Men and woman's duties?

Men and woman's duties? Topic: Case status family law
July 21, 2019 / By Cherie
Question: If the bible states that a man is the head of his household, and that even his wife is to obey him, is there a time when the man has to step down from that duty? If your husband is making his money by stealing or selling drugs, doesn't that mean that the woman can remove the man from his duty and take over if she could teach the children a better way? Would God condemn me if I were to overthrow my husband because he can't teach my children legal activities but only illegal, and/or other things against the bible?
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Ashleigh Ashleigh | 10 days ago
The position of man in any given family has nothing to do with what he did not did not do. It is also not a status or power but function. As a head, he is not to rule, but like Christ to the Church, he is to love and protect. Meaning, to forgive his wife of any wrong, just as Christ forgive the church. Wife is to obey, and Church submit to Christ. She is not second to her husband, but created equal in the eyes of God. Is Husband did wrong, he is to be deal with either legally, according to the Law of the land, as well as biblically. Certain wrong is permissible to law of the land, but not to the Biblical law, eg. Homosexual. In such case, the church still need to exercise the law of the Bible and deal with it with Love (not condoning). If your man had done illegal things, report it to the law of the land, and allow the law of the land to deal with it. This is in accordence to Rom 13 too, that Government is to mete out the rule and judge the evil. DO not, I say again, do not take judgement in your own hand, and go against the Bible. There is a proper channel to observe, and it is not wise to take law into your own hands. Be it law of the land, or law of God. So, if I can say, don't rule out your man. Don't teach your children to do that. Teach them what is right and wrong, and that what daddy did is not right in the eyes of God. But he is still their daddy, and certain degree of respect still needed. However, in the absence of your man, you are automatically the assumed head of the family. Do what the Lord wants of you. God bless you.
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Zephaniah Zephaniah
In a christian home, man as head of the household would not be selling drugs or stealing. In a home where the man is not christian and the woman is, then based on the principle she would be the head of the household. The problem we have here is people get all caught up in who should tell who what to do in the relationship. There is one and only one answer to that.... No one has the right or authority to tell their spouse what to do. Compromise is the key to sucessful relationships. Now if you are living in a household where the husband is stealing and selling drugs, then you should remove yourself and your children from that house. I would imagine that he was that way when you married him, so you should examine your self and see why you were drawn to him. As far as being condemned, in the christian way of life most believe divorce is not an option and that is the only way you will "overthrow" your husband. It would be considered a sin. Thing is, the christian faith also teaches that God forgives you of your sin. So take the necessary steps to improve your life and that of your kids, but remember once you divorce your husband you have sinned and you must ask for forgiveness. Or you could just turn his sorry a.s.s. in to the law and let them put him in prison................
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Skylar Skylar
Honey, don't listen to those men telling you to still obey. I am a muslim woman, and Islam says that a man is the head of the household but only if he meets certain conditions. If he does not treat his wife well, if he is abusive, if he is neglectful, if he is not religious, she has the right to refuse to be around him and even get a divorce. Sadly, the bible does not allow for a woman to think for herself or even protect herself, even from the moment she is born or when she becomes a widow.
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Ormerod Ormerod
We are talking everyone safety. If hubby is hurting society by selling hurtful and harmful illegal drugs, why could you want your kids around him? He is a felon, pure and simple. Get camera phone and take piks of his activities, associuates, paraphenailia, ,etc. Remove yourlsef beciauee you could be deemed an accssory to the felony! Yes, YOU can be seen as a partner in crime. Go to police and tell story now! Have them protect you....child services protection with a new itedneity.
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Leigh Leigh
well, the bible also says that a wise woman edifies the home; in other words, you as the wise woman that you are will instruct your children in a manner they will have a clear conscience of what is good and what is bad. this will stay with them forever. God will not condemn you: on the contrary He is asking you to take the place a woman should have. teach and instruct your kids.
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Jadon Jadon
Was he into this before marriage? or he started because of not being able to meet your requirements? In any of these, you are responsible. What will you start for your earning? Prostitution? I am sorry for being so outright.......I always feel women are equally responsible for men to be like this. Do not take bible or Quraan for this. Look deeply, correct him with your love. Not with demands. If he doesn't change, say you will not take food which is being brought from "wrong livelihood". /stay on fast for 2 days. If still he doesn't change, leave him and if you are in a society and place where you will get decent job to lookafter your kids, go for it. Or else, make use of you husband't money to feed your kid and yourself. Some times, you cannot change circumstance just with will, it may take its own sweet time also.
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Finnian Finnian
Actually, if you obeyed your husband, he would be more likely to learn from his mistakes. He would just see your actions as betrayal, and that would fill him with more hatred for you and for other women. If you loved the man, you should stick by him, even through his mistakes and hard times. The only reason Christ allows for divorce is unchastity. If he is cheating on you, then you do have the right to leave, otherwise, you are doing wrong by not being supportive of your husband no matter how wrong he is. If you were more loving of him, it's possible that his self esteem would improve and he wouldn't feel the need to be the way he is now. Love, Hope, & Peace, Cal-el & Swissy
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Darin Darin
I don't believe in god or the bible, but I have heard that the bible says to follow the laws of men. I think laws or more important than individual households. Also, if the person is really selling drugs and such, think of the countless people whose lives are being adversely affected by him. I'd say that the person needs to be turned in... The good of 1 household isn't worth more than the good of hundreds of households.
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Azriel Azriel
The bible was written by men, for men. It's quite slanted against women. Divorce his sorry *** and save your family. God is on your side.
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