Do you believe aliens crashed in Roswell, NM and that all those people kept secrets all those.?

Do you believe aliens crashed in Roswell, NM and that all those people kept secrets all those.? Topic: Media researcher description
July 19, 2019 / By Chloris
Question: ...years ? ( Govt.coverup) I've seen all the documentaries and can't say for sure what I believe. Some of the eye-witness testimony from seemingly honest people is quite convincing, but I still have my doubts.
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Best Answers: Do you believe aliens crashed in Roswell, NM and that all those people kept secrets all those.?

Aubree Aubree | 3 days ago
I think that there is enough evidence to go either way on this. There does appear to be a coverup, even on the first day. First the Army reports finding a crashed flying disc, then a day later, it is retracted and it's a weather balloon. It's hard to imaging confusing a disc with a balloon. Plus the eyewitness accounts of the debris and the accounts of the eyewitnesses. Without hard evidence, we may never know for sure. But without that evidence, as St. Augustine said, you cannot have faith without doubt. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roswell_UFO_incident#Pro-UFO_advocates_dismiss_Roswell_incident On July 8, 1947, the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) issued a press release stating that personnel from the field's 509th Bomb Group had recovered a crashed "flying disc" from a ranch near Roswell, sparking intense media interest. Later the same day, the Commanding General of the Eighth Air Force stated that, in fact, a weather balloon had been recovered by RAAF personnel, rather than a "flying saucer."[1] A subsequent press conference was called, featuring debris said to be from the crashed object that seemed to confirm the weather balloon description. The case was quickly forgotten and almost completely ignored, even by UFO researchers, for more than 30 years. Then, in 1978, ufologist Stanton T. Friedman interviewed Major Jesse Marcel, who was involved with the original recovery of the debris in 1947. Marcel expressed his belief that the military had covered up the recovery of an alien spacecraft. His story circulated through UFO circles, being featured in some UFO documentaries at the time.[2] In February 1980, The National Enquirer ran its own interview with Marcel, garnering national and worldwide attention for the Roswell incident. Additional witnesses and reports emerged over the following years. They added significant new details, including claims of a large military operation dedicated to recovering alien craft and aliens themselves, at as many as 11 crash sites,[2] and alleged witness intimidation. In 1989, former mortician Glenn Dennis put forth a detailed personal account, wherein he claimed that alien autopsies were carried out at the Roswell base.[3] In response to these reports, and after congressional inquiries, the General Accounting Office launched an inquiry and directed the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force to conduct an internal investigation. The result was summarized in two reports. The first, released in 1995, concluded that the reported recovered material in 1947 was likely debris from a secret government program called Project Mogul.[4] The second report, released in 1997, concluded that reports of recovered alien bodies were likely a combination of innocently transformed memories of military accidents involving injured or killed personnel, and the recovery of anthropomorphic dummies in military programs like Project High Dive conducted in the 1950s, and hoaxes perpetrated by various witnesses and UFO proponents. The psychological effects of time compression and confusion about when events occurred explained the discrepancy with the years in question. These reports were dismissed by UFO proponents as being either disinformation or simply implausible, though significant numbers of UFO researchers discount the probability that any alien crash was in fact involved.
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Abagale Abagale
Well, here's the thing. Roswell is a tiny small town, and the crash happened in what, the 1940s? People _born_ on the day of the crash are in their 70s now. Adult eye-witnesses may be older still. Not that I'm ruling out breaches or multiple incidents....I'm just saying a secret becomes easier to keep (and people become easier to intimidate) as witnesses grow older and die. And it goes without saying that the whole Area 51 thing most likely doesn't help--that place being literally That Official Secret Base And Tourist Trap. *lol* Really, it's become such a joke--the base that _everybody_ knows about and knows where it is--that this may be its purpose: to make the whole thing look like a sham so that the folks at/near Roswell are even _easier_ to "debunk". Honestly though, here's what I think. I think the whole thing is a much more complicated mess than what we are giving it credit for, being on the outside _trying_ to look in. See, a lot of these bases out in the desert--A51, and the like--also did other things too, testing prototype aircraft and such. And what I think happened--now that we know something about the exo-planets that we can spot nearby--is that perhaps an alien, or a member of an exo-species, did in fact crash there, at Roswell. And it was covered up.... But then you had Area 51 and all of these other places testing aircraft and missiles and drones, and what ended up happening was that _denial_ and secrecy became the official stance on _everything_ going on....which in turn made everyone on the _outside_ assume that _everything_ going on was alien/exo-life. So basically the only way any of us _citizens_ are going to know one blessed thing, is if our government finally decides to come clean on _everything_ so that the information gets disentangled. Good luck on that one--I doubt it will ever happen. Aircraft, missiles and drones are still being tested, now more than ever. So too with robotic vehicles and/or exo-skeletal armor. And my educated guess is, those two things, along with a couple of others, are _not_ being tested and looked into anywhere _near_ Area 51. It's been replaced, and our "princess" is in another castle, so to speak. Just my plug nickel. Thanks for your time and patience.
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Sparrow Sparrow
I have seen the faked autopsy movies and some of the interviews. I am sure that some people believe they saw something they could not explain, but that is not enough to convince me. What does convince me is that the government is not very good at keeping secrets. With so many people involved, irrefutable evidence would have leaked out by now, decades later. The fact that the military has not taken advantage of anything found at the crash site tells me there was nothing alien there to begin with. Technology did not leap forward after the alien contact. It is an interesting story, but the government is not that good at covering things up. It is now a tourist attraction, but I don't believe any aliens crashed there. I hope this helps.
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Osman Osman
I don't think that something of that magnitude could be kept secret. Of course, I don't know of any evidence whatsoever that would cause one to think that Earth has been visited by "aliens", so I may not be the one to ask. I am not sure how trustworthy eye witness testimony is, as there seems to be a lot of research suggesting that human memory is not always as reliable as we like to think. This is not to say that people are lying, they (well, in honesty, we) just don't remember objective facts, but rather build a story which may or may not be an accurate reflection of actual events.
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Leonard Leonard
i've got self belief that something occurred at Roswell, and that the alien spacecrafte crash tale became into released to cover up regardless of unquestionably occurred. i'm from New Mexico, and that i've got heard that tale all my existence. i'm not asserting that is not achieveable, because of the fact i like to maintain an open ideas. yet I nonetheless think of it became right into a cover-up for regardless of unquestionably occurred. Out right here interior the wilderness, we had 3 substantial bases: Roswell, Cannon, and Holloman. I stay close to Holloman, and we see unusual issues often. yet we additionally stay close to White Sands Missile variety, that could desire to describe many of the flaws we see. I watched a silver merchandise, shaped like a boomerang sail silently over the Sacrmento Mountains one moringing whilst i became into interior the pool. It never made a valid, and not moved from one altitude. I purely figured the Air rigidity became into twiddling with a sparkling toy. never heard yet another ingredient approximately it. So i don't take issues like that too heavily. till one in all those skinny adult adult males with the long dangly palms shakes my hand, i will purely pick the canopy-up concept.
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