Makeshift Capo?

Makeshift Capo? Topic: My pencil case story
July 16, 2019 / By Clarette
Question: Back Story To Question: Alright, I've had a guitar for a looong time, and it's really crappy. I have a crappy guitar, some crappy guitar picks, crappy guitar strings, and a really nice guitar case. But that's not the point. Next week I'm going to a guitar store near where I live, to get a capo and a new guitar and new strings and stuff. I practice every day for a few hours and I've had this guitar since I was 10. Actual Question: Anyone have a way to make a temporary capo? I've wanted to play some songs I've learned, but they require a capo, and I don't have one yet, so I just need a makeshift capo. Something that uses just things that you'd have laying around the house, like inkpens and rubberbands and hair ties and tape and stuff like that. Please help :D
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