Need theme songs for my characters?

Need theme songs for my characters? Topic: The sisters of the valley
June 17, 2019 / By Clare
Question: The first character is a very confident, very immature, very hyper troublemaker who's very shy when it comes to love. She loves to take chances, regardless of what she could lose. She's a natural leader because of her natural ability to be able to easily motivate people, and she likes to be in charge. But she's not that intelligent. She cares deeply for everyone, even her enemies, and will go into a state of self-loathing and depression after letting someone down. She would give her life to save somebody. She's also very innocent and naive when it comes to sex-related things. She's able to transform into an angel. Her appearance consists of extremely bright aquamarine eyes, fair skin and long, dark brown curly hair. The second character is a boy who's quite reserved and calm. He's socially awkward around most people, but not his twin sister and character one, whom he has a crush on. He's very flirtatious and a true gentleman, always putting the ladies before himself. He has short, messy black hair, fair skin and stunning blue eyes. The third is a loner and hates everything about anything. He normally remains silent and only bothers to speak when needed. He will not raise his voice and he will never show any kind of emotion, except for the occasional longing look at character four. He's got short white hair, white skin and very light gray eyes. The fourth character is a crazy and intelligent scientist. She always tries to find the most entertaining way to do things and finds children's programmes hilarious. She's naturally fearless and strong, though very bipolar. Small things make her flip tables and even smaller things can make her cry. She has an army of emotionless soldiers that she calls 'clowns', because they're there 'for her entertainment'. She's got shoulderlength bubblegum pink hair, fair skin and light green eyes. The fifth character is reserved and quiet, a lot like three and two. She doesn't care much for anyone else; she's ruthless and will do anything to get what she wants. She can manipulate people with ease. Normally she keeps closed up in a room by herself when others are about, reading or writing. She's got a soft spot for haikus. She has shoulder-length mint-green-black-gradient hair with black streaks, pale skin and dark gray, nearly black eyes. The sixth is a right b*tch. When she sees something she wants she'll get it, and when she gets bored she drops it like a hot potato. She's cruel to everybody who she dislikes and those she does like she just uses. She's incredibly loyal to her leader and would kill for him. She has the ability to transform into anyone she wants. She has waist-length red hair, tan skin and THESE CHARACTERS ALL HAVE NAMES AND EVERYTHING. IM JUST MISSING THEME SONGS FOR THEM. Themes I'm considering: 1: Long Shot by Kelly Clarkson, Sharada by Skye Sweetnam, Faster by Within Temptation, Brick By Boring Brick by Paramore, All I Need by Within Temptation 2: N/A 3: Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day, The Outsider by Marina and the Diamonds 4: Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson, I Am Not A Robot by Marina and the Diamonds 5: N/A 6: Bubblegum B*tch by Marina and the Diamonds, Valley of the Dolls by Marina and the Diamonds, Sexy Naughty Bitchy by Tata Young Thanks in advance x
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Bashemath Bashemath | 9 days ago
I think you are asking for too much. You asked this yesterday and I guess you got no answers. It does not appear anything is happening today, either. I actually tried, but you are asking for too specific of a song for each individual. The best I could do, and I have lived through 5 decades of music and have a huge passion for it, is Tokio Hotel's Forever Now for character #1, Red's The Outside for character #3 and Garbage's I Think I'm Paranoid for character #5.
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