How much will it cost for a 10-day trip from US to Machu Picchu?

How much will it cost for a 10-day trip from US to Machu Picchu? Topic: Casa research
July 16, 2019 / By Christianne
Question: Greetings. I am planning a 10-day trip to Peru from California, USA. The match attraction on the trip will be the 4-day trek to Machu Picchu. There will be at least 6 people on this trip, but I would like to figure out how much each individual will spend on the trip. Travel Date: August 26-September 4 What is the cost of flight to/from? Hotel fees? Food? 4-day trek fee? Any recommendations/suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks. I read some outdated comments/reviews and people say it cost between $1000-$3000, which is a huge difference. Any comments (nice ones only, hehe) are greatly appreciated. I will be flying out of San Francisco (SFO) California, USA. What about inner city flights Lima to/from Cusco, Bolivia (thinking about Mt. Biking in La Cumbre – Coroico , Bolivia; World's Most Dangerous Road), and possibly visit Amazon River. What other activities can we do? Beaches?
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Avaline Avaline | 8 days ago
I'll give you a long answer in the hopes that it will save you a lot of research. You've now got a direct flight from SFO to LIM on LAN Airlines, but that will be your most expensive option. The end of August and into September is the end of the high season so prices will drop somewhat, but with fuel costs high, flights are no longer cheap to Peru. Expect to spend up to $1000 per ticket. Flexibility on dates will help you save some money. Sometimes, LAN offers a deal where they will include your LIM-CUS flight in the international fare. Check their website often. Otherwise, avoid LAN for domestic Peru flights as they are more than double the price of the competitors. Instead check out TACA Peru, STAR PERU or Peruvian Airlines. Expect to spend about $150-200 r/t from LIM-CUS. I'll warn you about Star Peru: they're really cheap, and as far as I can tell they seem safe, but they are unorganized both in booking and at check-in. In Cusco, I highly recommend my man Flavio at Incaland Adventures (www.inclandadventures.com). His company is licensed by the Peruvian government to operate on the Inca Trail, and he's excellent. I'd recommend you start your booking right away, however, as the dates for August are already starting to fill up. As I'm sure you know, they have a permit system on the Inca Trail, and dates go quickly, so don't delay. In fact, it would be wise to book your hike before you book your flight. Otherwise, you may end up doing an alternative trek, which can also be enjoyable. I think Flavio is charging about $550 per person for the all-inclusive Inca Trail hike, but he may give you a break if you bring a group of 6 or more. That's for top-notch service, by the way. In Cusco, there are hotels for all budgets. If you stay closer to the town center, you'll pay more. I'm not a hostel type of guy. I like a decent hotel. In town, I recommend Casa Elena. It's just off the main square, great location, friendly service and simple, but clean and comfortable rooms. I think it's in the $40/nt range. On my last visit, I stayed outside town at the Meridian Hotel (located close to Incland's offices), for about $35, and got a nicer room. It's about 15 minutes to the town square by taxi. One thing to remember when booking a hotel in Peru is that foreigners are exempt from the 18% VAT. A lot of hotels conveniently forget that fact. Make sure you remind them. As the other answer said, Aguas Calientes at the base of Machu Picchu is ripoff central. You pretty much have to bight the bullet and pay for one night on your way out. That's something your trekking agent should be able to help you book without too much pain. Bottom line: expect nothing cheaper than $50/nt (and that's for the dregs), or $80 if you want at least some comfort. After your hike, you should have time for a really quick trip to Bolivia. There are flights from Cusco to La Paz. I've never taken one, but I'm sure they'll be fairly expensive. A cheaper option would be to fly to Juliaca, near Puno. Spend a day seeing Lake Titicaca, then hire a colectivo to take you to the Bolivian border (about $30), then on to either Copacabana (nice lakeside town just across border) or La Paz (about $40 for a private car). On Sagarnaga St. in La Paz there are dozens of agencies who would be happy to arrange the bike trip down to Coroico. That's about all the time you'd have though given your dates. You'd have to hustle back to the border (visit Tihuanaco ruins on the way) and fly from Juliaca to Lima. Be advised that there are often protests outside La Paz which close all routes of access in and out of the city. You could be stranded in Coroico for a week (as happened last time I was there), or not be able to get from La Paz to the Peruvian border. I have some horror stories about trying to 4x4 across the altiplano around the protests. Note: Bolivia requires a visa which costs $120, available at the border or in advance from their U.S. Embassy. Beaches in Peru are beautiful, but not in the tropical, looks-so-inviting way. For the most part, the coast is foggy and the water chilly, except in the far north, such as Mancora and its party scene. I'm too old for that now. But if you're 20-something and want to meet chicks and smoke weed, it's your spot. It's a long ways from Lima though. You'd have to fly either to Piura or Tumbes, plus things are not cheap there. Going to the Amazon is an easy option from Cusco. You can drive or fly to Manu National Park. Trips are usually somewhere in the $500 range. Ask Flavio for details. That would actually be the most logical thing to do after your Inca Trail hike, with the least possibilities of things going wrong.
