A doubt on homeopathic medicines?

A doubt on homeopathic medicines? Topic: Homeopathic case studies
July 19, 2019 / By Cherokee
Question: What would happen if 5 or more Homeopathic medicines in 6th potency are added and administered to a patient? Of course all medicines are related to the patient.
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Ashlyn Ashlyn | 4 days ago
It is normal to administer any number of bio-chemic salts (also known as Shussler salts, total of 12 salts in number) in the 6X (or 3X or 12X) potency. In the case of more than one homeopathic remedies being administered, we have to look at the relationship of these remedies with each other and administer accordingly. Of course as you have mentioned; these medicines must have been prescribed by a reliable homeopathic practitioner. Classical homeopaths traditionally prefer single remedies. The relationship of remedies can be studied under many headings according to different authors. e.g Dr. Clarke Dr. Clarke. (Relationships of Homoeopathic remedies-H.L.Chitkara,Page:i & ii.) 1. Complementary remedies. 2. Remedies that follows well.( after ) 3. Remedies -followed well by. 4. Compatible remedies. 5. Incompatible remedies. 6. Remedy antidotes. 7. Remedy is antidoted by. You can check this relationship of remedies in any materia medica. Try http://homeoint.org/books/boericmm/index... This is Dr. William BOERICKE, M.D.'s materia medica. Check any medicine and you will find all the above mentioned characteristics and relationship of any remedy. Further reading about remedies and relationship of remedies: http://www.similima.com/mm5.html
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You need to try to find a doctor who went to medical school, then chose to become a homeopath. That's my doctor. He's an endocrinologist, but he's way into homeopathic medicine. If there is any way your problem can be treated with an herb or change in diet or whatever, he will do that first. I have a thyroid condition. He ran a bazillion tests on my blood, we changed my diet, I drink certain teas and take vitamins.... I also take a small dose of thyroid meds, but it is WAY better than the high dose I initially needed that was making me puke every day. I also do acupuncture. It's awesome.
Ashlyn Originally Answered: Choosing to live my life medicine free in a homeopathic way?
I totally support you because I am a naturopath myself. I got into herbs and natural living through a company called Natures Sunshine, they have people all over the world who just love to help people. a good start would be to go to http://www.mynsp.com/kandismm Its a place to look up natural remedies herbs and take the health analysis and get reccomendations for your weak body system. their products are natural, pure and guaranteed! take it one day at a time, look into books on eating towards your blood type, do a colon cleanse. slowly you can make this change and you will be so happy you did. I would take natures 3 fiber 3 times a day and lbsII at night before bed until you are regular and use intestinal smooth and build to help repair your colon and intestines. vitawave and colloidal minerals are great vitamin and mineral suppllements that are liquid and really easy to take every day. eat lots of vegetables, lightly steamed and avoid refined sugar, its just one more toxin too our bodies, eat whole foods and get food enzymes to take with every meal. medicating is not the answer since all these drugs we are prescribed mask symptoms, they dont heal the cause. definately start there! and good luck!!!
Ashlyn Originally Answered: Choosing to live my life medicine free in a homeopathic way?
Depends on where you are located....google search for HOMEOPATH and lots of names and regions come up. There's also homeopathic web sites to look at.
Ashlyn Originally Answered: Choosing to live my life medicine free in a homeopathic way?
Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss has helped me out alot. The makers diet by Jorden Ruben he had Crohns disease I believe and changed his diet and is cured now.

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There are no other treatments for HIV/AIDS other than antiretrovirals (ARVs). They have been around for decades and have proven safe and effective in every clinical trial - and daily by HIV+ patients. While these so called homeopathic medications are said to curve HIV, no clinical trial has ever shown this to be true, and no (well designed) trial has shown homeopathy to have ANY positive effect on HIV (or other ailments for that matter). ARVs are very effective, they can decrease the viral load (level of HIV in your system) to undetectable levels. On the drugs you can live healthily for many more decades. I'm not sure if you are HIV+ and considering herbal treatments, or are just doing a project on the topic. If indeed you are HIV+, go to a doctor ASAP, get onto medication, and you will live a normal life like everybody else! There is tonnes of negative and incorrect information of the internet about ARVs. Rather speak to a doctor about it, than trust quacks on the internet.
Ashlyn Originally Answered: What is in Herbal medicines for HIV and AIDS?
There are no shown approaches using organic cures to handle HIV. None. in case you elect for to eschew cutting-facet drugs you at the instant are not basically putting your self in possibility, yet others in case you elect for to have faith you're 'cured'. you will infect others and be to blame for their loss of life if so. i comprehend it may be an impossible project to understand you're sick in this style of trend, yet you do have a duty to your self and particularly others. it may be like my mom, who's loss of life of Hepatitis C, using my toothbrush (her gums bleed, and if I used it after her i could settlement the virus). every physique who shows not using present day antiviral scientific care isn't basically deluded yet doing this style of scary disservice to you as to be virtually criminal of their forget. you do not play around with this affliction. scientific care is costly, and has distinctive element outcomes yet you will stay longer that way. i won't be able to have faith i'm seeing people easily suggesting you give up your scientific care to pursue their quack cures. :( you may not develop your immune equipment. It basically would not artwork that way. i've got had my proportion of faculty immunology instructions, ok? every physique who says otherwise would not understand a naive B-cellular from a cd-4 receptor. finally, there is one situation. Ginger pills easily look to have a chemical in them that helps nausea a lot. while you're naueated and anti-nausea pills are making you too drowsy, attempt them.

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