculous. hemp is an inexpensive, ecofriendly, and more efficiant alternative to paper. hemp produces 4x more fibers than trees and matures in 4 months whereas trees take 20 years. hemp can be planted on infertile crop land where nothing else would be able to grow requires little to no pesticides, and enriches the soil while leaving it weed free for next seasons rotations. it is a valuable crop even if no part of the plant is sold. it can be used for plastics, oils, livestock feed and bedding, fuel, nutritional supplements, and more than i feel like naming not to mention all the jobs that would come from the new hemp industry. just do some research if you don't believe me google its uses legalize it people its the right thing to do sign this petition http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/727/946/321/
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Ariel Ariel | 6 days ago
No. Now lets have some historical context to this... 1826 The American Temperance Society was formed and laid the foundation for the early prohibition movement. In turn this opened the door for many other groups to form to include religious groups and the formation of an actual political party, the Prohibition Party. In those days this was a massive movement to help reduce what was viewed as, "abuses of alcoholic husbands". The problem was the law was unenforceable. Police were overwhelmed with alcohol related incidents in larger cities. The public held a standard view that the law was unnecessary and lacked legitimacy. This is the main difference between the legality of weed and the alcohol prohibition. There are plenty of scholarly studies completed on the health related problems caused by marijuana use including emphysema, cancer, asthma, and schizophrenia just to name just a few. For these reasons the public holds a general view that marijuana causes enough questionable medical and psychological problems that keeping it illegal can and does prevent a worthwhile percentage of problems related to health care costs, family and emotional problems. As a percentage of population, there are no where near as many pot smokers as there are drinkers in the U.S. Actually about 6%. There just is not enough support to legalize another escape from reality. If legalized, who would bother to pay a tax on it? Especially if they already smoke it illegally and could care less about any tax? A valuable crop... Wow. That's some pointless statement. Now this is just in comparison to prohibition. I say nothing of how it effect families, job performance, and life at home for kids. That alone is enough.
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Zebadiah Zebadiah
I will sign the petition. Hemp is the answer to a lot of problems that our country faces, as far as debt and jobs. Hemp is legally grown in 29 other countries. Why not here? Recreational marijuana is totally different from hemp, containing up to 20% thc. Where as hemp must contain less than 1%. Marijuana can be used as medication for ANYTHING. Plus it's fun to get high and it is a lot safer than alcohol. It needs to be legalized...period. Even if they don't legalize it for recreational use, HEMP needs to be legalized to save our economy. There is a HUGE difference between the two. Educate yourself.
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Sibbe Sibbe
i think all drugs should be legalized and dispensed by the state to registered addicts. Legal or illegal the number of addicts always stays the same, and with prohibition all we're accomplishing is bankrolling the black market with high profit products they can't resist. Oh and of course making prison-slaves out of otherwise mostly decent human beings (it's prohibition that turns them into criminals, people don't steal cars to get cigarette money if you haven't noticed.) The real problem with legalization is commercialization. Before prohibition of drugs unethical drug companies went around promoting addictive drugs and that could easily be solved by making it an exclusively state run enterprise, much like liquor is controlled by the government in states like Washington. Drug prohibition accomplishes nothing except an increase in violent crime and the creation of a taboo culture that makes such substances more attractive to youth. It's only because it's forbidden fruit that makes drugs alluring.
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Ofir Ofir
No. To put it in blunt terms *lol* it is a gateway drug. I had a friend who died recently from a drug overdose.. What did he have in his system? Marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy and heroine. Why is this important? During 9th grade he tried to introduce me to weed and said it was all safe and that would be all he would do. He called me a year ago and said weed wasn't enough and that he had to do other drugs to keep his high. So... If he wasn't introduced to weed, he'd still be alive. Again, my answer is no.
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Laurence Laurence
There is no way for the government to tax a weed you can grow in your yard. That is the major reason they will never legalize the stuff.
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Because thanks to early outdated government policies many people still equate marijuana with harder drugs like opium, heroin and cocaine. Before the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 many states banned marijuana simply because it was smoked like opium. Now with that in mind what do you think is going to happen to a politicians career when he or she proposes legalizing marijuana? I'll tell you... all the law and order types are going to come out of the woodwork and call for their resignation. Prop. 15 passed in California back in 1996. It took YEARS to get this initiative on the ballot. Under this law people can possess up to 8 ounces if they have a doctor's prescription for it. Despite the law passing by a wide margin the federal government continues to raid the clinics and prosecute the people running them and in many cases they've seized the building that housed the clinic from the property owners. Many cities enact ordinances against pot clinics as soon as they open up and evict them, others have passed laws prohibiting them from moving in. Remember in the United States we do not have a direct democracy. We have a representative democracy, we elect the officials, after that they pretty much do what they want. The only way to make them listen is to vote them out of office. As far as I know, no California politician has been recalled or lost an election because they were in favor of the status quo which in this case is seeing that marijuana remains illegal. Let's face it, when most people think of beer they see sports events and backyard barbecues, the Budweiser Clydesdales, pristine beaches and bikini models. Mention wine more people think of elegant parties and fine dining than worry about drunk drivers and homeless winos…Now when you talk about marijuana many people conjure up images of foul mouthed rap artists, violent crime and people like Charles Manson.

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