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July 19, 2019 / By Chrissie
Question: Ok, I need to know everything about bella swan . My cousin (not biological) is coming to live with us, and she is obbsessed with bella swan , i told her for her birthday i would get her room just like bella swan's was in the movies , i said this because i didnt get her anything last time . SO . . please please please , help me out here guys . i need to know . -how her room looks -her closet -EVERYTHING ! thanks (: xx
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Audra Audra | 6 days ago
Well i know that its not that neat and the bed sheets are purple with like black vines as a design throughout it. She has a dream catcher on her head board too. Pine Furniture Bella’s room has a rustic, vintage-y vibe to it, with unfinished-looking wood all over the place. This desk and dresser from Ikea are pretty close to what you see in the movie, and they definitely have that woodsy feel to them. Pictures and Memories You see photographs, postcards (probably from her mom and Phil) and notes all over Bella's room, on giant cork boards that play off all the pine furniture perfectly. Try these boards from Umbra, at the The Container Store, and then cover them with your own memories (including your movie tickets from Twilight, and soon, New Moon, of course!). That way you can make sure your Twilight-inspired room still feels like your own space! Purple Bedding Go for lavender sheets and a plum, printed comforter for a look that's similar to what you see in the movie. This comforter from Bliss Living is definitely a close match, and has the romantic feeling that you want when you're cuddled up, dreaming about your vampire boyfriend. If you're a stickler, and want a closer match, go for a comforter set from Target, in the same print as Bella's, but in a charcoal color, at an afforadable $70 for a full. It's still dark and dreamy, and you can get the colors right everywhere else in the room. Turquoise Walls This color is not what I would have expected Charlie to have in his house, but maybe it was his way of prepping the room for Bella's arrival. Regardless, this color from Benjamin Moore (2052-40 Blue Spa) is a perfect match. Paint all four walls and your room will instantly feel different! Gauzy Curtains Bella has a lot of different layers of stuff on her windows (bamboo curtains, long sheer panels and a floaty valance). Save a little cash—and effort—and get the same effect by mixing these Twisted Curtains from PBTeen in white and turquoise (to match your walls), starting at $16 per panel. I always thought it would have been hard for Edward to climb through the window silently at night, through all those layers of fabric. Soft Light Get battery-powered paper lanterns from Pier 1 Imports to diffuse the light in your room, for a wistful, dreamy feel, and at an awesome, budget-friendly price (3 for $12!). Also add some Christmas lights, draped from one corner of the room to your window, since you see twinkling lights in some of the scenes in the movie. The Finishing Touch The last thing you need? This life-sized cutout of Edward (or Jacob, if you prefer—or both, if you can't pick between the two!) is the ideal substitute, in case you don't have your own impossibly beautiful vampire to watch you sleep at night. It's only $33 at Nordstrom!
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Audra Originally Answered: Do U Like Bella Marie Swan From The 'Twilight Saga'?
No, I didn't like her. I thought her character was weak and one-dimensional. I mean, she obsessed about Edward, but there was no real chemistry between them. She didn't make any sense! Bella: "Edward, I love you forever! Turn me into a vampire so I can be with you forever! Nyaa!" Edward: "I love you forever, too. Marry me!" Bella: "No way! Marriage has too much commitment!" Edward: "I don't understand; you want to be with me, and only me forever, but you won't marry me?" Bella: "....Nyaaaa!" *Rolls eyes* Seriously, her character was such a Mary-sue. She was smart without trying/studying. Clumsy in only the right situations. Beautiful, but she thought she was ugly. Popular, even though she didn't interact with her friends much, nor did she even want to be popular! What type of highschool girl doesn't want to have friends/care what others think of her? Gothic ones, I suppose, but she definitely wasn't gothic! And seriously, what did she DO all day besides think about Edward? I can't think of any of her hobbies or interests, and I've read the books through about 3 times each. Sure, she likes to read, but other than that...? And she didn't even make it a priority, either. She'd never bring her causal reading books to school, nor would she go the bookstore/library to find new reads (I'm an avid reader, so I KNOW that you're always on the lookout for new books, she hardly gave her books a passing though!). Her character wasn't really developed that well, either. Man, there are a lot of things I didn't like about her. Namely her attraction to Edward. I thought it was unfounded. Yes, physical attraction is important in a relationship, but it's not the only thing that makes you love a person, y'know? Instead of only going on about how beautiful Edward was, I wanted to hear how fun he was, how his interests were similar to hers, his adorable "guy traits" that are somewhat alien to us girls! If you talk to any real girl in love, her descriptions of her guy are always completely different to how Bella describes Edward. Bella would used paragraphs upon paragraphs to describe Edward as being mysterious, beautiful, and intoxicating. A real girl would describe her guy like, "I think he's really hot, and he's super sweet to me; he cooks for me when he knows I have a lot homework. We like a lot of the same things, so we're always doing stuff together. The way he holds me shows me how much he loves me. And even though he obsesses over hideous '90s imports, he gets cutely frustrated with our harmless "American cars are better" arguments which makes it all fun. He's my best friend; I can tell him anything. He makes me feel safe. He's my everything." I so wanted Bella to be connected to Edward via REAL LIFE situations and feelings. Not the fantasy "He's so mysterious" attraction. But anyway, that's my rant.

