Quick question please?

Quick question please? Topic: Bibliography means
July 21, 2019 / By Christi
Question: on my homework i have to do reasearch and at the bottom it says reference does that mean tell if it was a book, or computer ect or do i put the whole website and title? thanks!
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Ava Ava | 6 days ago
It usually means the same as citing sources in a bibliography like you might have to do for English, which means you have to give the author's name (if there is one), title of the article/website, title of the book, the web address (if it's a website), etc. An easy way to do it is to go to http://www.easybib.com and fill out the information there. It'll make the citation for you.
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Abby Abby
Yes it does. http://media.library.ku.edu.tr/refpgs/sociology/style_mla.htm Is a reference so u know how to cite properly.
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