Will This Stop The Army From Taking Me?

Will This Stop The Army From Taking Me? Topic: Other words for worst case scenario thinking
July 19, 2019 / By Claudia
Question: I'm a girl. I'm 15 going on 16 and more and more lately I've been doing research on the Army because I want to join when I finish high school. For the most part, I'm a pretty healthy kid, but last year I got into a little accident that changed things a bit. I'm on a soccer team and we were all out, being aggressive for the ball as usual and one girl, about double my size barreled into me for the ball. I tumbled, lifted myself up, and continued. Then she did it again and this time, she stepped on my left leg and snapped it in the opposite direction of where I was rolling. I could just barely walk (that was with a limp) and my teammates had to help me across the field and to the school. All the while I was crying in pain obviously. The school nurse said that the pain was just my muscles (her words being "a muscle mash"). She told me to give it a few days and it would wear out. Unfortunately, it didn't, I went to the hospital, they took some x-rays and came to find out I had a hip fracture - at 15! In normal cases, the accident shouldn't have involved in a fractured hip but later appointments with my doctor resulted in this diagnosis; fibrous dysplasia. You can look it up if you want, though I don't suggest it because it shows all the worst scenarios. Anyway, it's a bone disease a lot of people live with and can go their whole life without ever realizing they have it. Basically that disease is this; parts of your body where bone should be, there isn't bone, instead their is fibrous bone tissue and it's more brittle than bone so it breaks easier. I know I can't lie to my future recruiter (even if he says so) and that's why I wanted to know if this is grounds for not letting me in? My left hip is a bit weaker than the rest of my body so it breaks more easy. That's my problem. I've only broken it once in my 15 years, but my doc said that if I break it several times over than my body could become deformed. I could really use assistance with this. Can anyone help? @ LarrySmile - That's not true. Maybe you read it wrong, but there are some things false of what you said. Firstly, the girl didn't do it on purpose. It's soccer and soccer is a contact sport and if someone falls on me and steps on my leg - it's an accident, not something to be sued for. I'm also the type of person who forgives easier than most; if that makes me a pansy, so be it. The other thing is; my days of sports and severe physical activity are NOT over. I think you misunderstand the disease. Hundreds and thousands (if not more) people have this disease and they NEVER find out they have. Want to know why? Because they don't break it. It was misfortune that I should break mine, but it was a rare accident and my doctor even says that it is perfectly fine for me to go on as planned and that is what I have done. I'm playing soccer now at the moment, I plan to move on to basketball and then tennis. I'm a very active child. My hip doesn't hurt, it healed itself (because my break was no
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Becci Becci | 7 days ago
Hello, Sorry. I think you need to get a lawyer and sue the person who purposely hurt you. Contact a lawyer for consultation. Your parents should call the school nurse into question because she should have called for medical assistance and you should have gone to the emergency room based on the amount of pain you had. I am afraid that you would not last a week in Army basic training! You would most likely injure yourself severely and be worse off than you are. And, the Army would have to separate you anyway and send you home with a prior existing condition. The Army is not the only career in the country and only less than 1/2 of 1% of the people in the US are even in the armed forces. Go to college after high school and take up a career that will protect your damaged hip. Your days of sports and severe physical activity are over. Best wishes, Larry Smith Senior Master Sergeant, USAF (Ret.) First Sergeant
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Adene Adene
Wow, quite a pickel you have there. To be completely honest, my first instinct in my gut is that theyd say no...well, for an infantry soldier that is. Depending on what you want to be, it could vary. (i dont know too much about the army though so dont take my exact word for it) There stil could be a possibility that they will you in, the best thing to do is contact the army recruitment if you can, i mean to enquire that is or even better there could be an email you can contact. You could ask a former/current recruit if you know one but they will not know unless they know someone who went through the same thing. Try and speak an official of the army recruitment for an enquiry. Phone number or find an email address, there must be some where you can ask them P.s. Admire your desire to be an army recruit at your age and for a girl too, hope the best for you :)
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Temani Temani
Well you CAN lie, but that is all up to you. Saying no to him won't cause you any harm, he can't force you to join. Plus you cannot legally sign consent for anything for yourself until you are 18. Unless your parents sign, and you sign. I am pretty sure they won't let you in anyway. I would just say no to the recruiter.
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Philipe Philipe
you will never be allowed to serve in any Branch of the military with a bone disease. choose another path.
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