What to do about neighbors mean dog?

What to do about neighbors mean dog? Topic: Boys writing area sign
July 19, 2019 / By Charlotte
Question: I just moved about 5 months ago. The neighbors directly accross the street from me have a dog that is either a pitbull or rotwiler. Every time I walk out of my house and the dog is there..It tries to jump the fence and go nuts.viciously growels and barks. If the fence were a bit lower, or the dog a hair bigger..It could jump over.There is an adjacent wooden fence, the other day..the dog almost knocked over.it moved a good foot when he jumped at it. I freaked and grabbed my little 3lb chi and ran back inside. I am terrified of this dog! I now resort to carrying pepper spray. The dog hasn't got loose yet. I now resort to carrying pepper spray when I go out there. I don't feel comfortable going to them and saying this because I don't know them..never talked to them. Also, the dog hasn't actually got out yet..and if I go there, the dog might charge out of the house and kill me. What can i do? Send them an annonumus letter? And i can't avoid passing by their house. It is directly accross the street! Can i call animal control even if the dog hasn't done anything yet? It's a pitbull..to all you obsessors...A LOT of dogs look the same ..but i just asked and it's a pitbull. and CHI is a chiuahuah..not a child. i called my downstairs nighbor and she told me...she met them once
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Arielle Arielle | 7 days ago
Yes, you could send them an anonymous letter. What is the law in your area? Are there by-laws concerning "menacing" (the term used to describe any aggressive/threatening behaviors that have not yet resulted in a biting incident)? Your story is why menacing laws are desperately needed. Everyone says, "Why does it take an attack before something can be done about an aggressive dog," but no one wants to do the difficult task of writing and enforcing menacing laws. As a dog bite researcher, with many years under my belt, every single attack case I've investigated involved a dog with a known history of aggressive behavior - even where it's the dog's first reported bite. (The press just loves, loves, loves to say an attacking dog had never behaved aggressively before. It always turns out to be a complete fabrication.) Signs of aggression tend to follow this pattern of escalation: staring, stiffened body posture, menacing barking, growling, raised lips, lunging, attempted bites, and finally successful bites. If you step-in and halt the inappropriate behavior at the staring or stiffened body posture stages, then the dog never escalates to the level of growling or lunging or attempted bites. As someone with years of experience successfully rehabilitating aggressive dogs, it's probably no surprise that not one of my own dogs has ever behaved aggressively. My nine-year-old Great Dane, for instance, has never growled, much less attempted to bite. Find out what your local by-laws say about menacing behavior. Contact your local animal control department and ask them to visit the residence. If they witness the dog's menacing behavior, you'll have more chance of getting the owners to do something about it. They're probably the types who think an aggressive dog threatening the innocent paper boy, the innocent mailman, the innocent meter reader, and some mythical, phantom "burglar", alike, is a good thing. In reality, this is how unprovoked attacks happen. A dog that feels as threatened by perfectly innocent people and other animals as it would an actual threat, is a danger to everyone. You shouldn't have to live like that.
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Arielle Originally Answered: I see my neighbors having sex? help?
Knock on their door and tell them, or if that's too awkward then just leave them a note and let it go at that. It sounds like they might be exhibitionist, but a person can only take so much of that.

Zebedee Zebedee
It is either a pitbull or a rott? Nice. And you are walking by with a 3 lb. chi...Is your dog barking at this neighboring dog? It seem to just be guarding it's territory from others. Does your dog ever bark out the window or when people come over. Same thing. Maybe because it's only 3 lbs. it's not as threatening but it is doing the same thing all dogs do and it is just as annoying whether it's 3lbs. or 103lbs. But freaking out and grabbing your little dog is really not calming the situation. Since you have a dog I'm sure you know that you have to be the one in control and establish hiearchy, right? By showing fear to this other dog, you are giving it more power over you and confidence that it can boss you around. My advice would be to just ignore it and walk on by, with authority. It's probably always gonna bark, but you can't let it know you are scared. Animal control is not going to do anything unless there is an attack or a loose dog. I'm not sure confronting your neighbor is going to do much either, you are basically just afraid of his dog, what do you want him to do? Maybe just ask him to reinforce the fence from what you witnessed, but other than that, I'm not sure how it will go over.
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Sid Sid
first of all.. "it is either a pit bull rottweiler".... uhm.. there is a HUGE difference between those two breeds! Color,look,weight.... It's either a rottweiler or a "pit bull" or a completely different breed and you have no idea what you are talking about. Have you actually seen the dog or is he/she behind the fence where you cannot even see the breed? The dog is protective... it barks,goes crazy... he/she is warning you... so what.. walk past the house like nothing's happening. The dog knows and feels that you are scared, therefore it barks even more! Also, in case you can see the dog.. DON'T look him straight in the eyes and stand there scared stiff.... I have the feeling that everything and every movement you do only enforced the dog's behavior ! and NO you cannot just call animal control. Nothing happened... you cannot even tell us the breed and are just simply speculating it MUST be one of those "dangerous breeds". Please, wy don't you calm down for a second and think ... maybe then you will realize that you are probably making a way bigger deal out of it, than it probably is. EDIT: WHO DID YOU ASK????????
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Ogden Ogden
A pitbull or rottweiler are two totally different looking dogs - unless you haven't really been able to see the dog are you just assuming that since its mean that it must be one of those breeds? My advise would be NOT to use the pepper spray because if the dog is attacking you and you pepper spray it, you will just piss it off even more and it will attack even harder! You need to talk to the owner of the dog - whether or not you've met them yet. You need to let them know what their dog is doing and see what they are willing to do to help.
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Laurie Laurie
Call animal controll & explain the issue. Where I live, you are REQUIRED to have a good steardy fence to keep your dog in your yard. If you have a certain breeds, the fence has to be a certain heigth to prevetn the dog form jumping over it. I know if it was I wouldnt want some mean dog attacking me by jumping or busting what sounds like a pretty crappy fence.
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Izzy Izzy
The dog might not be mean, just protective. My neighbors dog will growl and jump and bite at the fence when a person walks by. But when that dog is with it's owners outside he is the sweetest dog. Go to the dogs family and tell them of your concerns. Ask them if you even have a reason to be worried.
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Izzy Originally Answered: What should I do about my perverted neighbors?
1. Report any suspicious or illegal activity. If the one person is not supposed to be in the house and you know he's there, that alone is reason to report (I presume he's in violation of some condition of probation or parole). If the police are unaware of suspicious activity, there is nothing they can do about it until it is too late and some tragedy occurs. They may not be able to do anything on just a report, but they definitely can't do anything if you don't report! 2. See #1 above. 3. It's possible that the kids could be taken away, but just as likely that the person who "isn't supposed to be there" would be just hauled off to jail. The criteria for the kids being taken away would be, are the parents/guardians knowingly doing something that puts the kids in danger? If not, the kids stay. If yes, the kids will be removed and placed somewhere safer. 4. No. Absolutely not. Trying to do something about this yourself will likely only get you hurt or in trouble with the law yourself. Take reasonable precautions and defend yourself if necessary, but don't go looking for trouble. 5. You didn't say how old you were or how vulnerable you were. If you feel like you're in danger, stick to safer places. If you feel like you can't go for a walk in your own neighborhood without putting you or your sister at risk, that's all the more reason to report. Even if there is no real danger to either one of you, anyone who deliberately acts to frighten or intimidate you is guilty of harassment, and that's a crime in and of itself.

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