Custody question? May be long but please read.?

Custody question? May be long but please read.? Topic: How to write an excuse note for missing school
July 19, 2019 / By Chryssa
Question: I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter. Her "father" hasn't ever really been in her life..Last may I took him to court to get full custody because total in her life he had seen her 8 hours.. Of course he didnt agree to give me full custody so instead the judge gave me Full responsibility. (i choose medical decisions, where she goes to school, religion,etc.) And also, he cannot take her. He is supposed to be having regular introductory to her and then if he can do that eventually slowly lead up to be taking her. So since may he was supposed to come once a week for an hour to start off with. He did this for the first few months but didn't actually interact with her. She still hides when he comes and she doesnt even know his name. This last week was the 6th week in a row hes cancelled, and in the last 14 weeks hes come 3 times, and in the last 28 weeks hes showed up 9 times. So its becoming a pattern...I've been trying, I've even tried meeting him in the SAME town as him and he still finds an excuse to not show up. I don't want my daughter going through the heart ache when shes old enough to know and question who this stranger is whos coming and going once every six weeks?...I would like to take him back to court however i really cannot afford a laywer to battle it out. Any ideas on how i can take him back to court without having to pay a TON? I already write every visit every cancel every important text etc down.. I have since she was born so i have everything documented. I get that it would be better for her if he was there, but if he isnt going to try she should not have to deal with it and i should not have to continue waiting on him just to cancel. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Avilon Avilon | 6 days ago
Go to the courts, request for the paperwork, and fill it out yourself. You'd still have to pay the fees for the paperwork, but usually that's within an reasonable amount. If you are low-income, you might quailty for everything for free. It's a lot of work and the paperwork can get very confusing, but it's the only other way besides hiring a lawyer. You can also hire a lawyer who can do just the paperwork for you, instead of representing you in court (you'd have to represent yourself). This would be a lot less money to fork over then having a lawyer do ALL of the work as most people have it done. All you have to do is explain to the judge that he has missed several visitation dates and also explain to him how you've reached out and tried to make things easier on him (such as meeting him in the same city). The judge might give the dad another chance to prove himself and really step up, or he might cancle the visitations altogether. On another note, my daughter is also three and doesn't know her daddy's name. Children at that age rarely know their parents or grandparents names, since we don't refer ourselves by our names. Just by "mommy" or "daddy". Be careful what you say in your paperwork or in court, because even the petty stuff (drama, talking smack) can end up making YOU look like the bad parent. Judges are strict about these things.
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Avilon Originally Answered: How to get custody back from someone who can't take care of a child but has a better lawyer than you (long)?
I'll address this point by point: 1. There is no such thing as going behind someone's back to a divorce hearing, both parties are provided with documentation from the courts and it says in plain english in the letter with the date and time to arrive that if you choose not to show up, it may result in things not going your way. She had the chance and didn't take it, very sorry. 2. So, they aren't divorced and she was living with him, but he managed to get custody of the child in a DIVORCE hearing- your friend is telling you stories. If he was named temporary guardian while the divorce was situated that's one thing, but you can't just have a hearing, decide custody and still be married- it doesn't work like that. 3. Custodial interference is never the way to get your children back, if anything it insures that you won't and you aren't fit to have because you can't follow the law. 4. Even if this guy is known in the town and has a good lawyer, bookings and police reports for domestic violence do NOT disappear... it doesn't happen and reports of prostitution do not disappear. Your friend has made some very serious mistakes in this case and I don't believe she is telling you the whole truth. The best thing for her to do right now is to seek assistance from a domestic violence shelter or the victim's assistance branch of her local courthouse. There will be people in either place that can explain the law to her and help her get an appointment set up with legal aid.
Avilon Originally Answered: How to get custody back from someone who can't take care of a child but has a better lawyer than you (long)?
Contact authorized support totally free aid is she qualifies. She demands to end up Dad not worthy by way of baby endangerment or severe overlook which both is tough to end up right here fromwhat youre mentioning. Sure it sounds terrible however quite there's not anything for the courts to rule on within the childs excellent curiosity so you wish to have concrete evidence and now not rumour accusations. As unhealthy as that is going to sound, she might desire to attend til she has extra evidence hazardous proof to take to court docket on him, considering the fact that of what you could have advised us, I see not anything right here that could overturn the Judges fashioned custody order, sorry. Also the proof ought to exhibit a right away connection to the childs well being and wellness, now not what he or his gf are doing on their possess. Unfortunately, the courts can best do such a lot in circumstances like those, so get higher all set and well success

Abigall Abigall
Well I think you should really have a deep conversation with him one last time n if that doesn't change, you should go to court and really try to get the judge to understand that you don't want this man walking in n out of your daughters life like if its nobody's business. If she's fine without him n if he does nothing for her all this is going to do is confuse her. I mean I never grew up with my sperm doner ( I call him that bc he ain't my dad) n I'm glad I didn't because If I did, n this would be my case I'd hate it Its like why even bother letting me see your face when you don't care . Good luck because I know its tuff but I know every mother could raise a child on their own perfectly fine w minor struggles.
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Storm Storm
I grew up without my SD (sperm donor) as well. I had an amazing step father that i consider my father. If i were your, i would keep documenting everything down, and when you can afford it, go to court again and show them proof hes a dead-beat dad.
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Storm Originally Answered: Did judge in child custody read thru all the lies said in court?
Judges read through bs on both sides. Like a mother acting like the father is horrible when they had the choice not to procreate with that person until they truly knew them. That speaks volumes about her too. As far as lying, lies that are relevant to the case and provable with evidence and not hearsay relate. Otherwise bringing it up will just annoy the judge.

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