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Abegail Abegail
Hi there, Here are some real cost. Starting with the airfare, I would go to www.kayak.com, they compare airfares from different airlines. I can not give you any number since I do not know from where in the U.S. you are flying from. The 4-day Inca Trail trek will cost you between $ 480.00 and $ 560.00 depending on the tour company. There are tour companies that offer trek for under $ 400.00, however, they should be avoided (you get what you pay for). The a.m. price is all inclusive and also includes the admission to Machu Picchu, which by itself is about $ 75.00 alone. Regarding accommodation, I do not know what you are looking for. However, I recommend Loki Hostel, which is a fun hostel and one of the best in South America. Their website is www.lokihostel.com. The dorm rates are about $ 8.00/night, and a double room with bathroom about $ 30.00/night. Food is very inexpensive, but avoid the usual tourist traps. I spent a few days in Cusco and went to the local places "hole in the wall" and had "Comida tipica", consisting of big bowl of soup, rice or beans, a piece of meat, vegetable or salad, and a beverage. You can get this for a little under $ 1.00!!! The town on the bottom of Machu Picchu is called Aguas Calientes, and probably the most expensive town in Peru, everything is very touristy. Have a great trip.
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Stephen Stephen
Ok Marjorie. The least expensive way to travel would be by bus, unfortunately during the week from 24th of July to maybe up to the 1 st of August the bus fares go up 20%. But that's if you reserve your ticket in advance, otherwise you might pay up to twice as much if you buy it in July. To go from Lima to Cuzco is a 18 1/2 hour trip and it will cost you US $ 66.67 in VIP (Cruz del SUR). You leave at 2pm and arrive the next day at 8:30am, there's another bus that arrives at noon. Close to Macchu Picchu is AGUAS CALIENTES a small tourist town with Hotels, Hostels and restaurants (some are cheap but I don't know wich ones). There's also a hot springs swimming pool open until 10 pm. it's a 10 minute drive from Macchu Picchu and busses go back and forth every ten minutes from 6 am. It's better to stay there for the night and visit Macchu Picchu from 6 am, that way you'll have enough time to go to Wayna Picchu (the top of the mountain next to the citadel). Most of the tourist arrive by train from Cuzco at 10 am and then the place gets crowded, so you got from 6:30 to 10:30 for less people around and when the rest arrive you can climb the Wayna Picchu and watch them from above, the train that takes you back to Cuzco leaves around 5:30pm or 6pm so it's a good thing to take along some meatloaf sandwiches because up there there's no good place to eat (just pay someone in Aguas Calientes to make them for you). Remember that many Prom Classes from Lima make their senior trip to Cuzco during that week, so you better start looking for places to stay in Cuzco (no so in Aguas Calientes) if you want to get cheap lodging. For the best answers, search on this site https://smarturl.im/aDOQF
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Pace Pace
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Pace Originally Answered: How can i estimate how much a vacation trip is going to cost me?
Sorry, but there are no true shortcuts. Each vacation and each destination is different in terms of cost. You can figure out an approximate cost of your trip yourself with a little research. Start by going to one or more travel sites (see below) and look up the cost of a plane ticket for the flight you want. Try alternate airports if there are any within a reasonable range of where you're leaving from or where you're going. If your travel dates are flexible, be sure to try moving your trip by a day or two to see if you can get a better deal on a flight. Once you pick out a flight, check the web site of the airline you chose. You can usually get the same flight for a few dollars cheaper. On those same sites, you can look up hotels. If you have a specific idea of where you want to stay (ie., near an attraction), then you can search for a hotel near the address of that attraction (you can find the address of the attraction by looking up the web site for the attraction and then looking on that site). Just take your time with it, don't forget to read reviews, and don't be afraid to ask questions (the hotels' phone numbers should be on the travel site on the information page of that hotel). Then you have to think about how to get around while you're there. Are you going to rent a car? You can look up cars on those same travel sites. Don't forget to figure fuel costs. Are you just going to use shuttles and mass transit? You would have to factor in those costs, then. If you're not renting a car, then check for a hotel that has a shuttle service that can take you at least to and from the airport. As for miscellaneous expenses, think about what you're going to do and eat while you're there. Are you going to eat fast food, or maybe some nicer meals? Are you doing anything that requires a ticket of any kind? Does the hotel charge for parking? Are you planning on buying any souveniers? Don't forget to factor in the cost of parking your car at the airport you left from (usually $7-$10 per day). For that, off-site parking is usually a bit cheaper (look for signs when you get to the airport), and all of those places have shuttles that bring you to and from the airport. It takes a lot of research to plan a vacation, but if you do it right, it's worth it. Just make sure you take your time with it and do your homework. Also, you can come back here when you decide where you want to go and get answers from people who have personal experience with whatever place you'll be going to.

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