Tips for tutoring a high school senior in English?

Tips for tutoring a high school senior in English? Topic: Essay about learning english in school
June 17, 2019 / By Cherette
Question: I am an English tutor (generally for younger students who have grammatical confusion or trouble reading), but this week, I will begin working with a high school senior--my first ever! I am so excited about it, but I'm afraid I've forgotten what they learn. Could someone refresh my memory? I want to do a little refresher course of my own before I get to the tutoring lab and discover that I'm unable to answer her questions! Also, she is dyslexic and she is being treated for symptoms of ADHD. Her parents do not expect me to cure either of these, and I believe that they've worked hard to "overcome" these obstacles, so I don't want to dwell on them by any means, nor is that her parents' wishes; however, it would be nice to get some advice from someone who has experienced similar obstacles so that I can be empathetic to these conditions while I'm working with her. Thanks :)
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Asenath Asenath | 7 days ago
High school English mostly focus on reading and composition. I did a lot of work with essay writing and literature analysis.
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****SCHOOL SUPPLIES****** BASICS - No. 2 pencils - Mechanical pencils - Colored pencils - Pencil sharpener (hand-held with a top to collect shavings) - A large pink eraser - Ballpoint pens (Get a few red ink ones too, because some teachers have students do peer editing.) - Highlighters - Spiral-bound or composition notebooks - Loose-leaf notebook paper (Teachers can be picky about paper. Some ask that students use the college-ruled variety.) - A ruler with English and metric measurements ORGANIZATIONAL HELPERS - Several three-ring binders (Some teachers require that a binder be used exclusively for their class.) - A three-hole punch (a regular one or one that fits in a three-ring binder) - A pencil case that fits in a binder - Binder dividers (The kinds with pockets are good for loose papers.) - Pocket folders - Folders that fit in binders - Agenda/Planner - A calendar for scheduling assignments - A sturdy, supportive backpack (Some schools do not permit rolling backpacks because of space considerations, so check with your school before considering this option.) - Two combination locks (If the school lockers do not have built-in locks, you might need one for the hallway and one for the gym.) - Flash Drive to save any important documents STUDY AIDS - Index cards, ruled and unruled (These are great for making flash cards.) - Highlighters - A calculator (Check with the math teacher first before investing in an expensive one. Graphing calculators, for example, are required in many high school math classes. Teachers advise parents not to buy a calculator with more functions than students will use.) *****WHAT TO BRING ON THE FIRST DAY**** Folder - for all the syllabuses, rules, guidelines, & supply lists that your teacher passes out Pencil - Just in case your asked to do a small activity that involves writing Paper - Again for the small activity Locker items - If your locker was already given out to you then it's best to bring your lock & throughout the week you can bring your locker items. Binder - Just a 1" Backpack - To carry everything and sometimes teachers give out textbooks Money - For lunch of something --And any girl/boy accessories that you may need. (ipod, phones, makeup, brushes, etc.)
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1) The first day is stressful but not deadly. Just go with the flow and you will be fine. By the end of the first week you will be ok for sure. 2) It is easy to make friends if you are in clubs or on sports teams. The things that mix the different classes really break the ice. You will make more friends as you get into good classes where there is a mix of people. The one thing you absolutely cannot do is try to act like you are better than everybody else. The boys try to act all hard and get reality checked (usually a kick to the head or two) or eventually shunned. The girls cannot come in and act like seniors or cause drama because by the time you are a senior you don't care and drama is for the little kids. Don't start anything and people will be cool with you. 3) I didn't but my high school was just one gigantic square so if you missed something you just had to keep walking and you would find it. Draw a map on your binder until you get your bearings. 4) I stressed out but as soon as I got settled I was fine. The teachers will be pretty chill for a while so don't be terrified if you are late. 5) If you study, they are easy. I was in an Honors English class and just decided not to do some of the required reading (it was Pride and Prejudice). It wasn't easy to pass that portion of the class but I done it. 6) High school is what you make it. Some people come in failures and end up being really good students when they leave. Some people get disillusioned with it and just stop caring. Quite a few people just start having fun with it and end up liking it by the end. Overall, it is a great social experience and should be taken as a seriously as you want it to be.
Asenath Originally Answered: What school supplies should I buy for senior year of high school? 10 points best answer?
Well that would depend on what classes you are in and how advanced you are. If allowed for math and science I would say TI-83 calculator (will come in handy in college, too). If you can't afford it at least get a scientific calculator and check with your school if they loan out graphing calculators for Adv. Math students. Notebooks for every class except when it's obvious ones when you don't need one like physical classes. Get the bigger notebooks there isn't a big price difference so it'll be worth it. I suggest many mechanical pencils and try to keep at least two on at a time in case one runs out of lead or gets stuck for some reason. Pens will be needed since you'll have to sign many things and some teachers ask you to use pens for other things. I suggest one or two pens of each of the following colors: red, black, blue. An SD card or other storage device I'd suggest 4GB but at least get a 2GB and keep all the projects for future references. ruler(s), eraser(s), Compass (math tool), binders, folders, Locker shelves, book covers, construction paper, tape, scissors, white out, Really though you should just ask your teachers what materials will be needed (most will probably tell you the first day). FYI gum will help you concentrate if allowed in classes and if you can chew it quietly

Zelophehad Zelophehad
I am so happy for you. I would get her own writing samples and teach her to use "active verbs" in writing and analysis. You could also help her with her own projects by keeping her focused on her own editing and writing process. Good luck.
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Similar situation. The debate between state schools and private for pre med is a tough choice to make. Since you didn't name the university I can't give you specific advice, but general. For me the constraint wasn't athletics but money. My family falls in the donut hole of not having enough to pay for a top school but too much money to get a good financial aid package. I decided to go to state school (Texas A&M) which is still a great university. I'm getting a great education and feel totally prepared for med school. For the most part, the university you go to doesn't matter. Sure JHU will add some padding, but the top schools accept students from state schools all the time. Every year an Aggie gets accepted to Harvard med, pretty good for a stat. So, still apply to JHU just don't do the binding early decision. If you get accepted you can re-evaluate, without being forced into anything. Unless, you get an amazing scholarship/fall in love with JHU, public universities are still just as good at sending students to med school. In the end, you have to look at your situation (finances, how important soccer is, would you enjoy being surrounded by only top performers or a good mix). JHU could easily be a great choice, for sure, but don't believe that you are less of an applicant for choosing a public university. (P.S.: the reason private schools have such high med school acceptance percentages, is because the schools don't have many stragglers, it's not just the brand of having JHU on your degree. State schools have lower % because, naturally, there are low-performers applying. So if you are a 4.0 student, the school will not matter, you will get accepted to med school)
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I would suggest you to go to Wayne State University in Michigan. I know you are a Senior in high school, but if you look into this school, I guarantee you will be successful. I go here and their pre-med program is one of the best in the country, in fact it is the top research school in the U.S. They also have med school so you can probably go, and if you have a good GPA and good ACT score I'm pretty sure you will get a full ride, for four years. They are very generous with their scholarships. However, I do not know about their soccer program. If I were you though, and I wanted to major in pre-med, it would be very hard to play and study. Pre-med requires many science classes where you have to do good. Afterall, many people go to med-school with 4.0 GPA's and some are not even accepted, you have to keep your GPA up.

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