Why Athiests are wrong about the Bible?

Why Athiests are wrong about the Bible? Topic: Html case statement examples
June 17, 2019 / By Chita
Question: Ok im getting a little tired of all the mis statements made about the bible from Athiests, I mean come on if your not going to believe that their is a God, why do you need to use the Bible to make your case. Seems like very poor logic. Someone recently made a question that was refuting an athiest website, and supplied proof that what was being said was wrong to the meanings of the bible. One response, obviously from an athiest, said something like Christians should leave proof out of their vocabulary. That is such a silly statement since the Topic was the bible. Its like telling someone who knows about Charles Dickens novels to not give proof to what Charles Dickens wrote. You can disbelieve what is being said.. no problem, but when called into question about the Bible and what it says, maybe you should listen (since you seem to care about this debate) instead of making dumb remarks. Another wrote that isiah 7:16 talked about before Jesus reached his maturity that Israil would be destroyed or some such nonsense.. this is exactly the kind of problem im talking about. your letting these athiest sites somehow destort what the bible is trying to tell us,, i suggest this site for the meaning of these passages in isiah http://www.crivoice.org/immanuel.html... and yet this is just one other example of this ongoing problem with athiests. I can give hundreds more.. so comeon athiests as some great sportsmen have said in the past. Bring it!.. your wrong ALWAYS about what the bible says.. 100%. I will be paying attention to this question. so check out the addition details from time to time and i will refute everything that you can possibly say about what the bible passages meant instead of what you would like them to mean. The ball is in your court. So athiests Can you give me some content of the bible that is contrary, or you think means something that is wrong? How about reading the whole question and details people.. its a little long but i hope that everyone here has at least a 7th grade reading ability. To talk to some of you that have already commented. 1. I worry about everyone, and their souls. I dont like seeing people use something that is dear to me against itself in such a wrong fashion Im not looking for a fight im looking for some intelligent answers. Oh theirs that girl again quoteing Isiah.. and i already answered that one and gave a site as reference to its meaning. And theres another guy. instead of doing some actual work. Hes claiming to me to read the bible a few times and that it is very contradictory.. and supplies Absolutely NO references to back up his statement, ill be back when someone has Actually giving me some scripture that is contradictory or unfounded or can be proved untrue thanks. Sorry not sure why that link is not working. But to some up that scripture, it is not talking about the comming of christ, but the second son of issac. The name immanuel when it is used in the bible is more of a promise. meaning "god with us" that is how God promised that he would be with Issac in the struggle ahead.. i know this is very short and their is much more going on but thats it in a nutshell. No,, if you read my question i dont believe i am the last word on the BIble, maybe i was not clear enough in stating my intent. if you read the first paragraph of my question you will see that I am argueing the aspect that some Athiests are trying to use the bible against itself. I am fighting that use and calling it wrong. My plan is for Athiests to tell me what passages they have problems with. they use websites like one in particular that i dont want to advertise that is using scripture to punch holes in the word of God. They cant do this of corse because they are taking scripture out of context to make some point that is not true.. the Isiah 16 verse for example. Im not doing this to push religon down peoples mouths,.im merely pointing out that Athiests using this method to disprove Christianity as a fairy tale or whatever are wrong, 100% Wrong. And its not a matter of One translation over another.. the question of why are you right and im wrong thing. Im taking the whole story Not little bits in pieces.,. im seeing the whole thing you are only seeing parts. that is what makes me more correct than you. What you are doing is like taking a knife cutting out someones heart and saying "this is satans Heart" when in fact if you were to put this "heart" back into the persons body you would even see for yourself that it is not satan and Dan,.. im not going to sit here and refute an entire website.. if you want to give me some examples ill be happy to oblige and Dan once again you show how foolish you are. I asked for specific examples from the bible that you athiests have problems with. I did not ask for a website link. So i am not backpeddling. You however, Have been asked personally to give me Specific examples. You couldve listed 1 or a 10000 and i wouldve responded. but you respond instead with foolishness.. so you are the one backpeddling. And besides im not going to follow a link to a website that i dont trust. This is why my question stated to give me Verses, Not website links.
