Why do we have to open junk mail to unsubscibe?

Why do we have to open junk mail to unsubscibe? Topic: Case open case shut
July 16, 2019 / By Clarabelle
Question: It would be cool if you could come up with a way to unsubscribe to junk mail without having to open it, find the link and take all day. Something like the 'delete' button we have already. With an automatic 'unsubscribe' checkbox next to junk e-mails, you'd corner the market instantly. So many junk e-mails are repeated for weeks at a time. Give us a solution to that, and you'll own the e-mail world.
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Barbie Barbie | 6 days ago
Yahoo, Google and Hotmail all have the option to block sender. You can do that without opening the spam e-mail. But it is worthwhile in some cases to open these spam mails if they are phishing e-mails representing banks, and other reputable sites. Then you can forward those e-mails as attachments to report the fraud/abuse. They will get them shut down, so you don't have to worry so much that you will get even more spam.
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Barbie Originally Answered: Were there junk mail in old days?
I've been in the direct marketing industry for more than 25 years and there's a whole generation of people who were in this business before I was even born. Of course, the industry and technology has changed immensely in the time I've been around it, and there's been even more change since the beginning. The industry's start is attributed to a few people and the debate continues as to who was the "father" of direct mail/marketing. I think they should just share in the spotlight. One of the early pioneers was Claude Grizzard. Today, there are several businesses which were started and spun off from his original shop. The other name spoken a lot when talking about this topic is the Yeck brothers. They've been in direct mail since the 30s. Obviously, the way direct mail was done back then is a lot different than how it's done today. The computers, servers, production techniques, etc keep the industry humming. Some specialized production facilities (presses) can go from a roll of 10 tons of paper on one end to finished mailings on the other -- all neatly packaged in an envelope and personalized for the intended recipient. Large mailers will produce and mail in excess of 4 or 5 billion pieces a year. The way it was done in the old days was not hand-written. Mail was produced, essentially, by electric typewriters connected to simple processors. Most of the mail then was inserted into window envelopes so the address and name could be seen without having to match up the letter to the envelope (still not easy to do 100% accurately). Today, the USPS relies on the direct marketing industry for nearly 80% of the mail it handles. It's a big industry and a cost-effective way to contact the right people with the right offer at the right time (usually). You may have noticed I never used the term "junk mail" in my answer..... that's how I make a living, so I prefer to call is something nicer... although I understand your feelings. So long as there are customers, there will be direct marketing.

Adelaide Adelaide
I have done that by opening up (and unsubscribing) and still got connected to the website so don't do it I always list them as spam (still get them) and when I looked at my blocked addresses they are there, but under different variations of the same name. they might at a 1 to the end of an address or a word. I have a little less now, but it's been forever that I've been doing this. Also, keep using your anti-virus and scan, and then delete what they tell you to (can't remember what that is I think it's adware, cookies too, I think) it actually keeps track of what websites you go on and then junk mail generates from that. NEVER NEVER do those stupid surveys that say you will get money or a gift certificate after completing them, as that's where I believe all my junk mail started from. Good Luck!
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Tate Tate
don't open them at all! this just shows those automations that your email address is real and active, and will create more junk mail.
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Pete Pete
If using Windows OS use system restore and go back a couple of days. If its a new "virus" anti-virus software may not detect.
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Pete Originally Answered: Name some amusing items i can put in prepaid envelopes sent by junk mail companies?
Very interesting......... read on... Opt out the traditional way. Whether it's by putting your name on a do-not-mail list, calling an opt-out hotline, or calling the junk mail senders themselves, going the "official" route will likely eliminate a significant portion of your junk mail. Send Big Files Online Over 45 Million Files Sent Online! For Home/Business. (Try Free Plan) SendThisFile.com/Send_Files 2Understand how junk mail (and how sending it back) works. A company pays in bulk to have junk mail sent out, but they do not pay for the postage on return envelopes unless you send it back. No matter what you put in the envelope, they must pay for it. Since normally people only send the envelope back to accept an offer, this is normally an acceptable cost of doing business. But if a customer keeps sending envelopes back without any interest in their offers, they may be convinced to take you off the mailing list themselves. Since many people question whether this actually works, it's best used as a last resort, or as a grassroots effort--if enough people start doing this, sooner or later even the biggest companies may rethink their advertising methods. 3Use the pre-paid envelope that comes with the offer to send the phone company something other than your business. This wastes an additional stamp that the company likely was not counting on. The following is a list of the many things you can put in the pre-paid envelopes to cease junk mail from the phone company (or credit card company, or whatever): 1 Their own forms (blank) Pizza Coupons Sunday's Comic Strips A drawing of a pony The other phone company’s forms (blank) The label off your plastic Pepsi bottle Old shoe laces A penny A list of your favorite action heroes The receipt for your recent Q-Tip purchase A sheet of lead (note: sending hazardous materials through the mail will get YOU prosecuted) Attach the envelope to a large box full of newspapers or just clear tape it to a brick. (Note that if the weight is over 16 oz in the US, it must be hand delivered to a Postal Service Carrier) An old phone book http://www.wikihow.com/Stop-Junk-Mail-by...

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