Abbey Abbey
This Site Might Help You. RE: Bella Swan ; H E L P .? Ok, I need to know everything about bella swan . My cousin (not biological) is coming to live with us, and she is obbsessed with bella swan , i told her for her birthday i would get her room just like bella swan's was in the movies , i said this because i didnt get her anything last time ....
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Spirit Spirit
Her rooms pretty dark and small just youtube videos of bella swans room and google how to decorate your room like bella swans
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Oswald Oswald
Aw(: That's an amzing gift! I'd love to help you(: Well I found this on Google for you for $178.00 and it's the same bed spread Bella has in the movie. Here is the link: http://www.google.com/#sclient=psy&hl=en&tbs=shop:1&q=Bella%27s+bedding&aq=&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=&pbx=1&fp=7abca7ded92a1c3 And I'd get her this dream catcher that is similar to the one in the movie I'm not sure if it's exact exact and hang it at the headboard of the bed like Bella Swan does: http://www.ecrater.com/p/7203690/jacobs-dreamcatcher-gift-w-free-wolf And save $10 on this Edward Lifesze cutout!!! I think she would love it:D http://www.amazon.com/Twilight-Edward-Lifesize-Standup-Poster/dp/B001J4LFIW Unless of course she likes Jacob: http://www.amazon.com/Advanced-Graphics-Twilight-Jacob-Standup/dp/B002W7BK1C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1293641954&sr=8-1 I'd keep that one a surprise just randomly ask her ifshe likes Edward or Jacob better? And if she ask why say idk unless you already know her team lol And here is a photo of hert room and you can try finding random wall decor like bella's at places at target and any stores that have home decorative things like that: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=95u6h3&s=7 and dont leave out the nice lanterns and dragonfly lights thhat bella has in her room those are like the outline of the whole room and so are the medium green walls and the bedding so most of all dont leave those out oh and dont forget the blood red blanket bella has at the end of her bed and try watching the movies and skipping to the scenes in her bedroom and get a better view of what her room looks like and what's in it I hope everything turns out good:D
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Leroy Leroy
firstly, her walls are a dark mint green colour (but if you dont have the time to paint, then thats fine) also on the walls, she has random pictures in frames and she has shelves with books and a stereo on it (also more picture frames on the shelves) the curtains are a yellowish colour she has a desk and a dresser, both of which are a light oak colour. she has a string of lights hanging above her desk and another string of lights near the head of her bed her bedset is a mauve-purple colour (with some kind of floral (flower) pattern)and of course, pictures of edward! yes, watching the first movie will definately help with how the layout looks. when you walk into the room the bed is the first thing you see, the window is directly behind it and the dresser and desk are against the emtpy wall is that makes sense
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Leroy Originally Answered: Bella and Alice from Twilight?
i tought u weren't a twilight fan, was i wrong? edit: allright, i was getting worried, because i like yours anwers ;) why don't you tell them it's poorly written? i would be ashamed to give you such a paper.

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