How do u come to terms with stuff.?

How do u come to terms with stuff.? Topic: Respect thy brother and the sister
June 17, 2019 / By Cinderella
Question: Ok well wen i was 13 my father was put in jail for a crime that he did not commit, and i no that for a fact because they said he hurt me and my sister sexualy and i no he never touched me at all and my sister was with me twenty four seven, and then my mother took us kids away from our family that we grew up with and she stoped all contact and i never got to say bye to my grandmother, grandfather, aunts and uncles, cousens, and even my father, and my mother started abuseing me and my lil brother extreemly bad, and then she got back together with her high school sweet heart, and we moved to his house and this was about 2 years after she took us away from our family, and she and her boyfriend were abuseing me and my lil brother preaty darn bad, liek they would make us get up everyday at 5 o clock in tha morning and go out side sometimes bare foot, and then make us work like really hard work and then my moms bf would be hiting me and stuff and my mom would be laughing and be recording it on the video cam, and he would like be hiting me with wood, metal, hoses, just anythang he could pick up, and by now my liil bro and i have no self respect for ourselfs because for a long time people have told us we are nothing and will never be anythang, and then i ran away alot and the police would not do anythang they would just take me back to their place after they found me, and one day i got kicked out of school for fighting my older sister because she hates me and stuff and i no that bec she has told it to me since i was younder, anyway my mom and her bf sent me to a shelter and i was their for 4 weeks or so and then my mom let me move in wid my grandparents and one day i went to work and my lil bro ran away to my grandparents were i was and well they never came after him and he has been their sincdee then i moved away to a dif state bec i got in contact with my family my mom took me away from and i moved in their house, and while i was gone for all that time my grandmother passed away, and my dad is still in jail, and my family is fallin apart again my grand father married some lady that is mean and is trying to make him not have any contact with us, then one day i got a call and it turns out my moms bf was rapeing my sister and i have 3 , 1 is oler the other 2 are younger and i just dont no what t do, my moms bf is in jail now, but my mom is standing by him and not her own kids AGAIN so my mom does not have any of her kids anymore, and i dont no i am just so depressed i want to die so bad but i am not going to hurt myself really bad because of my younger sisters and brothers i have to stay alive to protect them the best i can, and in some way i fill it is my fault that, that happened to my sisters because wen we were in that other state befor she moves us with her bf, i could have turned my mother in for alot of child abuse but i didnt because i didnt want my family to get towarn apart even more, so i kept geting abused to keep us together, and i dont no what to do now, i mean i am in a good home they are nice to me and dont hurrt me and its just so new not to be geting hurt all tha time but now like i said i want to die so and i dont no how to come to terms with everythang so if u can pls help, and o ya i dont care that my spelling is bad ok so dont tell me that ok thanks for everythang and i was in counsaling but i cant affored it now so i had to quit them.. like i said dont comment on my spelling please that not my fault i have been trying to get better ok first of all i no ur trying to help but u have no right to say that i cant spell i do realize this and like i said i dont give a crap ok so just dont bother and say that and if i were ur student i would say that to ur face so u can take that offer and shove it, and second of all u have no right at all to say that that did not happen because i do damn well it did so u need to shut ur mouth about that ok and maybe ur tha one that needs help doing that to ppl thats just freeking wrong. i am sorry if i am being extra mean but u had no right to say that so i really am sorry ok, and thanks for no real advice.
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Babe Babe | 5 days ago
You poor thing! I have some things I could send to you through email if you will send me your email address. I am not going to put my actual address in here but you can go to my profile and send your address. I will try to help. Thee are things that are available to professional counselors that are not generally available to the public.
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I came on here to Yahoo because I caught one of my students trying to get away with turning in something he did not write, and another teacher then told me about this place. I am here to do two things, one is help those who are trying to get help without cheating and to see if I can catch other kids trying to get out of doing their own homework. I have caught a couple. I do have some advice and may be able to help you, so read this whole thing. I am willing to consider helping you if it will actually help. You put this in Words & Word Play or I would not have seen it, but I did see it and I have three things to say to you. If you were one of my students when I was teaching third grade and you turned in something like this I would have taken you by the hand and walked you to the kindergarten teacher and had her keep you for a day or so. I have seen second graders with better grammar. If you think you are communicating well, you are wrong. You said you do not care that your spelling is bad? You do not care that it makes you appear stupid? That is what it does, and it shows inconsideration as well. Your writing and asking a question is not doing me a favor, I am doing you a favor by reading it. You should make an effort to make it easy on your reader or readers and try to make sure you are understood. If you do anything other than that you are simply being immature and selfish. Maybe you never thought of it that way before, but you need to consider that. There was a student who came from a very well adjusted and happy home with both parents and who were shocked when they heard some of the stories their son was telling. The stories sounded a great deal like your tale here. You may be telling the truth, I do not know, but I think you need to get a professional involved either way. I am not qualified to help you with deep problems such as what might be gong on here, but if you really want help with your English I am willing to hep you there. Let me know. And good luck to you. It sounds like you need it. I am not going to open up my account for email so you need to put it in a note or something if you want my help. Maybe you can for a while make your account open for email and let me know if you do not now allow email. But what you do is up to you.
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Syd Syd
you poor thing i know just how you feel! I always was a Daddy's girl. He tucked me in every night and killed the spiders and i always kissed him goodnight and goodbye on the mouth. Then one day my phone rang and it was my mother onm the other line. She told me my dad had Terminal Lung Cancer and was going to die. She told me the doctors gave him 1 month to live. My dad died 3 months to the day later. I was 20 years old and had plenty of friends and family but felt so alone. Next month 12-9-07 will be 4 years. It never gets better. Some nights I just cry and cry. I am mad i want my daddy back and I don't care how selfish that sounds. It seems like forever since my dad has died but at the same time the pain feels like it was yesterday. It doesn't get any better no matter how hard you try i think you just forget about it more and more. I had warning and you had none that must have been horrible for you. I have 2 best friends and one night we were all sitting around talking and we said that if the 2 of them were hanging off a cliff who would i choose to save i told them neither i would let go and jump off too because a life without them wouldn't be worth living. That's how i feel now about my dad i just want to die so i can be with him but i know he wouldn't want me to so i go on and i live and i try to enjoy life as i can and some day i will see him agian and so will you! God Bless.
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Paul Paul
This is Words and Word Play and your spelling is bad. Try asking your question in a relevant category such as Family & Relationships. Even better go see a doctor, the police, or counsellor, social worker etc, etc.
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Court hearings ARE "open sessions" & anyone can sit in on any court case regardless of who it is or what it's pertaining to. When I was a legal sec. & just starting out in that career, I had to go to court with my 4 attys. & sit thru umpteen hearings to learn how court in general proceeds. Therefore, what your ex is posting is not illegal, I still wouldn't want my friends & family knowing about my personal life per se. He's doing it in a malicious way however only so others will be aware of your personal business. IF you took him to court about it, first it would go no where, secondly he'd just have more fuel to add to your fire. I'd leave it alone & not let it be told to him he's getting to you, as that's his whole purpose of even doing it!...best to you...:)

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