I can't properly end a book, could someone help?

I can't properly end a book, could someone help? Topic: Help writing a true story
July 19, 2019 / By Christine
Question: I've written a thousands of pages with different ideas, and I write constantly and properly. I enjoy writing, but I can't seem to make a book out of it. I've started out with a motivation, but ended in great amounts of five-paged texts. It's a little sad, since I want a fulfilling feeling, which I've never gotten. I try to write as much as possible, but it always ends in lack of interest in the subject. I really want to be able to write a whole book, with the story long and ended. Sometimes I just guess it's because I feel like I have too little time, which is not true at all, especially now, at summer, when I do nothing for a few days straight. I have too much other ideas, and every one of them becomes boring to me too easily. I'd appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks.
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Aveline Aveline | 2 days ago
Most books have a particular structure. Look up the "three act structure" for novel writing and see if you can create a story around that. Most importantly, you need a believable and sympathetic protagonist (main character) who has a goal. Introduce the goal early and decide if he or she achieves the goal at the end of the book or not (it can be a tragedy). Once you have that figured out, throw in 3-4 difficulties that get in the way of achieving the goal... or stop them from achieving it. If your ideas become boring, throw in something totally unexpected. The first idea you get is usually not what the story ends up being anyway. Think outside the box. Be unexpected. And let your characters take control sometimes. Best of luck!
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Abia Abia
I had the same problem... Maybe you can help me with one of my questions(?). I find that it helps if when you get in a slump to close your eyes and get into your main characters point of view. Really think about how they would feel. Be descriptive. Also think out the story a fourth at a time. That way if you get writers block you already have your main ideas. Hope this helped.
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Stevie Stevie
Try working on short stories surrounding your characters. Maybe giving them backrounds. So that you get yourself through something completely. Those short stories could also be used as reference points and quotes when you finally get ready to write a full out book. Also, you should possibly try outling. I've included some links I've used to help me out.
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