They say that scars are cowboy tattoos with better stories?

They say that scars are cowboy tattoos with better stories? Topic: First grade story writing paper for kids
June 27, 2019 / By Christie
Question: I'm writing a psychology paper one how we react to cosmetic defects like scars. Some people react with pride, while others are ashamed. I'm discussing how the circumstances through which we got a scar affects how we view them. I can't think of any group more likely to have scars than you folks (I know I have gotten more than my fair share of scars while working with horses). So, what I want to know is, how did you get your scar and how do you feel about it. This is an example if you don't understand what I'm asking: I have a scar on my forearm where I was bitten by a stallion that I used to show. I was leading him to the barn after dark and he was hungry. He was getting naughty, so I slid my hand up the leadrope to hang onto his halter. He got me on the way up. To me, it is sort of a badge of honor, a reminder of some fun times, and also a reminder of how much that little $*** pissed me off.
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Avalon Avalon | 9 days ago
I take pride in some of my scars. I have not been around horses for a long time, but I have a scar on my forehead from when I was 4 years old. I went down head first on a triangular metal slide and cut my head. Then, last year my class was walking up to a high school near us and this kid comes over and just randomly pushes me down. I have a giant scar on my elbow now. (We were going there to go wrestling! Not too fun..) I also have 3 scars on my knee. I was stupid when I was younger, let's just say that. I was dared to jump off of the highest part of the playground (2nd grade) and I cut my knee open. I guess I take some pride in those because I never cried from any of them. Not even the metal slide one. Even though I had to get stitches. They are also a good story to tell. :-) :-) :-) It just depends on the person. Some people try to hide them and some people flaunt them.
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Avalon Originally Answered: I'm a girl, 20 yrs old, with acne and acne scars on my face. How much of a turnoff is a rough face for guys? How can I get rid of the scars?
I'm 17 years old and have battled with acne ever since puberty like you until last year when my dermatologist finally put me on accutane .Though it cleared up my acne, it left me with terrible, terrible scars. They're red and pitted and so obvious and so hard to conceal and just so ugly. A cousin told me that aloe vera helps so I've started using that. I apply the gel straight from the leaf onto my face. It's definitely helped with the redness but not so much with the pitting ( I don't think there's anything that could help with that, sadly). Acne sure does mess up with one's self esteem badly. I've learned to just deal with it and what people think doesn't matter to me anymore. I'm not sure about how big of a turnoff it is for guys. I guess it is a huge deal to some and not so much for others. And the guy who called you "cute despite the acne scars", maybe he was trying to give you a confidence boost or something?

