Renewal of vehicle registration?

Renewal of vehicle registration? Topic: California case status
July 19, 2019 / By Ciera
Question: My registration will expire soon and I recieved a letter of vehicle renewal from DMV (a $618 fees for renewing my vehicle registration)but I dont have the money because I just got laid-off this month. Can I make an arrangement to the DMV and ask them for monthly payments of my vehicle registration?
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Azalea Azalea | 1 day ago
Unfortunately the DMV's don't really take payments...you can pay the fees in stints but the only benefit you receive is a temp tag...the red sticker in the window. Here in california {it's different elsewhere obviously} we aren't allowed to get a temp tag unless all the fees are paid. Essentially you become 'illegal' in your vehicles status (unable to pay fees, expired reg.) your car can be towed by the city in most cases unless it's on private property!! Not to mention the random annoyed cop having a bad day making yours worse. Try going to DMV and getting a temp tag while paying something (you have to, prob 1/3 at least, less if they're nice)..then you're legal for however long it is.
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Azalea Originally Answered: What exactly happens to your vehicle when the police ends up seizing your vehicle?
Terminology may vary by state, but in my area we have 'storage' tows and 'impound' tows. Typically, vehicles that are towed after an accident or as the result of an arrest (such as drunk driving) where the vehicle is not considered 'evidence' result in 'storage' tows. This category can also include tows for things like blocking a fire lane, blocking a driveway, and blocking the roadway. In many departments, the procedure to recover a vehicle that has been 'stored' would include getting a release form from the Police Department (that may or may not include an administrative fee) and then paying the tow and storage fees to the tow company. Vehicles that are towed that need to be held for some reason are 'impounded'. This would include any vehicle that needs to be held for evidence in a criminal investigation, as well as vehicles that are towed as a result of certain vehicle code violations (driving on a suspended license, driving with expired registration over 6 months, multiple unpaid parking citations, etc). Impounded vehicles can be held indefinitely (in the case of criminal investigations) as long as there is reasonable justification. There are also certain vehicle code sections that permit impounding a vehicle for 30 days. 30 day impounds are generally NOT released in less than 30 days (although sometimes exceptions are made). In order to recover an impounded vehicle, you would have to correct the problem (if it was correctable - such as expired registration) and provide proof of correction, pay any administrative fees at the Police Department, and then pay any applicable tow and store fees to the tow company. In the case of 30 day holds, these storage fees will be considerable. In the case of impounds for evidence, you may avoid most of the tow company storage fees if the department chooses to store the vehicle on department property; however, some departments also charge additional fees for this as well. There is a third category, using a term you mentioned: Seizure. Seizures generally occur in drug related arrests. If your vehicle has truly been 'seized', you will not get it back without convincing a Judge that it should not have been seized.
Azalea Originally Answered: What exactly happens to your vehicle when the police ends up seizing your vehicle?
Typically it is impounded. You can get it back when you pay the fine. Now if it was used in a crime, no, you don't get it back quite so quickly or easily. If that is the case it could take months to receive your vehicle, if you do at all. It is not like on the t.v. crime shows, it just does not happen that rapidly.

Abilene Abilene
Taf187 is wrong. You can't put a car into NON OP unless all registration fees are current. The DMV won't give you stickers for partial payment. You can make weekly payments, but you won't be able to drive the car until it's paid in full. I feel your pain.
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Sweeney Sweeney
the only thing you can do is register your vehi for NON OP but than you can't drive it .. the state taking payments are you kidding ..
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