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Questions about Gender therapists? Topic: How to write a coming out letter trans
July 21, 2019 / By Christen
Question: I came out to my mum about a day ago as transgendered (ftm). I said I'm still a little unsure about my feelings and I said I was hoping we could talk to my doctor about it (she is an adolescents doctor) . I came out in a letter and my mum hasn't responded. She was a bit angry at first (my little sister was there when she read it) and she is just acting like nothing happened even though I wrote that she can tell me her feelings by leaving another note under my pillow. I am eventually going to ask my mum to take me to a gender therapist, should I ask her when we (if we do) discuss it at the doctors? Maybe my doctor will refer me to one. She is a very understanding doctor but I'm not sure if she knows much about transgender issues. I have a youth group near me that has GLBT activities, should I go to them for help as well ? I have supporting friends too. I am only 14 btw. If I do end up going to a gender therapist, what sort of things will they ask me? What will they say ? I know every therapist is different but I just want to know in general. Thanks for any help :) (by the way, my mum is supporting of me but she is just a bit angry because she is always stressed because of family problems and me getting bullied, I'm pretty sure she is very worried about me getting bullied more than I already am. Things have settled down a lot lately though so I didn't tell her in the middle of a very bad time) So please tell me everything I need to know ? I thought I was supposed to see my doctor next month, turns out I'm seeing her tomorrow. I'm really nervous.
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Autumn Autumn | 5 days ago
So many questions, young padawan, and so few I can answer. Let me tell you what I can. I've seen probably four actual gender therapists in my life, and they all start off pretty much the same way. They'll ask you to talk about yourself and being trans. They may not be that obvious about it, but that's where they're coming from. Mostly they need information to determine how serious your are about this and whether you appear actually to be trans. This is probably the most critical part of the entire relationship, so it's the place you most need to be honest. It won't take much for you to fake it, and you can learn the answers to give at pretty much any support group, but you really need to tell her the truth, including any doubts you may have. The therapist isn't out to prevent you from transitioning - quite the opposite in fact. They're there to support you. It is, however, very much to your advantage for her to get a complete, honest picture of where you are right now. As to whether your doctor will be able to refer you to a gender therapist, it depends on the doctor and I have no way to know. You might look here: http://www.drbecky.com/therapists.html or here: http://www.lauras-playground.com/gender_therapists.htm for a list of therapists by location. Good luck. We're pulling for you! Edit: Nervous I understand, too. I came out to a few people before the major "reveal" to people at work last January. It got easier every time I did it, but it never got easy. Just take a deep breath and plunge into it. If you're anything like me, your head will be working at warp speed spinning worst case scenarios. Your brain is trying to trick you - don't listen to it. For me, at least, things went better than I could possibly imagine. The only thing that will stop you from doing this is you. Let us know how it goes, all right?
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Abbygale Abbygale
that's, regrettably, a rarity for kids to initiate HRT. that's almost no longer accessible to come across a gender therapist that has had a large variety of youthful customers initiate HRT. an excellent variety of this has to do with the incontrovertible fact that maximum therapists see childrens as naive and at a loss for words and do not choose the responsibility of having made the incorrect decision for them. i can comprehend that as I intend to be a gender therapist and that i do not choose that rigidity both, yet I truly have also come to settle for that that's going to be thrust upon me regardless of what i choose and do not choose and that i visit make a decision per my observations, previous journey, professional training, and a well-known gut feeling. i trust the contact upon no longer having both you're father and mom consenting will make it tougher became meant to intend that that's going to be puzzling as you're underage probably ensuing in a conflict of who has criminal administration over you, and it ought to nicely be very puzzling for a family contributors to address something like G.I.D. and transition. that each and each one being suggested, do ask your therapist about that or something you want. someone is paying her to hearken to you, help you, and answer any and all of your questions truly and to the finest of her knowledge. If she takes her interest to heart, as maximum gender therapists do precisely through motives for going into the container (money or personal), she ought to haven't any difficulty answering your questions. Im shocked she hasn't requested you if there is something you should prefer to ask her. that's an exquisite well-known end of consultation question for any type of therapist, exceptionally in the early degrees of therapy. so some distance as telling your dad, you do not might want to till you're delicate telling him. id search for suggestion from out of your mom and therapist mutually to workout routine a plan on who to inform him once you're delicate. you do not might want to sense rushed notwithstanding.
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