Why Do Anti-Illegals and Those Opposing Immigration Reform say the system is not Broken?

Why Do Anti-Illegals and Those Opposing Immigration Reform say the system is not Broken? Topic: Problems encountered in problem solving
June 27, 2019 / By Charmian
Question: Why Do Anti-Illegals and Those Opposing Immigration Reform say the system is not Broken? how can they not see that enforcement of current laws is not working? even since before the failure of immigration reform in 2007, the US has only taken an enforcement only policy instead of reforming the system. over the past 8 years deportations have increased from 69,000 people a year to 356,000 people a year. in 2005 our budget for for ICE and Customs and Border protection was 9.4 billion and since the failure of reform has increased to 17.1 million, and still the illegal immigration population has not even been significantly decreased (2005 10.5 million illegal immigrants to 2009 10.8 million). this means an 80% increase in budget (for deportations and enforcement) and a 2.9 increase in the illegal immigrant population. So How can they deny that the system does not need fixing, and that tougher enforcement is an effective way to solve the problem?? Do they not realize that our current system in place for allowing low skilled workers into the country does not have sufficient legal mechanisms for low skilled immigration and does not meet the needs of the US economy? http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/2010/03/pdf/cost_of_deportation.pdf http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jeffrey-kaye/obamas-deportations-a-ref_b_510147.html http://www.migrationpolicy.org/pubs/Hanson-Dec09.pdf all that has been going on is enforcement of current laws and it has not been working.
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Arista Arista | 9 days ago
You have said here a billion times illegals pay taxes and so has greasy tony you both maintain of course yes they paid their taxes and yes the same as everybody else does. You cannot say the system is broken. The system is broken only because the illegals cannot find a loop hole around it or a way to scam the system. What you have now is, what you will have in 10 years same problems, the border problems with millions of further new illegals coming across the border. They have been promising to fix the border after the 1986 amnstey and Bill Clinton promised to secure the border.What are they going to do different than what they are doing now.If enough people sneak in you encounter the same problem. How many new illegals are going to do what the current illegals are doing ? Its an endless cycle. It should not over 100 years to still be at the point of this time we will secure the border and it's the same old message but from a different mouth.What will happen if 5-10-15 illegals sneak in and start taking jobs at very low wages and fiqure in if the place is raided you would get the same results as of now, broken families, here for a better life,just wanted to feed my family what you want will be an endless cycle to happen gain and again.All your fixing is making all legal and what becomes of the next wave when there are 10-20 million more illegals, you will be saying what you are saying now.It just goes round in circles
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this may not be a perfect solution, but certainly better than what's floating around: Treat health insurance like other kinds of insurance and let the market dictate the prices. Remove the state laws and allow citizens to buy the insurance they want from any company who sells it. This will instantly increase competition as you now have a nearly unlimited number of competitors all wanting your business. This will drive down prices, and would remove the need for the gov't to enter the health market as a seller of insurance. Unfortunately, there would be some realities people would have to deal with: Those who require more insurance are going to have to pay more (just like you pay more $ for more and better car insurance). Will there be some price discrimination? Absolutely. If I'm a male under 25, I'm paying nearly 50% more for my car insurance specifically because of my age. If I'm 70, I'm going to require more health care than if I'm 30, therefore it's more expensive to insure me, therefore the company has to charge me more. I fail to understand why people freak out about this. That's not to say there can't be some gov't assistance for those in low-income brackets, or the elderly... Medicare is already in place... have Medicare act as Gap Insurance to fill in where the private insurance doesn't. That way you can get a basic plan from a private insurer and have the Medicare fill in the gaps. That might help bring down the costs of Medicare as it would mostly cover disaster care and not all the regular stuff like doctor visits and routine tests.

Zebinah Zebinah
Simple! they just don't get it. They are too worried about more people coming in that they assume will vote Democrat, so they will do anything to keep them from coming or staying, even if it causes this country to crash. We cannot fix anything on a system that is broken. we need reform now!!!!!! Immigration Reform Will Enhance Economic Recovery We Can’t Build a Strong Economy on Top of a Broken Immigration System It is clear that we have an integrated, albeit unregulated, North American labor market and that the market is highly sensitive to changing economic conditions in the United States. Yet our immigration policies have failed to regulate this market, cannot respond to changing economic conditions, and have actually warped the economic incentives of undocumented migrants. Reforming our immigration laws will increase our tax base, boost growth, and strengthen our economic recovery. http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/2...
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Silver Silver
You know that after the recent rally Congress has absolutly no interest in looking at immigration reform at least not in the form of amnesty. We really just need to make eVerify mandatory and they cant get jobs. Then Ice can focus on the ones that would not self deport.
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Oliver Oliver
there will be no amnesty or dream act. the pandering to the hispanic community will continue along with the on site raids and detainment and deportations. anyone who thinks our immigration laws are broken have an ulterior motive. it is known most legal hispanic families are harboring illegal immigrant parents, relatives or friends.and this is a travesty. your people do not speak for the majority of the citizens and that's why 80% of our citizens want laws that have been passed but not enforced ,enforced.
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Laverne Laverne
When 20 million are deported, we will say the laws are enforced and not until, I agree with reform for legal immigrants, but never for illegal aliens who have came here so disrespectfully and broke the laws. The tougher enforcement needs to start now by having mass deportations. As said, confiscate all their possessions to pay for more deportations.
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Jaasau Jaasau
MASS DEPORTATION NOW for ALL illegal alien racist MESSYcan la raza nazi invading border criminals. That's the only reform America needs or that Americans, the greatest poeple on earth, WANT.
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Fillin Fillin
First it's not about immigration it's about illegal immigration. The very illegal immigrates that have broken your laws concerning crossing or over staying their vista yell the loudest about the system being broken,because they are the ones breaking the immigrations laws. It's like a kid killing both parents then throwing himself on the mercy of the court because he is a orphan
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Danni Danni
It must feel good to use La Raza to censor the anti-illegal alien groups. Now you can post your bull crap and pretend that people can't give you an answer. Where did you get these kind of politics from Mexico. From what I heard that is the way they do things there. They censor and even go as far as to behead anyone who disagrees with them. If there are any Americans here wake up and don't listen to this crap use the politics section. Yes a lot of stuff is blocked there too but La Raza don't run that section for now. They do run this crappy immigration crap. Miss whatever it is your name do you bow down to Janet Murguia or better yet Angel Gutteriz and kiss his feet? I bet you do.
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Danni Originally Answered: If immigration reform can help the US and US workers in many ways, then why.?
Logic will never overcome deep-seated racism. Conservative pundits are blaming immigranmts for all our problems, as they always do in troubled times, and frightened people believe them.

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