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Aston Aston | 1 day ago
For Melinda, you can download seminar #1 at www.drdino.com. It will explain how people could live to be 500+ years old. Wolf, I understand totally your frustration. Just remember that 1 Pet 3 says that people are willingly ignorant. Notice that you didn't get any sincere answers, only nonsense (except for Melinda). They don't want this debate because they don't want proof. They are fulfilling the truth of scripture by being willingly ignorant. Is it any surprise? But, don't give up. If we can help just one, then it is worth it. Some atheists do get saved. A few are on here trying to help. God bless.
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Abagael Abagael
Are you complaining because someone said something about the Bible that you believe is untrue? It is hard to tell, because you do not write very clearly. What does this have to do with Charles Dickens? Don't literary critics and Literature Professors argue over intent and content of literature all the time? Isn't that what they do? And don't theologians do exactly the same thing with the Bible? DIdn't Martin Luther declare that several books of the Bible were not the inspired word of God and half the Christian population (including you -- more than likeley) believe him without question while the other half violently disagree? I'm an agnostic, not an atheist -- but I'm willing to bet that I know a lot more about the history of Christianity than you do. For example -- do you know who collected together the books of the Bible and declared that they are the inspired word of God? Can you name him? I can! I'll give you a hint -- he is a Catholic saint. Do you really think that all non-Christians are wrong about everything they say about the Bible? For example, do you think I am wrong when I say that the Bible says it is OK to beat your slaves as long as they can get up in two or three days? Do you think I am wrong when I point out that Abraham slept with his sister and also had a son with his slave girl that he cast out into the desert? Do you think I made this up? Or do you think I am just mistaken? You must think one or the other -- because you believe that I am 100% wrong about the Bible. But -- and here is the problem for you. I am right.
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Sonny Sonny
Actually I am not an athiest, but I could not help but comment on your tirade. It is not only athiests that are frequently wrong about the bible, but Christians, so-called christians, and a variety of other religious nuts. I presume since you are so fired up that YOU are the last word on the bible, that you have studied it in it's original languages? Such as Hebrew and Latin? Without this study you really cannot profess to have the "proof" of what the bible said, only what it said in translation. A for instance, the original word that was translated to "virgin" had a meaning of " a woman who has not bourne a child" which is a far far cry from it's current definition and translation. So while I may or may not believe that which the group that decided what was allowed to be in the bible (later to become the catholic church) I do call into question your scholastic credentials to claim to be able to tell anyone what the bible "says" when what you mean is the catholic sanctioned version translated into English with all it's flaws.
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Oscar Oscar
Well I would but every time an atheist post all the flaws in the man-made Bible (if you have studied it you know it was argued and voted over by council of Nicaea and finally put together by Pagan Emperor Constantine from various book written by PEOPLE..closest thing to God's word is 10 commandments) the theists all get together and have the question removed from yahoo because it is "offensive" to their delicate sensibilities and yet you want me to do it all again..it will get removed, then someone else will say to do again and it will be removed. Not falling for same trick...I am not gonna educate you about your own Bible and the huge flaws in it which show that it is a book written by MEN with some good lessons and stories, but in no way a glowing perfect collection of God's musings to be used by the "faithful" to oppose anything they do not like. Now what I truly see in this question is 1)A bully mentality since I have never seen christians antagonize other religions like this but because atheists have no central belief structure they are "easy pickings" since they don't all band together to oppose christians as a coherent force that christians regulary will use on a single opponent. 2)The sin of Pride in that not one thought is given that the bible could be wrong knowing that it was written and put together by falliable mortals. 3) A disdain for God and the true teachings of tolerance and variety by doing everything possible to force people to conform to your decision on how God should be celebrated (pride again) against the very will of Jesus.
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Leo Leo
I use the Bible to make my case, because to me it's a book of morals rather than fact. It's just a story just like any other mythology, using theatrical actions to describe the beginning of the world and how worldly things were created (women, language, etc). No doubt, the morals that are described in the Bible should be followed, and I highly respect those who do follow them. But, in any case, the Bible is no more than a story to me, and bringing certain passages from it actually does help my case. No doubt, that Athiest you are talking about said a dumb remark, but in all fairness, I have many instances where Christians have made 'dumb' remarks also. Don't judge all athiests on the actions of a few... I try not to make 'dumb' remarks!! ;)
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This is quite possibly one of the funniest questions I have ever seen asked! Lol.... Love the ironic humor dude... Love it!

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