What prophecies have not been fulfilled yet?

What prophecies have not been fulfilled yet? Topic: Disertion
July 21, 2019 / By Christobel
Question: Looking for an answer from someone who has studied the bible, not your basic mindless " all of them" answer. Also i am not referring to revelation and passages that state " in that day". I am asking a more specific answer as in the desertion of Ashkelon and Gaza for example!
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Avery Avery | 3 days ago
One prophecy that is in the process of being fulfilled is the joining forces of Assyria,Israel,and Egypt.Another that hasn`t been fulfilled is the mark of the beast,and the revealing of the son of perdition that Apostle Paul spoke of.There are many in the Old Testament that haven`t been fulfilled yet.The 65th chapter of Isaih,and the 14th chapter of Zechariah.
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This is the best evidence I have seen on here, and let's not forget, God will use the foolish to confound the wise.

Abiah Abiah
I believe that many prophecies should not be thought of only in a linear time frame. The prophets in the Old Testament frequently warned of and foretold calamities on the idolatress neighbors of Israel. Some of these prophecies were applicable in more than one generation. The point of learning the prophets is not to say look what happened to Babylon and think is about Iraq. It is instead to know that Babylon is a symbol of all that is corrupt.
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Stew Stew
Actually, as someone who has studied the Bible - None of them have been fulfilled. I have read up and researched many of the supposed "fulfilled" prophecies, and honestly, they are so vague, I could assign three or more historic events to every one. Doesn't really lend them a lot of credibility, does it? (This is without the prophecies that Jesus was supposed to have fulfilled - which come with many inconsistencies and holes.)
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Paisley Paisley
TRibulation rapture.....return of Jesus etc...judgment also temple will be rebuilt where the mosque is..
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The detailed information about the four kingdoms and their history runs up to late second or early third century. So many liberal scholars place the final version of the text in that time frame. It is obvious that other sections of the text are far older and may date back to the 5th century BC. There are manuscripts of Daniel in the Dead Sea Scroll that show it existed as a complete text by the mid second century BC. The text itself could be far older, but the manuscripts are from that time period. Even if the text of Daniel is only from the 3rd or 2nd century BC, You still have to explain how Daniel was able to predict the time period of the ministry of Jesus, and his account of the rise of the Roman, Byzantine, and Holy Roman Empire. All events that happened centuries after the surviving manuscripts were produced. That the book of Daniel has been edited since it was originally written is event by the Greek texts of the book which have been around since the 3rd century BC and that contain material not found in the Hebrew version of the text. But that does not mean that the original texts that were edited together were not divinely authored through the inspiration of God. One interesting fact about the text of Daniel is that it (and some copies of Isaiah) are the only ones bound in the Dead sea Scroll in paleo-Hebrew lettering. That is using a alphabet from before the Jews return to from Babylon in the 5th century BC. That alphabet is the correct one for a text that would have been produced during the time when Daniel himself (and Isaiah) lived.

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