Macbeth news cast play. Need help and/or suggestions, please. Thanks?

Macbeth news cast play. Need help and/or suggestions, please. Thanks? Topic: How to write a news report story
July 21, 2019 / By Ciss
Question: In English class we just finished reading Macbeth and now we have to do a skit based on it in the style of a news cast. I would love some ideas on how to make this really funny and maybe have a modern twist. Have any ideas or websites I could check out? One idea was to make the three witches in the story hippies and then everyone else conservative people, but I dont think Im really going for that. Need the help ASAP please. Thanks a ton.
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Bailey Bailey | 9 days ago
Write a scene referred to in the play which occurs offstage, i.e., the meeting between Malcolm and King Edward, the actual murder of Duncan, or one of Lady Macbeth’s earlier sleepwalking episodes. As an alternate activity, write a scene that does not occur but might have. Suggestions: the Macbeth servants whisper about what they heard and saw the night Duncan died; Fleance runs home and reports his father’s murder. Read more in the link below Good luck
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Bailey Originally Answered: Suggestions for rewriting Macbeth?
I re-wrote and directed Macbeth for my senior project so I kind of know what you're looking to do. I'd suggest re-writing the scene where Lady Macbeth convinces Macbeth to kill Duncan, as in my opinion has the most emotion, and is easiest to re-write. Write it from Macbeth's perspective and try to capture his reluctance, and how powerful Lady Macbeth makes herself seem. Good luck!
Bailey Originally Answered: Suggestions for rewriting Macbeth?
no dont do it from the kings perspective. becuase the king was sleeping haha when he was killed. eye roll* that be stupid dont ya think. =) pfha. um wel check it out. im actually reading macbeth right now in english class. and so far i gotta say the best character to use to write on (for the whole first person thing) would be macbeth. because hes the most emotional. so u can use that to fill in a lot on how (he) feels when each part of the scene happens. ya know? =) if this doesnt help u can tll me to eat **** cuz this hasta help. cya goodluck writer

Adaline Adaline
this is my all time fave play! sticking with the news show format, have breaking news updates for the battle scenes; have "experts" give interviews on the personalities- Macbeth, Lady Macbeth - and analyze their actions. have breaking news when Macbeth kills and also when lady Macbeth kills (a funny spin would be to report her crazy actions like Britney Spears' craziness). you can have fun with the story but remember not to change the story (that can cost you a good grade). there's so much to work with! good luck.
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Taegan Taegan
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Taegan Originally Answered: Discuss Shakespeare's portrayal of marriage in the play Macbeth?
I'm guessing it's meaning on how him and his wife show marriage. I'm not entirely sure but lady Macbeth is controlling him and telling him how unmanly he is for not wanting to kill king Duncan and tricking him into doing it so she could have full power over being the queen lol. Shes telling him that she loves him but he is to kind and wont do anything and she only needs to interfere. Macbeth on the other hand is being torn into what his wife is saying and being persuaded by her because she is his wife and he should figure, why would my wife tell me something wrong? So what they show as marriage is that they have each others backs AND a plan to go along with it all created by Lady Macbeth. BUT later on after the murder his wife kills herself because she cant live with the guilt and Macbeth says what? She should have chose a different time to kill herself because right now he is to busy. So what Macbeth now shes in marriage is that it isn't all that important and he doesn't care about the fact that she is now gone just that she is in the way of him doing his job. So the whole thing shows that they show marriage as being important at the beginning but being torn apart at the end all due to having the power. Hope I help a little :D I think that's what the question is asking..but if it isn't, so sorry >.<

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