Rant videos on youtube are annoying, generic and talentless, so why do we care to notice?

Rant videos on youtube are annoying, generic and talentless, so why do we care to notice? Topic: How to write a conclusion video
July 16, 2019 / By Cherilyn
Question: I get it, you hate something so much that it compelled you to complain in the same way thousands of others have complained in a video on a popular website > PROFIT?! Maybe that is the underlying reason. Myself Having endlessly argued like a bunch of three year olds with other ranters in my comments (NOT video responses) "you're wrong" no YOU'RE wrong" shows me in black and white the ranted or hater are clueless of how something makes people feel. In turn the thing being "hated" in a video is often popular itself but entirely subjective meaning it is not factually a bad or good thing, like music or reality shows and people just form an opinion and stick with it, unwilling to see both sides and come to a sensible conclusion, many ranters say the same thing in a different way with some very bad humour like sarcasm thrown in for good measure. So when you conduct a search on youtube , are butthurt crying tramps really a form of entertainment in their own right? Why do people waste thousands of views watching+listening to verbal complaints? I see it as elaborate trolling, but what do you think of rants? the aim of a rants and the uploaders goal? To me they have changed nothing and are useless, the answer is OK to be slightly opinion based but with a good explanation of reasons to be best answer. Debate please. these first two answers are hideous, not a best answer in sight......please don't mention "a shared opinion" or that they are "interesting" opinions are never interesting. try harder with your input
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Best Answers: Rant videos on youtube are annoying, generic and talentless, so why do we care to notice?

Ashley Ashley | 1 day ago
reason number one- they're funny. they may not be funny to you, but that doesn't mean they're not funny. other people may find them humorous. reason number two- they're relatable. people love to watch relatable things. often, these videos are ranting about something that is obviously annoying. people love to hear that other people think the same way they do. and honestly, some people just like to make videos. you could have easily just recorded yourself saying everything you wrote here, posted it, and it would be a rant. the people who make these videos could have easily typed it all out and posted it here. It's no different besides that we actually see the person's face.
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Zerah Zerah
I think it may just be because it's a nice feeling having an opinion and being able to go on YouTube and hear someone make a 10 min video ranting, who has the same opinion. Makes you feel like you're not alone, I would think. Plus some rants on YouTube are actually quit interesting, if they're not about stupid or silly subjects.
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