Abegayle Abegayle
I have an 8 inch scar on my neck, a few inches under my jaw line. It's grown very faint and has healed nicely into the natural groove of my neck and my facial shadow, so at times, it's hardly noticeable really. Parts are still darker than others. While I "assume" most people don't notice it, I fail to keep in mind that *I* may be the only one to think it's so unnoticeable lol...... Because I'm used to it. Once someone asked me what it was from (In high school), and I told them. Other people at our lunch table made remarks like "Oh, I always thought it was a birth mark" (IVE never seen a perfectly straight line like that be a birth mark, but whatever LOL). One girl said she was afraid to ask because she thought it was from some sort of bad experience, like me attempting suicide or someone else attempting to kill me.... Both are obviously pretty taboo topics. But nonetheless, it seems everyone had noticed the scar, they just didn't speak up for one reason or another!!!! The injury happened in the summer between the 7th and 8th grade (I am now 19). It's a long story, but basically a horse plowed through a galvanized metal gate at a full throttle gallop while I was attempting to lock it. It wasn't the pipe metal... This is the kind of galvanized metal that you see on the sides of roads... You know? Anyways, instant laceration to the neck, concussion from being thrown backwards into a barn pole. I managed to ride my bike home ..... Adrenaline is a peach. lol. Freaked everyone out at home, called an ambulance, freaked out the AMBULANCE People too LOL, (one guy, very unprofessionally, said "Oh shït" when he saw me. That was when I became freaked out). Anyways, 75 stitches later I was good as new and my head was still attached. The scar reminds me of how lucky I am. It was a quarter of an inch short from severing my carotid artery, in which case I would have probably died before I even made it to my bike. I feel like I got a second chance at life. So I'm not necessarily "proud", certainly not "ashamed", but I feel a sense of... Gratitude? I guess.
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Sterling Sterling
I've got a huge scar/dent across the top of my head where a horse reared up and came down right square on me. She had borium on her front shoes and it sliced my scalp like butter, all the way down to my skull. You could actually SEE my skull. So gross. That was 8 staples and a concussion. Tailpipe burn from a Harley Fatboy on the inside of my left calf. My tongue has a scar from where I bit it in half in a bad car wreck. Head injury from that too, and a bad concussion. Police had a hell of time finding me because I wandered off from the wreck (single car accident, I hit a telephone pole and no one else was around). They found me sitting in a field bleeding not knowing what happened. Scar below my lower lip where my ex hit me so hard my teeth went completely through the skin. I see that as a testament to how strong my teeth are, he didn't knock a single one loose. My fingers have various scars on them from me getting too comfortable with the big kitchen knives at work. Left arm has a few splotchy scars from a deep fryer incident. Learned the hard way to be very careful about ice crystals on product you plan on immersing in hot oil.
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Pacey Pacey
I have a scar on my left hand on the flesh between my thumb and pointer finger from when I was untying a really nutso thoroughbred who pulled back and my hand got caught between the leadrope and a metal pole while the rope gave my hand some serious rope burn. It didn't heal right and now i have a horse-head shaped scar so I never forget how I got it :)
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Linden Linden
When I was nine years old, my coach's mare bit my hand. It was a big gash but now has healed to a small lump. I am actually kind of fond of it. I find that it tells a story, and it always reminds me that even though I might get bruises or cuts, they will always heal. I also have a permanent bruise on my foot. It is purple. Here's what happened... a few years ago a man's draft - cross stepped on my foot and refused to get off. Then my horse with steel shoes and studs stamped my foot. And then this summer we were swimming with the horses, and I fell off and the horse stepped on my foot and broke my toes (And I think my foot too). Yeah, so now my right foot is purple and veiny. Yummy, huh?
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Jareth Jareth
during my years of doing what i do i have acquired a few scars, from the top of my head that has 4 scars from hooves, a scar above my eye from a horn, one on my other side eyebrow from a pipe, one on my collar bone, three on my arms, 6 on my right hand including one from reattaching a finger, chest three, back two, legs four on one and five on the other, two on my ankle from surgery, and one on the top of my foot but i don't even notice them and yes there is a story behind everyone of them but they are too many to list them all on here. when people ask me about them i tell them the story of how i got them and i move on and no i wouldn't want surgery to have them removed, i worked hard to get these badges and i will probably receive more though they don't heal as fast anymore, it is just part of life and each one reminds me of how lucky i am to be doing what i do.
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Freddy Freddy
like you said it depends on the person, but i think it depend on the type of scar, like if its a huge burn on my face or something I would be embarrassed, but that is just my personality. I have scars I'm embarrassed of and scars i take pride in, because of the awesome story that goes with them. For ex. I take pride in my scar from the concussion i got four years ago it looks like harry potters scar, its on my forehead too, but more near the temple. but its basically gone away. the epic tale of my life's scar is disappearing. I'm embarrassed of a scar i have on my wrist though I have a couple and it looks like i cut myself on purpose, I've had a couple teachers ask me if I harmed myself.XD I got them falling off a huge rock (not horse related though) I also have many scars on my legs from various non horse related injuries, and those i don't really want to show because there's so many.
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Delaia Delaia
I have a huge scar deep scar tissue just above my left buttock from falling off a table and the leg impaled me. I have two biopsy scars on my right arm and I have a scar across my chest from when I was a baby (I'm not sure what the procedure was as it goes from just above the breasts to across the breasts and down to just above my naval). Then there is a small one on my wrist, my late beloved cat scratched me. I love my scars, they are free and have a few good stories to go with them.
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I think you mean 12 pack boxes. It seems there is quite a lot that goes into the making of these cardboard hats. I don't wear hats, but I think felt or straw would be better. Here is what is said on a site that sells the hats: <> So, I guess the hints they give are Staples, scissors and of course duct tape is assumed!

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