Trio dance song ideas?

Trio dance song ideas? Topic: In my suitcase songs
July 21, 2019 / By Christy
Question: Must be about love or a crush or something related to that. 3 girls- 9-14 age and either a jazz, theatre jazz, or lyrical catagory. Something fun maybe and not too slow. Thankss :)
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Avice Avice | 4 days ago
For jazz or lyrical, email me...here is my list for musical theater Moon River—Breakfast at Tiffany Chattanooga Choo Choo—Sun Valley Serenade Raindrops keep falling on my head—Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid Talk to the animals—Dr. Doolittle One night in Bangkok—Chess I could have danced all night—My Fair Lady If Ever I would leave you—Camelot If I was a rich man—Fiddler on the roof There’s nothing like a dame--South Pacific Younger than springtime—South Pacific Bali Hai—South Pacific Happy Talk—South Pacific Gonna wash that man right out of my hair—South Pacific Sunrise, Sunset—Fiddler on the Roof I talk to the trees—Paint your wagon Gold fever—Paint your wagon A million miles away (behind the door)—Paint your wagon They call the wind Maria—Paint your wagon Amazing Journey—Tommy I’m free—Tommy Pinball wizard—Tommy Acid queen--Tommy Smash the mirror--Tommy Pure Imagination—Willy Wonka Candy man—Willy Wonka Golden Ticket—Willy Wonka Why God Why?—Miss Saigon Movie in my mind—Miss Saigon I’d give my life for you—Miss Saigon The heat is on in Saigon—Miss Saigon Last night of the world—Miss Saigon Today 4 U--Rent I’ll cover you—Rent Rent-Rent Light my candle--Rent Another suitcase in a another hall (evita) Love Changes everything—Aspects of love Que Sera Sera (whatever will be will be)—Doris Day (The Man who know too much) Getting to know you—The King and I Hello, Young lovers—The King and I Shall we dance—The King and I Castle on a cloud—Les Miserables Children will listen—Into the woods Agony—Into the Woods There are worse things I could do—Grease Hopelessly devoted to you—Grease Sandy—Grease You’re the one that I want—grease Mooning—Grease It’s raining on prom night--Grease If mamma was married---gypsy Let me entertain you--Gypsy Poor little Pierette---the boyfriend Class—Chicago Hey big spender—Chicago Baby dream your dream—Chicago Sweet charity—Chicago We both reached for the gun—Chicago Wishing you were somehow here again (Phantom) We can do it –the producers Springtime for Hilter—The Producers Keep it gay—The Producers I can see it—the fantasticks Brush up your Shakespeare—kiss me Kate Too darn hot—kiss me kate Are we dancing—happiest millionaire Anything you can do—Annie get your gun You’re the top—anything goes Friendship—anything goes You must meet my wife—a little night music Sue me—guys and dolls Luck be a lady—Guys and Dolls Sit down your rocking the boat—Guys and dolls Almost Paradise—Mike Reno & Ann Wilson (footloose) People will say we’re in love—Oklahoma Oh what a beautiful morning—Oklahoma Let’s call the whole thing off-Shall we dance Baby it’s cold outside—Neptune’s Daughter Bess, you is my woman—Porgy & Bess Aquarius—Hair Good morning starshine—Hair Easy to be hard—Hair Another op’nin’, another show—Kiss me kate Broadway baby—Follies Camelot—Camelot Comedy tonight—A funny thing happened on the way to the forum I remember it well—Gigi I got plenty of nuttin—Porgy & Bess If I ruled the world—Pickwick It might as well be spring—State Fair What kind of fool am I—Stop the world I wanna get off 76 Trombones—Music Man Knight of the Round table-Spamalot Rum tum tiger, jellicle songs for jellicle cats—Cats Sweet transvestite, hot patootie—RHPS Anything goes-Anything goes June is busting out all over—Carousel Nothing but a good time-Rock of ages Lullaby of broadway—42nd Street Whatever Lola Wants-Damn Yankees Without you-Rent Little shop of horrors- little shop of horror
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Avice Originally Answered: 90s Song for the first dance?
try these: brian mcknight - back at one celine dion - because you loved me vanessa williams - save the best for last mariah carey/luther vandross - endless love luther vandross - here and now whitney houston - i will always love you babyface - everytime I close my eyes boyz to men - i'll make love to you rod stewart - have I told you lately seal - kiss from a rose
Avice Originally Answered: 90s Song for the first dance?
the two songs you have listed are great there is also love is by vanessa williams and brian mcknight spend my life by eric benet and tamia you put a move on my heart by tamia all i do by troop for you by kenny latimore we must be in love by pure soul (very pretty song) strairway to heaven by pure soul (they did a nice rendition) still in love or i remember you by brian mcknight good luck and congrats

