Could you write a dramatic lice bob haircut scene?

Could you write a dramatic lice bob haircut scene? Topic: How to write an diary entry
June 17, 2019 / By Ciel
Question: I'm currently writing a diary about a wartime evacuee. In this entry she has lice and her aunt puts poison in her hair to remove them. The poison ruins her hair so the barber cuts it into a cute bob. Could you write the dramatic haircut scene for me please? Thanks for helping!
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Best Answers: Could you write a dramatic lice bob haircut scene?

Ayn Ayn | 10 days ago
You could start it something like her aunt is dropping hints about her hair, but she doesn't take or listen to the hints. So then her aunt says it more directly, that she thinks she has lice in her hair because it looks greasy, and she replies, "How dare you!" this is the current trend. "You are setting bad trends." "It's not greace, it's hair jell, Take a look in the mirror!" The anti doesn't believes her and when she's not looking, throws some poison on her hair. It lands on the ends. The hair at the end singes and vanishes, leaving her with a Bob. "Point the finger elewhere."
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