Sell my sexy photos - should I?

Sell my sexy photos - should I? Topic: Free essays and papers for students
July 16, 2019 / By Christin
Question: I'm on university, my dad doesn't pay aliments, my mum is unemployed so if I found job, they would take the income from what we get from the state. I can't work full time to support myself and my mum while studying. But I need money for textbooks and such. My only chance is to have a somewhat unofficial income. And there is this site that is oriented to more plump models, they don't allow any smut or something : "We are more a fat sexy, pinup style of site." I think I'm beautiful and would fit their idea although when I look on the models, I'm worried if a BMI 28.5 is not too little. But if my mom found out, she'd kill me. My boyfriend would maybe even help me with taking the photos (probably). And what about me? I like to show myself, but this seems like too much. I'm attracted to the extra money, but I'm afraid that it would bring more trouble than it would solve. Now - is it worth of it? From where I am, jobs you described are paid very little or aren't at all and with time needed for school I can never make the money to make any profit. They're going to take the money from our social aid. This is also true for scholarships. Selling things is not included. I can sew, but I could hardly cover what I spent for the fabric if I tried ebay. Wait a sec... Do you think g-strings would sell well? Or lingerie if not from a brand? You know, just a bit of fabric and the price is ussualy great. BurdaStyle's got a great free bra pattern!
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Avalona Avalona | 10 days ago
If you're asking this question, you already know the answer. Try to do odd and end jobs that tend to pay well, such as stripping wall paper, cleaning houses, or even nude art modeling at universities. You could also apply for student loans to live on, or outside scholarships by writing essays. I know it's not what you want to hear, but the easy way is seldom the best. Get creative, and prosper.
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Avalona Originally Answered: Online gallery to sell photos through?
http://www.fineartamerica.com It's free but you can pay $30 a year for them to print and ship your photos. Great site.

Abelia Abelia
dont do anything that has anything to do with your pictures and the internet. that will follow you all of your life, especially if you want a career, employers look into that stuff. if you like modeling, do it legitimately, seek a professional agent.
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Abelia Originally Answered: Is it illegal to sell myown-made travel guide on ebay? I've written all the articles by myself, but not photos?
You will need to get copyright of the photos or at least permission to use them by the owner, so yes, you should contact them. They might not want you using them if you're going to be making money out of it, they may even want a % of the money or they may not care. You should go on a site called Lulu.com, you self-publish books on there. You sign up, create your book and choose how you want it(e-book, paper back, hard back, a4, a5 etc), but you may have to do most of the advertising of the book yourself (youtube,blog, twitter, anywhere on the internet really, and obviously outside, word of mouth is very important). When someone buys it, both you and Lulu will get a cut of the money. Lulu makes the books too and sends them. You could also try amazon, you can self publish with them too. People publish their own films, music and books on there. Also on or underneath the photos you may need to write who it is copyright/credited to and you will need to put it somewhere at the front/back. You're the author, they are the photographer and the photos are credited to them etc.
Abelia Originally Answered: Is it illegal to sell myown-made travel guide on ebay? I've written all the articles by myself, but not photos?
Hey, if this is illegal all of the online ebook writers must be in prison by now. Its not a wrong thing. Even if you copying something - get it rewritten completely. Also promote the stuff to the maximum. Better promotion alone can make even the worst stuff - a success. Do you think that - at ebay every successful business people offers great products? No never. Go ahead. All the very best.

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