Abigail Abigail
Bust a circulate - youthful MC California Love - 2PAC shop a Horse holiday a Cowboy - huge & wealthy Forgot approximately Dre - Dre/Enimem shop their Heads Ringing - Dr. Dre Play - David Banner Stunt one hundred and one - G Unit turn it Up - Chamillionaire What skill the international - Cameron/Ludacris AYO technologies - 50 Cent/Justin Timberlake Cyclone - toddler Bash Down *** Chick - Ja Rule/Charli Baltimore super Tymers - nevertheless Fly aggravating the Peace - DTP candy Revenge - DTP ladies long previous Wild - Ludacris appropriate - Snoop/Pharrell section Codes - Ludacris 21s - TI Sugar (Gimmie some) - Trick Daddy rattling Remix - Youngbloodz/Ludacris Humpty Dance - digital Underground One Step closer - Linkin Park Bleed it out - linkin Park Paralyzer - Finger 11 fantastically Fly (for a White guy) - offspring unique Pranksta - Offspring Ms. New Booty - Bubba Sparxxx Get Stoned - preclude loopy B*tch - Buckcherry To be cherished - Papa Roach She loves me now no longer - Papa Roach Getting away with homicide - Papa Roach Time Is working Out - Papa Roach Love Shack - the B-52s Cha Cha - Chelo
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Abigail Originally Answered: Help i need a father daughter dance song?
I get what you are saying, you want to have a song that is expressed as a way to thank your dad or give a tribute to him at that moment,right? I feel that songs like this are not as common or easy to find, but I did a search online and this is the best I could find for that: Wedding Songs for the Bride on Her Wedding Day This wedding album contains the following selections: Click On This Icon for Lyrics Click On Song Titles to hear audio clips. You will need RealPlayer or RealOne to hear these samples. Download RealOne for FREE! Click On Song Titles to hear audio clips. You will need RealPlayer or RealOne to hear these samples. Download RealOne for FREE! Track 01: That's My Dad Track 02: Daddy Track 03: The First Man That I Loved Track 04: I've Always Had You to Rely On Track 05: Cut da' Ting Track 06: Angel to Me Track 07: So Wonderful Track 08: You Were Always There Track 09: All of My Dreams Track 10: Everything Changed Track 11: Glass Slippers Track 12: That's What You Mean to Me *It's your day and your shared dance so pick what speaks best to you. I think it's a great idea to remind your dad your name changed but he's always appreciated, and to tell him in a way how special he is.
Abigail Originally Answered: Help i need a father daughter dance song?
Father Daughter songs: Heartland- I loved her 1st Tim Mcgraw- My little girl Jodi Messina- I hope you dance Rascal Flatts- My wish Rascal Flatts- Won't let go R. kelly & Celine dion-Angel Darius Rucker- It won't be like this for long First dance: Aerosmith- Don't wanna miss a thing Rascal Flatts- God blessed the broken road Kc & jojo- All my life Mariah Carey- Thank God I found you Thompson Square- Are you gonna kiss me or not Train- Marry me sooo many more it depends on your style music!

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