I am writing a book based off the Twilight series but about me beocming a vampire. Is it a good idea?

I am writing a book based off the Twilight series but about me beocming a vampire. Is it a good idea? Topic: Ideas for writing a book about vampires
July 16, 2019 / By Chrissy
Question: I really like the Twilight series, so I wanted to make a book based off that series (with the same vampires) but about me as a vampire. Is it a good idea? It would just be for my enjoyment though. Here's a little bit of it to read: The burning was starting to ease at my fingertips. Slowly, it crawled to the middle of my chest. I waited for it to stop. Hours past and it was still easing its way slowly through my motionless body. Questions filled my head. Where am I? Am I dead? Am I sleeping? I thought about those for a while. Coming to no conclusion, I decided to try to remember the last thing I did. I know it sounds a bit cheesy and like Bella in Breaking Dawn when she was coming too but is it a good idea??? REMEMBER: It's just for my own enjoyment. I have other ideas of stories such as: Cassie (murder story) The Sun People (science fiction) Night Walkers (ghost story) and Remember September (love story based off Sims2 with the characters that I made) I wasnt planning on publishing the book that I am making for myself. Its just for MY ENJOYMENT ONLY!!!
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Best Answers: I am writing a book based off the Twilight series but about me beocming a vampire. Is it a good idea?

Audrea Audrea | 7 days ago
i like it once your done gimme the website your going to put it on if you do i definitely want to read it i also wonder what book this is taking place in after breaking dawn?before twilight?idk but post this somewhere its great
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Audrea Originally Answered: Which do you prefer, twilight series or the vampire academy series?
VA VA kicks butt in 3 areas that Twilight failed in for me. -Having a strong female lead. Rose literally kicks butt. Bella for me didn't cut it as a lead character and a narrator. Fantasy is my escape from reality; weaker (and sorry but I have to say whinny in the case of Bella) leads just can't provide that. -Weaving the romantic/forbidden love undertone into the main plot. Twilight does a poor job of balancing. The first book goes from mystery to 200 pages of Bella obsessing over Edward then suddenly you're thrown into action. In the rest of the series, the books are carried through nearly entirely by the romantic plot. VA focuses more on the action and Rose's experiences at the academy. Even when the romance takes over, the rest of the plot isn't lost. -Creating a romance that appeals to someone who doesn't like romance. I can barely sit through a romance movie longer than 10 minutes. Bella and Edward got old for me fast. It became sappy and irritating. Rose and Demitri on the other hand don't irritate me. The romance carries enough of the action plot that it becomes fun. Just like people that read the books for the romance I had to think "wow" when I finished book 3. Really things have gotten interesting for Rose.

Abbi Abbi
right here is my recommend, write approximately what ever you desire. Who cares if it somewhat is yet another vampire e book? i take place to have examine a large form of vampire books, a number of that have been made earlier Twilight. yet that doesn't recommend Twilight copied the different books. do only no longer make the plot so corresponding to Twilight that it somewhat is only like it, if the girl is going to fall in love with a vampire then you definitely would desire to make something of the story no longer something like Twilight so human beings have not got a reason to declare which you copied it.
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Stacey Stacey
This is what people who write fanfiction pieces would call a Mary-Sue. And generally, these do not go down well with fanfic readers. It's generally considered poor practice to put yourself into your own work as a character. So, I would say, bad idea. Also, perhaps it's not my place to say, but honestly, if you're going into fanfiction, don't go via the Twilight route. I can tell from your little excerpt that you gave, that Meyer's lack of style has probably done you no good. Before you start writing, I would suggest giving some real books a read. And if you want to stick to the vampire genre, go with something like Anne Rice. I may seem cruel, but that isn't my intention. I just hate to see people falling under the pretence that they can read a popular but poorly written piece, and then write their own of an equally bad quality.
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Othello Othello
if the book is for your own enjoyment i would say go for it, the more u write the better you become at it but i would say try to write about your own ideas too as it help u to learn to build a plot and charighters, if u copy some1 elses charaghters it does not make u expand ur ideas and bring them to life as your own. best of luck
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Les Les
if you're not planning on publishing it as a serious novel, then sure, go ahead, write it. perhaps put it on fanfiction.net or something. not exactly unique but not all fan fictions are. so basically, do it for fun if you want to, and if you want feedback/comments/other people to read it, put it on fanfiction.net because that's where it would belong
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Jamey Jamey
Well the idea is great but many ppl are basing things off of twilight its not orginal... But if ur just writing for fun it sounds cute
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Jamey Originally Answered: Good book series besides twilight or harry potter?
Well, if you like Sci Fi (which is what Hunger Games is), you could try Scott Westerfeld. He has several series, including the acclaimed Uglies series. Like Hunger Games, it takes place in the distant future after humanity has messed itself up. Only in this case, it has rebuilt to a new society, where there is no conflict or war. On your 16th birthday, you undergo a surgery to make you beautiful and perfect. Tally, the protagonist, is excited to undergo her surgery. But when her friend, Shay, runs away before her birthday, Tally is given a choice: to track down Shay, or be refused the surgery and stay ugly forever. Through her travels, she learns some unsettling truths about her world, finding out that things might not be as pretty as they seem. There are 4 books in the series, and Westerfeld has several other awesome books to check out. Other sci fi series: Incarceron by Catherine Fisher Matched by Allie Condie (Less action and more drama.... kind of Twilight meets Hunger Games, but with less whining) The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan (depressing... but zombies. Zombies are pretty much always good) The Giver series by Lois Lowry (also depressing, but so, so good. More concentrated on human emotions then action, and there isn't much romance.) If you want to go for more fantasy stuff (Harry Potter), then you could try: Inkheart by Cornelia Funke (a man with the power to read characters out of books... first book is good, numbers 2 &3 are epic.) Chronicles of Chrestomanci by Diana Wynne Jones (everything written by her is awesome, but this is her longest series, and is also compared to HP a lot) Tithe by Holly Black (little bit more mature... there's some language, and some adult situations, so keep this one on the shelf for a little while if you're on the young side of things... her new series is also very good). Anything ever written by Kelley Armstrong (she's pretty fantastic... she has two series for teens, and a really long series for adults. If you're younger, stick with the teens, because the adult series does get graphic in terms of sex/violence) Somebody already mentioned Percy Jackson, and I'll second that... but no comparisons to Harry Potter. They are actually quite different, though both very good! If you're an older type person, or have a very advanced reading level, I would advise you check out Jasper Fforde. His new sci-fi series, Shades of Grey, is super awesome. But he is an adult level writer. Hopefully you'll find at least one good series on here... I tried to give you a wide variety, though I tried to stay away from the super love triangle-y Twilight-esque stuff. Good luck!

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