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Bussiness degree? Topic: Market data business plan
July 16, 2019 / By Christina
Question: With a bacholers of bussiness administration what kind of jobs could I actually get? I want to run a car lot or hotel or maybe a furniture store in a big chain...will this degree lead ne in the correct direction?
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Avelina Avelina | 1 day ago
a bachelors of business admin will give you a good background regarding business in general but to run a hotel you need a hotel management degree, as for a car lot people who have never sold cars are not hired to run the company. those positions are filled from the sales staff. Furniture stores or any other large chain would also require specialized training. Every manufactured product regardless of where it’s produced is more likely to be sold. Products are sold to wholesalers, retailers, or directly to consumers. Retailing is a process involved in selling goods and services directly to consumers for personal or household use. Retail careers fall into two main categories: those involved in merchandizing, which means purchasing the goods offered for sale, and those involved in selling goods to the public. Retail is one of the most vibrant parts of the world economy. Careers in retail are fast-paced and stimulating. Individuals, who are interested in a service-oriented, entrepreneurial profession should consider retailing. There are various career options, including store management, buying, merchandising, central management, and the booming area of e-tailing (online retail) which bridges the technology, marketing and retail sectors. Professional sales people are the essential part of any company. With so many similar products on the market, it is the effective sales force that makes the difference. There is always room for competent and hardworking sales professionals who are people oriented. Promotional prospects for those seeking to move up into sales management are excellent. Many four-year colleges and universities offer Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral programs in marketing and sales. A Bachelor’s degree in marketing and sales will lead to careers in areas such as retail and wholesale sales, marketing management, product planning, market research, small business management, and product display, promotion, and distribution. Program Description The GCC Retail Management Option of the Business Administration program helps students develop the skills and abilities necessary for the fast-paced challenges in the competitive retail environment. The coursework is intended for students who wish to prepare for employment and advancement in a variety of retail environments and it covers topics that include technology, accounting principles, human resources, personnel management, marketing practices, selling, inventory, merchandising policies, consumer behavior, plans for promotion, and clerical functions. Special emphasis is placed on the fundamental principles of retailing, wholesaling, and specialty selling. The methods of approaching a prospective customer, demonstrating the product, and closing the sale are discussed and reviewed. Students interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree should meet with an academic and/or transfer counselor to discuss transfer requirements. Key Skills and Characteristics Knowledge of guidelines and methods for demonstrating, promoting, and selling products or services. Awareness of business and management principles. Knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping procedures. Familiarity with advertising and merchandising techniques. Enthusiasm, good attitudes, and a willingness to be flexible. Capability to move often from one task to another using different skills. Interest in coordinating data and resources. Enjoy retail trade and organizational culture. Strong communication, negotiating, and public speaking skills. Ability to work well with people. Orientation toward quality customer
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The business degree is very helpful if you are planning to run your own firm. Political Science is a good "pre-law" major, but it won't do you any favors in terms of getting into law school. Law school admissions offices can be leery of Political Science, History, and English majors because so many go to law school because they don't know what else to do with their degrees. That does not mean that you should major in something else, just that you should be aware that you will need to make it clear that you are going to law school for the right reasons. I was a Physiology/Neurobiology major at a state school for undergraduate and I got into and graduated from a Tier 1 law school. As a general piece of advice, you will need to work on your spelling. The practice of law is very writing-intensive. Make sure you use spell-check and proofread so people can get the best impression of your abilities.
Avelina Originally Answered: Poly Sci and a AS degree in Bussiness is this a good pairing for a future law student?
Well it depends on what field of law you are aiming for. If your aiming for corporate law, a business degree might be beneficial.

Abi Abi
on the community college point, you will earn an friends degree in corporation administration, in lots of situations focusing on a community inclusive of accounting or education technologies. in many situations a 2 3 hundred and sixty 5 days software. there are various for-income technical colleges that furnish an friends in corporation form classes as properly. on the grounds that an friends is the backside degree you will earn, you will get your foot into the door of employment yet your potential to upward push upwards would be limited. on the college point, a 'corporation pupil' is one that takes a center of corporation-appropriate training and then focuses on an invaluable container, aiming to earn a bachelors in corporation (the degree identify can variety from BA, BS, or BBA). The coursework is considerably extra in touch than an friends because of fact the training are extra in-intensity and demanding. as properly, one has to fulfill the final middle standards (i.e. historic previous, english, math) of a bachelors degree from the faculty itself. in many situations 4 years to end. on the graduate point, the main effortless masters provided is the MBA. One want no longer have a bachelors in corporation to attend an MBA software inspite of the reality that some extra prereq coursework could be required (i.e. user-friendly accounting and econ). An MBA emphasizes favourite useful aspects of corporation with an option to concentrate on an invaluable section, albeit the specialization could be weaker than in an undergrad corporation software. To scientific care this element, many colleges grant a masters in a particular useful section; an occasion is a masters in accounting, masters in finance, masters in IT, and so on. those degree classes concentration quite on the useful section with little or no crossover into favourite corporation matters so just about all your coursework might properly be centred onto the undertaking you're quite drawn to. previous that, there additionally are doctorate point corporation stages, the DBA and Ph.D. the two are seen overkill for industry employment, although, and can basically be pursued via those drawn to working interior of lecturers.
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Abi Originally Answered: I need help starting a small restaurant bussiness, any tips?
Congrats on your venture to the restaurant business. There are several questions that you will need answered by the time you open for business. Fortunatly, there is much help for you. First if you are requireing financial help you will need to script a business plan. This is a document that describes all owners of the business and their qualifications, there is a chapter on what makes your business unique, you will describe your cost and % of profits and so on. Fortunatly, restaurants share much in common so you will find a BP tamplet which will help expedite your venture. You may want to start your process at www. score.org this is free and will help you answer all your questions. Once your plan is complete a lending institution has a entity to evaluate. The better you make your plan look and explain yourselves and objectives the better chance you have to succeed. You will also need a lawyer to structure your company (incorporate your business and registar the name). You will also need a CPA to prepare your financials for your business plan. Find one that is experienced in restaurants as he will be able to advise you well. Best of luck
Abi Originally Answered: I need help starting a small restaurant bussiness, any tips?
Your first step is to contact an organization like the SBA. They will help you with your business plan and resources for financial help. In most cases, grants are for non-profit organizations not for restaurants so they probably won't help you. More information on grants can be found at www.grants.gov. As for the SBA, check out their website below:

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