Did China plan all this out?

Did China plan all this out? Topic: Craft paper articles
July 19, 2019 / By China
Question: China knows that Chinese culture values boys much more than girls, and has for...quite some time. Is their one-child policy deliberately crafted so that they get a huge force of frustrated young men who can't find wives? Young males in many mammalian species have to fight for mates; our human ancestors were no different, and tribes and peoples have historically attacked others and kept the women. Is China doing this on purpose? Or did the officials who enacted the policy really think that half the couples having a child would be satisfied with a girl? I'm not trying to be inflammatory, and I am sorry if it reads that way. I'm trying to understand how such a huge lack of foresight is even possible by a government. http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0... from this article: April study published in the British Medical Journal found China still has 32 million more boys than girls under the age of 20. Thirty-two million more boys than girls, under age twenty. So you're saying, despite all the reports of sex-selective abortions, abandoning baby girls on orphanage steps, and even sometimes female infanticide, all those reports are wrong, and yet there's still a huge gender imbalance in the younger population. And you know this because...you're Chinese. That explains everything. All Chinese, of course, know everything that happens all over China. You probably have the birth rate statistics right there on your dresser. And of course, I have never been to China, you say. Must be that magical Chinese knowledge that tells you none of the six countries I've been to outside my own were China. ONE report from ONE person who is Chinese and grew up in China does not outweigh MULT MULTIPLE reports from a variety of reliable sources, that should have been.
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Astaroth Astaroth | 10 days ago
the one child policy is a population control thing. What government entity have you ever know that thinks of the consequences that far down the line. However if was in the Omaha paper yesterday that they are thinking of easing up on the rules
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Abaegayle Abaegayle
I see the logical answers get thumbed down, but people like WNL who feeds people with what they want to hear gets all the compliments. If that be the case, why ask anything in the first place, if all you do is to confirm your existing opinions, and refuse to accept anything new? If you actually looked into the One Child Policy it clearly states a family given birth to a girl can have another child, an exception deliberately introduced to combat gender discrimination. "Deliberately crafted"? Even with the One-Child Policy in action for decades the Chinese population just kept growing, imagine if they never implemented any birth-control, how many starved infants would there be in China? Impossibly high competition would mean China can never develop, and never be able to feed all the mouths. Sure, it's "democratic" to let families have the freedom to have as many children as they want, but then it's the same thing in Africa, how many of these children can survive? Are you suggesting allowing the birth of these infants is merely to let the parents see them die? Because that is what's happening in Africa. And let's face it, India has no birth control, but they are notorious for child labour. Of all the documentaries of children fending for themselves on streets, have you realised nothing? One last thing, half the couples having a child would be satisfied with a girl, why? China was already a developing society back when the policy was introduced, a demanding industry desperate for manpower meant girls worked as much as boys, earned roughly the same, and gender discrimination was quickly evaporating, amongst other bad traditional beliefs, today even more so. What I don't get it how so many who never went to China can possibly think they know about a country half a globe away, what, just from watching TV? I'm Chinese, I grew up in China and I am fully aware of the social status of females in China, and it's not half bad, so what makes you think you can possibly know more about it than me? Aren't you assuming too much? Aren't you trying to sound knowledgeable on something, in all fairness, you don't have a clue about? If you've never been to China to see it how can you possibly be so confident in your made-up theories? Don't try to sound smart, doesn't make you look good.
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Sonnie Sonnie
No. The gender imbalance in China really is the result of a lack of foresight on the part of the CCP (no surprise there). Now, they have nothing better to do with the frustrated males as they are maturing than to put them into the military (due to another case of CCP lack of foresight the arable land has shrunk some 15% in China over the past few decades, reducing any chance for them to be part of an agrarian society) and seek out someone to fight, perhaps using them as cannon fodder OR... send them enmasse as breeding studs in other countries they wish to claim as "a part of China" once their genes and language have been sufficiently propagated. Although Chinese history surely supports my analysis, I could be wrong... and wouldn't mind hearing of a better explanation or potential outcome. IMHO: Soon enough, the world will be paying a very dear price as a result of CCP ignorance and devout imperialism. It looks to me like stupidity and an iron fist will win out. NAZISM 2.0 is already well underway. Just listen to they way they talk about themselves... If I am wrong, then it should be no trouble at all for China to restore the independence of Tibet, the Uyghur Region, and Taiwan. If the USA, which they consistently degrade, is so imperialistic as an enforcing and dominating force over others, then why hasn't Germany, Japan, Italy, and every other country (perhaps including China) where the US sent troops in WW2 become "a part of the USA" in the same way that the PRC has already done or tried to do with its neighboring nations ever since it was formed after WW2? Final answer: Only the CCP knows of its own plans... and methods of imposing such upon others.
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Osbourne Osbourne
No. If you actually went to China, you would know that it doesn't have a visible shortage of women.
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