How should i go aout thisbeing a first time author?

How should i go aout thisbeing a first time author? Topic: How to write a proposal for business
July 21, 2019 / By Chonsie
Question: okay so ive written my bo0k and now im just trying to figure the best way of publishing it , i know what i want i would like a nice profit from it and wouldnt mind selling at the least 100,000 realistically i know it wont be a best seller but iwould love for itto be a lifetime special lol anyway ppl tell me so many different thngs and it annoys me, shoud i get an agent even if i dont want to write a book again... would it be better that i publish my own book since i hear they(publishers) only give the author 10 to 15 % , and another hing how do authors trust with sending their book to several different publishers id be worried someone would steal it, someone told me abot wriing proposls and that it woud make sense to send in at the leastone chapter and if they like it they will give me advancement money and help me finish my book but i dont ike the fact someone telling me how to write my book, especially now that ive completed it that wouldnt be happening, need some guidence..thx
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Aubrey Aubrey | 4 days ago
You can't get published without an agent, most of the time. If you send an unsolicited manuscript to an agent or publisher, it will end up in the slush pile, aka the trash. Don't worry, no publisher will steal your ideas. I have never heard of this happening. Buy Jeff Herman's Guide or Writer's Market or Literary Marketplace. They list every agent in the business and how to confront them (with a query letter.) Before you send anything out, REWRITE YOUR MANUSCRIPT until it is completely polished. Also, you should learn the business before you send anything out. Proposals are for nonfiction writers. Agents and publishers will not give you advancement money if they like the first chapter. If they accept you as a client, then you get the money. Good luck with all your publishing endeavors! :)
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Aubrey Originally Answered: Any suggestions for a first time author?
Hello! I'm also writing a book. And I will publish as an ebook. And I also cast on their own. I'll put it on Amazon to be sold. For a new writer is good launching the first on your own. The second you can send your manuscript to a serious publisher. Conquer many fans before sending to a publisher, so they see a higher profit margin to be able to launch it. Good luck!
Aubrey Originally Answered: Any suggestions for a first time author?
I just read a book about publishing call "The First Five Pages" by Noah Lukeman. It tells you everything a publishing agent looks for when reading a manuscript, and how to impress them with your novel. I highly recommend it if you consider regular publishing instead self-publishing.

Abaigael Abaigael
You will not get published without an agent, period. And you will not have a huge bestseller without a good publishing house. You get a copyright before you send your manuscript out, and there you are, you're protected. Also, are you being realistic about your profits? Advances for first-time authors, even on "amazing" books, will VERY rarely go above $5,000. It is very hard to make money by writing books.
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Spencer Spencer
My dear old thing, forget publishing! Learn to spell, study English grammar, and read all the books you can lay your hands on. Learn from the masters. Then try your question again. Good luck Mike B
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