I have been supressing the need to cry. What could happen?

I have been supressing the need to cry. What could happen? Topic: Need help writing letter to boyfriend
July 21, 2019 / By Cindra
Question: I recently left my boyfriend of 8 years for good and i am severely enraged. I think i am broken hearted too (although i don't admit that) I am overcome with pride and keep tellin myself he is not worth my tears. I do feel like crying but i suppress it. Do i need help to get over my feelings?
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Babette Babette | 6 days ago
You can't just stop feeling. It won't happen overnight. You need to keep your mind busy, esp with happy things. Join a club, start taking classes (even if it's just to learn to make glass beads!) go rollerblading or walk your dog. It would help to seek counseling. Learn from your past and work on yourself. Only worry about what you can control. Think happy thoughts and try to say something positive about yourself and others once a day. Smile even if you don't feel like smiling. If you feel the need to cry, it's ok to cry! It's better to have a good cry at home, watching a tear-jerker, rather than for it to come out at work or in a public place, where you could be embarassed or taken advantage of. He may not be worth it, but you are. It is an emotional time and it's ok to let it out. Do you have outlets for when you get mad or sad? I write letters and draw. Maybe work on making Christmas presents? Write poems about family members & frame them. (I gave poems to my parents on special occasions & it meant more to them than anything.) Good luck, I know you can do it! Feel free to email me if you need to talk.
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Acacia Acacia
It could end in a nervous breakdown, If its that serious. The worst that could happen is that your in public and suddenly break down crying. It's not the crying thats bad. Its what you feel like after you've cried your soul out and feel fine, but everyone around you thinks your gonna commit suicide! Try to just force the tears out and you'll feel great without it. I've done it and it works but Its very messy! so bring more than one box of tissues with ya. and make sure no one can hear you sobbing your way to happiness. Hope i helped and good look with finding the right one.
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Sydney Sydney
let it out. you will feel better. crying will ease your pain. after anger, tears will follow. i'm wishing you the best of luck.
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Paulie Paulie
just cry.Its not natural to not cry.Its a bodily function thats very complex to explain.It will increase your stress level and probably soem other stuff.
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